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Pender County man behind bars for alleged crimes involving 9 year old

A Pender County man is behind bars for crimes involving a nine-year-old girl. Fifty-seven-year-old Paul Sorrells was arrested Wednesday and charged with three counts of first-degree statutory sex offense and three counts of indecent liberties with a child. He is in the Pender County Jail under a $300,000 bond.

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I would have never thought in a million years that Paul would do something like that. I've lived with him twice, and I know he has issues. I feel sorry for him because he has totally screwed up his life, but he has also done a lot of damage to the family of the child and the child herself. All the evidence will be shown in court. Then,you can decide. Why would a child lie? Especially one that liked Paul. He's been in jail for a year now, because he will be doing a lot more time than that. How would you like some man sexually touching your daughter? Think about it?

im paul's step son i dont

im paul's step son i dont belive he did it they should look at the g-friends and her kids passed and why has he got no court date yet its been almost a year

u never know

I have found you may think you know someone but knowone really know whats going one in a persons head. I have known a couple of people that did some bad stuff and you would of never tought that they would of did what they did. But guess what they did. And both times I sat in your same place and defended them. Hopefully it isn't true, more so for the little girl. Cause if it is that has got to be hard on her to deal with now for the rest of her life.

Ex Wife Of Paul

My name is Barbara Sorrells and I'm Paul Sorrells' ex-wife. I have two sons with Paul and there is no way in hell that Paul would ever do anything like this! I've known Paul for 26 years and there is no way he would ever ever do anything like that to a child!

Hopefully this turns out not

Hopefully this turns out not to be true. Never would have seen him getting into this type of trouble.

i find this hard to believe

i find this hard to believe that this could even remotely be true in any way at all. If you know Paul you know this has to be something blown out of preportion or even a set up by an angry person/people!! He is one of the truly genuine good guys!!!

Unbelievable how some people

Unbelievable how some people would prefer to attack those trained to do their jobs and look at the facts/evidence and testimony rather than to consider the possibility that their own judgement was flawed. Think of the children, not the one alleged to have done these things. What would you do if your child told you this happened? Would you believe your child? Do you think it would be worth investigating? Please keep an open mind. I wish no one sexually or physically abused children but it happens. Hear out the facts before you make accusations. If it is not true, there will be no evidence or testimony. Your comments do nothing but perpetuate some sort of conspiracy myth that has no place in a case where children have been exploited. Any adult should know better.

You also have to look at

You also have to look at the Department charging him. There is little trust when it comes to our sheriff.