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Pender County may start requiring pet licenses

Pender County animal lovers may soon have to pay for their furry friends. The Board of Health submitted a proposal to county commissioners to start requiring pet licenses. The license would cost ten dollars a year for each pet, and be used to help fund the county's animal control. The fee would be paid when a pet gets their rabies vaccination. If approved, the ordinance would go into affect within the next few months. New Hanover County already has a similar pet license fee.

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So if you don't get a rabies

So if you don't get a rabies vaccine then you don't pay the tax. What an incentive!

Pender County pet fees

All counties should have pet license fees so this is a good start for Pender County. Differential licensing would be even better and is the most effective fee. It encourages spaying and neutering pets by charging less for altered pets and more for those not altered, as is the case in New Hanover County and others. Someone mentioned that hunting dogs would be excluded from the fee which is ridiculous. These poor dogs are already excluded from far too many animal welfare laws in NC!

tax adults the responsible pet owners to help pay for the irresponsible pet owners who just let their dogs breed & breed. Why not just add this to the list of taxes we pay already! This is just one more reason why I am moving out of this state.



Pender Pet Tax

I’m not necessarily opposed to a pet tax, but I do believe in equal taxation. In the article it stated Commissioner G. Brown doesn’t want the hunting dogs affected; there is a big industry here and he wants to work with them. I guess that means don’t tax the good ol’boys’ hunting dogs. If hunting dogs are part of a big industry, then the county should seize the opportunity for tax revenue. No different than vacationers paying a hotel tax, or county sales tax. Make it an Domesticated Animal Tax, which taxes all animals like dogs cats, horses, birds, etc. and exempt animals that are commercially raised for food production: pigs, cows, chickens, etc. If you disagree with the Pet License proposal by the Pender health chief, please contact our county commissioners.

Pet fee

This is ridiculous. It will discourage more people from adopting homeless pets further adding to the problem of too many pets in shelters and not enough people to give them a good home.

Pet Fees

So I guess you will have to have a license for a cat, horse, bird, goat, etc. These are also pets. This is clearly another unfair tax. It is directed only at dog owners.

Pet Fee in Pender County

This is nothing more than one of those new taxes being added to supplement a budget shortfall. It is discriminatory as it applies only one segment of the population-those who own pets. These people were not the cause of the animals in the pet shelters, yet they have to pay additionally for it? Bad idea.


So, cigarrette taxes are unfair too, since they only apply to smokers. Property taxes-those are discriminating against those of us who own things! It is ridiculous to claim that this tax is unfair on the basis of equity-New Hanover county has such a fee and none of their pet owners are claiming unfair treatment. Get a life.


About time. Pender county has the worst animal control ever. I have called them a few times about stray animals (one was a huge goat) and they NEVER showed up. NO one calls back, twice no one answered the phone at all. Dogs roam loose with no tags, no idea if they have their shots. There seems to be no rules at all so you have no recourse if there is a problem with someones pet. Get it together Pender.

Pender county has the worst animal control ever

I would have to agree with you, I have called animal control for the last 3 weeks about a cat that has taken up at my house. Not that I hate cats but it has decided to make a litter box out of my 2yr olds sand box.Try telling a 2yr old he cant play in his sand box. Guess they dont care cause ive explained this to them 3 times and all I get is we will get someone out there as soon as possible. WWAY should go and ask them about that, and if I take care of the cat myself they will want to charge me criminaly.

In what way would those who

In what way would those who do not own pets be responsible for animals in shelters?