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Pender County neighborhood seeing a number of recent pet deaths

READ MORE: Pender County neighborhood seeing a number of recent pet deaths
A Pender County neighborhood is up in arms over the number of recent pet deaths. They say dozens of pets have died, and they say they know who or what is killing the animals. "On June 1st I heard my cat scream at 6:30 in the morning. There was a Rotweiler mix standing over my cat, which was already dead, and this is baby," said Sue LeBright, a Rocky Point resident. And then the next day, it was a similar, unfortunate story with another cat. "I want to see some legislation change here in NC, because it's lacking. We've called animal control. They've come repeatedly, but they're ineffective," she said. Ineffective according to Sue because animal control can not do anything unless they find the accused dogs on someone else's property. Ironically, during our visit to the Arvidas community of Rocky Point, Pender County Animal Control showed up. News Channel 3 followed animal control to the home of O.G. Conklin. We found 2 dogs in the yard, which has an electric fence, but animal control officer’s hands are tied. They can not seize the dogs if they are on their own property. "Something needs to be done, the animals need to be put down," said LeBright. Sue LeBright is not alone. Bud Behrendt has a similar story, but with goats. "Over the summer I went to Burgaw, came home and found 4 dead goats. The next morning, 3 more goats were dead," said Behrendt. Bud said the same Rocky Point Rotweiler killed his goats. Paula Wooten also owns goats. Her goats are her pets, her babies, and she has a slew of them. "This past Monday I'm coming down the road and I see the two dogs, and they have this goat,” she said. Paula said the dogs have killed two of her goats. "I saw him. It's been going on almost a year now," she said. “Pender County Sheriff's Department has told us to shoot it. We have the right to do that, to protect our livestock in any way possible.” Pula tells WWAY that Conklin wants to make restitution in order to avoid going to court. There was no comment from Conklin.

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There is a quick, easy, and

There is a quick, easy, and legal way to stop an animal that is killing your livestock or pets- if it's on your property and damaging your animals, shoot it. A person has the right to protect their livestock from predators.