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Pender County residents paying high insurance rate

PENDER COUNTY -- Yesterday we told you about how recent growth in Pender County has stretched emergency services thin. Now some residents are concerned for their safety and their wallets. Jodi Fucili of Rocky Point says her home insurance rates don't add up. "We assume that we would have a good homeowner's insurance rating for fire because we have a fire hydrant at the end of our driveway," she said. On top of that she's within shouting distance from the Cape Fear River, an infinite water source. Still, she and her neighbors pay close to the highest possible rate for fire insurance. Fucili said, "You were a bit angry knowing that you built your home thinking that, you know, there's going to be a decent rating, home owners insurance rating and there's not." Burgaw Fire Administrator Bill George says it takes more than a hydrant to put out a fire. Especially outside places like Burgaw, where the water system is new and not built for fire fighting George said, "The hydrant system is for filling purposes only, which means we cannot hook a fire engine to that fire plug and spray water." Instead of spraying directly from a hydrant, the water is pumped through a truck, which takes manpower, something many Pender departments outside Burgaw lack. George says all departments are constantly working to make improvements. "We're citizens and we pay taxes just like the citizens do," George said. Still, residents like Fucili are still concerned. She said, "You build your home by a fire hydrant and think that you're going to be safe if something were ever needed and three years later, you're not able to use that fire hydrant if something were to happen." Pender Emergency Services Manager Eddie King says the fire departments are working hard to improve their insurance ratings.

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Build it...and they will

Build it...and they will come :-)

you have to have fireman and fire women

You have to have the people to come to the equipment, our tax $ are suppose to support this. With county growing like Pender we have to support EMS, Firemen. When you built $200,000 or more homes and business and huge highschool in Topsail you have to have the support. People don't think about this until they need it. We need to think about it all the time. So when we do they are there with working equipment. SUPPORT them, they will support you.. Think about it.

pender county fire hydrants

I was quoted as saying I thought Rocky Point residents like myself should not be rated up for homeowners insurance b/c I have a fire hydrant at the foot of my drive. That was not the entire story. I said first that we are surrounded by three fire departments as well as having a fire hydrant at the foot of our drive; therefore, one would think you would be safe and have good HOI rates. The three fire departments surrounding us are the main reason one would think homeowners insurance would not be rated. The fire hydrant was thought to be an added bonus. Obviously, we were wrong on all counts.


I live in Burrrrrrrrrrgaw.....I can not believe all the taxes i pay.....Even Jerry Springer is complaining about all the taxes that he has to pay when he builds his new studio in the Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgaw area..He goes on to say it is alot cheaper than plane tickets for all his guest.....


Not all people in Burgaw are Jerry Springer fans. Not all of them are countrified either. There are some very well educated, well spoken people working there.....I am married to one of them. I do not think you people understand that the insurance companies are raising everyones rates to pay for massive losses the company pays out to hurricane and flood victims, not to mention all the uninsured motorists we have in our state. UNTIL our illustrious government stops letting people build at sea level and on sandbars and letting illegals stay on the road then we will all suffer. Just mailed our "Policy update" to Travelers this morning, they wanted every detail about our home that they have been insuring for 15 years...... I smell a rate increase.

Yes you were

Simply having a hydrant on your street doesn't create lower insurance rates. IT HELPS FOR SURE...however, you are serviced by volunteer fire departments. Rocky Point doesn't have ANY of those departments CLOSE by. Insurance rates when it comes to Fire ratings are based on a BUNCH of different things....age of fire equipment and their capacities, etc. Response times are measured on how long it takes for the department to respond to a call at the furthest location of their response area. The faster the response, the better your rating could be. Just because you are in between three departments, you are in only ONE of the departments response areas. The others won't respond unless dispatched by an officer on scene via Mutual Aid. Your rates went up because our ELECTED OFFICIALS allowed an adjustment for plan for a "Katrina" type event....which is bull crap. My insurance went up 30 percent...