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Pender couple may get malnourished horses back

A Pender County couple charged with cruelty to animals may get their horses back. Billy Joe Suttles and his wife Laura Louise Westbrock filed a no contest plea on animal cruelty charges in Pender County Tuesday. Malnourished horses were seized from the couple's farm in Hampstead last month. The judge sentenced the couple to three years probation, and ruled that the couple can get the horses back if a veterinarian deems them fit to take care of the animals.

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What vet in their right mind

What vet in their right mind would deem them 'fit' to take care of animals??? If they get them back, I certainly want to know the name of the vet who recommends this so I can make sure no one I know will ever go there!

These people should not get

These people should not get these animals back. If they let them get in this shape once they'll do it again. Maybe they should be left to starve to see how it feels.

Don't give them back!

I can't believe these selfish people want those poor horses back. Give them to someone who can care for them properly and can afford them!! Any Vet that says these people are suitable to have these horses back..Um..stay clear of that Vet! They got probation,that means they were found guilty of animal neglect...(obviously) Don't give those horses back!!

this is not right

We have to stand up of the animals.. This is not right and is plain wrong.. they plead guilty my god they admitied to not taking care of them why on earth would they be able to get not one but all ten horse back... I could see a dog before i could see all ten horses... I know for a fact part of this is because they are friends with the supervisor of pender animal control... Them being friends is what stop them from having the animals taken began with its not right.... Dept. lewis and topsail humane society has done the right thing and the best thing... sad thing is that the horses will get used to having food shelter love and then it be taken again horse do not do well with change... WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY

if you have ever dealt with

if you have ever dealt with the pender county animal control you would know that the deputy should have got a raise not demoted. i have had to call them three times and never saw them once. are we ever going to hold people accountable for their actions?