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Pender deputy demoted surrounding animal abuse cases

Pender County Sheriff Carson Smith has released information as to why one of his deputies was demoted last month. Sergeant Michael Lewis was demoted after he helped rescue malnourished horses in the Hampstead area. Monday, Sheriff Smith cited two other incidents where he claims Lewis took over animal abuse cases without informing animal control. According to Smith, Sergeant Lewis also seized animals and made arrests without consulting members of his department, and allegedly without proper training. The County Manager and the Pender County Board of Commissioners approved the statement regarding Lewis’ demotion.

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Good Job

It is every officers sworn duty to uphold the law. I understand that there is department policy. I suppose he should have just either not got involved or reported it to someone who would have said it is not our job to enforce laws concerning animals. If someone had reported it to him and he had ignored it and done nothing then this story would have been about sherrifs deputy who did nothing while animals died and he would have gotten demoted. Sometimes you just can't win.

You know I am so tired of

You know I am so tired of hearing of what animal control did or did not do, this also goes for Topsail Humane Society I beleive they are doing the best they can with what they have. Help them don't hinder them and put your personal issues aside. Have a suggestion! Then speak up. This is Pender County, be proud of where you live.

Saving neglected horses

What a mess in Pender County. Pender flat out doesn't have enough funding for Animal Control. Why don't they just admit that is the problem? The economy is terrible; people would be much more understanding and perhaps a public/private venture could be explored if Pender authorities would just be more honest about the problem. Instead, now we have an officer that is close to destroying his career because he just can't stand by and shovel these animal neglect cases under the rug.

Most of the time "animal

Most of the time "animal control" is an absolute joke... Michael Lewis should be commended for helping animals in the immediate moment instead of passing the buck like so many other officials do.

Animal Control has never

Animal Control has never responded when called about dogs running lose in my community, and i'm sure they didn't handle this case right either. Maybe Det. Lewis should sue!!!!!!! He has most definitely been made a scapegoat. Those who bark the loudest, usually are trying to hide something!! What if nobody cared, and those horses died? They were definitely neglected, and it didn't happen overnight!! I say, way to go Det Lewis. I wish more of our sherrifs employees were more like you, instead of sitting in cars, telling details of cases to the locals, and turning a blind eye to drug deals happening on major roads in broad daylight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good for you sgt.lewis.

good for you sgt.lewis. this story only makes you look better and the sheriff look like an animal hater.


I think that Sgt Lewis should be given an applaud for acting on the situation and putting the horses as top priorty. And as far as the Sheriff of Pender Co. you should be thankful for having someone like Sgt Lewis on your force and what kind of message are you trying to send to the other members on your force. "to leave well enough alone and pass the buck"

Next sheriff election coming

Next sheriff election coming up. We can fix the problem then!