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Pender Health Dept. united?

READ MORE: Pender Health Dept. united?

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- The Pender County Health Department called an emergency meeting to discuss an interim health director and full-time replacement for Dr. Jack Griffith.

Griffith, who plans to retire at the end of next month, returned to work after taking time off for medical leave. Board members elected a committee to begin the search for his replacement.

Then the board went into closed session. They would not say what was discussed, but in a letter to the Board of Health, Griffith described an incident that he claims "put a dental student from UNC at risk to HIV."

Griffith says Nurse Shirley Steele did not follow a doctor's orders and as a result, the student received "a very risky medication." He also criticized Chair Roberta Bost for defending Steele and downplaying the incident. Griffith also said Bost had been acting as Health Director even though she is not qualified for the position.

But after the meeting Griffith said he and Bost were moving forward. The board responded with a vote of confidence for Griffith through the remainder of his service.

In the letter, Griffith recommended suspending Steele, but he did not take any action after the incident. Griffith says he has several personnel matters to clear up before he leaves at the end of September.

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Justice is served

as reported in another media outlet, the Board met with Dr. Jack on 08/11.

At its conclusion, it was announced that Ms. Steele had been suspended and on her return would be assuming a lower position with less supervisory authority. Let's see; something about not following a Dr's direct instruction or medical protocal. Throw in some misrepresentation about "alledged" employee drug use.

In the private sector, she would have been shown the door.

And, it was announced, Dr Jack runs the Health epartment and calls the shots. Ms. Bost was apparently chastised for overstepping her authority and attempting to act as a "de facto" Director without credentials.

My My.

Where are all the weasels who would not appear on camera now?

Dr. Jack has 6 weeks left until retirement. Plenty of time to clear out those individuals who are not focused on patient health care and are more focused on personal agendas.

Glad to see you're back Jack.



Have Respect For The

Patients. The Pender County Health Department has really gone down the tubes. They have no respect of employees,patients, and no one else. All they do is huddle up in groups in the hallway and talk about one another. The patients are leaving and going else where can you blame them. I was in there today and I WAS a patient of Dr. Ben I was coming Down the hall way to check out and Dr. BEN two employees were fussing and yelling at each other all loud and the door was open at the front desk and that was sad they were clearly arguing about another patient loud in front of every one and norma was calling the patient name out yes norma did. I did not even get my next appointment i just left and i am a patient with Health CARE INS.

Dr. Ben EX Patient

Dr. Ben

is and always will be my doctor. I was there that day also when this incident took place. Instead of leaving Dr. Ben, I told him of Norma's unprofessionalism.

You should not have held that against Dr. Ben, he can not help it if Norma is ignorant. I only hope that on my next appointment she is not there. She is always starting some type of trouble. I can remember her also having words with the lady that takes the copays. I am just glad that "she" was a professional and did stoop to her (Norma) level and raise her voice.

Dr. Ben EX patient, I do wish you would reconsider changing providers and holding the PCHD responsible because of the ignorance, unprofessionalism and stupidity of his secretary. He is such a good provider. And you also have to realize that the employees at PCHD also get breaks and maybe those individuals in the hallway were on theirs. But I do not know ... just thinking aloud.


The Queen of Hearts

To Dr. Ben Ex Patient

You will be Glad to Know that NORMA Is No longer Working for Dr. Ben She Works In Enviromental Health. Now I hope that she do not talk to the public any kind of way b/c we the public will let her have it.Thank you whoever moved her she has the worst attitude ever.I hope her next step will be out of the FRONT door.

Bring It On

Imagine yourself as that

Imagine yourself as that individual stuck by that needle and scared of possible consequences. Imagine that the Health Department Nurse Supervisor, who is being paid by taxpayers to respond appropriately in case a situation such as yours arises,flat out REFUSES to help you and joins others in the System making light of your would YOU FEEL? Or what if that individual were your sister,loved one, friend, a colleague or even a stranger? OUTRAGED? But of course!!! Thank goodness for Dr Holmes and other concerned PCHD personnel who, as Dr. Griffith implied in the video, properly took care of the situation despite the obstacle. I commend them!!

Look skyward

those are not vultures. Those are attorneys.

Take the shackles off Dr. Jack & let him do the job for which he is qualified.

Mr. Tate, you need to resign as a Commissioner or as a member of the Board of Health. Clearly, you're not being effective.

Ms. Bost, your time is past. Resign. If the incident reported is true, you have made a major management error.

County Commissioners, clean out the Board and bring in new blood.

When will all this drama stop.

This is way bigger than Dr. G leaving, This is all about politicians and control. Open your eyes people and do not be fooled with all this smoke that they are trying to cloud your eyes with. When this is all over said and done a whole lot of people will be leaving including that back stabbing Dr. m holmes.

It will stop when you stop

It's hardly back-stabbing to point out that people aren't doing their jobs, or are unwilling to help those in need. This group of nurses has decided they have all the power because of those who are backing them, but the power has already gone to their heads. Their callous lack of empathy for fellow employees is appalling. They are not good people, and their time will come. Those who step on everyone else on their way to the top won't be there very long.

In the end this may all be about control of the environmental health dept, either for hogs or other development, but politics can change quickly. At some point politicians may decide they backed the wrong horse and move to a new plan to get what they want. When that happens, and it's only a matter of time, it will be a very cold day for this group that has quickly burned every bridge they might have had.
If WWAY wanted to get the real story, they would be looking for the hand that wants to control the health department. Comm'ner Brown and Manager Benton are probably only the beginning. As you said, the rest is just smoke being used to try and cloud people's eyes.

The board

Worst board of comm ever. Backwards country fools. Tell me the fools in Burgaw are doing good things. It's mostly preventing good things. When you see the cable casts of meetings, it looks like a bunch of old men saying get off my lawn. [afraid of change]

why not give

WWAY some facts rather than innuendo and rumor?

For that matter, why not appear before the groups reviewing the Health Department with your data?

It's called have some stones and do the right thing.