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Pender Humane Society having facility issues

READ MORE: Pender Humane Society having facility issues
The Pender County Humane Society is in limbo. It has to be out of its old shelter where it has resided for 12 years by midnight, but the new shelter isn't ready yet. The Pender County Humane Society is in the process of building a new facility, but it won’t be finished until April. Debra Rye explained, "We got an eviction noticed served in July and it's been a battle we have finally evacuated." Since they learned of the eviction, employees reduced the number of animals they're able to save from 25 to 10. Volunteers will care for the animals until they are adopted or the new facility is built. Rye said, "We have a temporary shelter at a wonderful person's private property that is holding that animals that are still up for adoption." The humane society is still operating as usual, just check out their website to see if they have a pet that you may want. You'll be able to see the animals when the new facility is finished. Gloria Johnson, the Pender County Humane Society president said, "Due to the fact we cant take in a larger number from animal control than I'm sure that animals are paying for this with their lives.” The animal shelter does not turn away any animals. On average, about 15 animals are turned in each week. Compare that with about 1 adoption a week; that means the shelter stays extremely crowded and dozens of animals have to be put down to accommodate the growing homeless pet population. If you are interested in adopting a pet, check out our website, or call the Humane Society at (910) 259-7022. You can also visit their web site at Plenty of animals that need good homes.

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Dr. Burnett has done more humane work than anyone in region

I have known Dr. Burnett for a long time, and I adopted two cats and one dog from her hospital-- she was rescuing animals and finding new homes for them even before she founded the Pender County Humane Society and acted for years as its president and main fundraiser. She hosted them at her facility for ten years. She continues to do humane work. A conservative estimate of her donations to PCHS in facilities use (space, utilities, etc) and medical services is over $175,000. That does NOT include the value of medical services and staff time spent on caring for hurricane rescue animals. No one else in the region even comes close to matching her generosity. Yet the PCHS has been vilifying her for several years (ever hear of killing the goose that lays the golden egg?) PCHS continues to portray that they were evicted (not true; they signed a mutual agreement about leaving) and that it all came as a surprise. Dr. Burnett had been asking them about their plans to leave for three years. She finally had to resort to legal action after they took a legal action against her, which I notice they do not talk about. However, it will all come out eventually. Meanwhile, ask yourself this: What would you do if you took someone in, and housed them rent and utility free for ten years? Then, when you asked them their plan to get a home of their own, they slapped a lien on your house? There are two sides to every story. Dr. Burnett may not be perfect, but she has done more for animals and humane work than anyone else in this entire region.

Dr. Burnett

It's a shame but understandable How and why Dr.Burnett is blamed for the a problem that is not of her doing. You can give folks the shirt off your back and make sacrifice's that no one would ever consider and the first time you don't give them what they think they want you get slandered for life

The "great" Dr. Bernett has shown true colors

The Dr. that gained her fame when she organized the rescue of animals after the flood of '99 has finally shown her true colors. I can't believe anyone that truly loves their pet would even want to be associated with a vet that could do this to the Pender Humane Society. She obviously could care less about animals or she could have let them stay till the new building is complete. I personally have had dealings with her and I would drive 100 miles to get one of my dogs to a vet before I would stop at her practice. I wish there had been a way to help the Pender Humane Society remain in their building till they could have got into the new one. Good luck PHS may the new year bring you a true dog lover friend.

First off you don't care for

First off you don't care for Dr. Burnett, why would you drive 100 miles to go to a vet, there is the Burgaw Vet on 117 as well as one in Rocky Point. My take on this whole thing is that this was a temp. arrangement that lasted 12 years. PHS knew from the get go that they needed to be working on getting out of that place and they chose not to. I don't hear anyone fussing about their lack of action for the past 12 years, just bashing the Dr. which is not very nice. How about you give these animals a place to stay on your property if you feel so passionate about it. Or you can go over and help with the building. Did you donate money to help the building fund? It is so easy to sit at home and complain about something or someone. If you're not part of the solution, you are par of the problem.

Get over it

how about we all stop fighting with each other and move on its over and dill with what happens, PCHS has a place to go yes its not what they need but its something, but i do think that something were not handled right on both sides more one than other but that's not the point all people can do now it just get over all this crap and if you cant then you really need a life, and if you do want to help out and do something then give some of you money or time to animals that need them that's the real way to help both sides i'm pretty sure both dr.burnett and PCHS will be very greatful.


I have never had any dealings with Dr. Bernett so I can not speak about that but I do remember the hurricane rescues and I have great respect for what they did during that time. Perhaps instead of blaming the Dr. you should place blame on the IRRESPONSIBLE pet owners of the area who fail to spay/neuter or control their animals. The PHS will just have to deal till they get a new place. Maybe you can take some of the animals till then.

I dont understand what Dr.

I dont understand what Dr. Bernett has to do with this. Care to fill us in? I am a Pender County resident and I am interested in the whole story.

Dr. Burnett

THe Pender Humane Society was housed on Dr. Burnett's property. She is the one who evicted them.