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Pender NAACP president flip-flops on interview


Last week, we tried to reach the Pender County NAACP president to talk about racial allegations against the county school board.

Monday, Rachel Stephens called us back and agreed to do an interview. Today she bailed, and said the media hasn't made her look good for the past year and a half, and one more day won't make a difference.

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Get it right

First of all, all of you need to understand that it is not the job of NAACP to just walk around and accuse someone of an act just to feel good about themsleves. There are rules and protocall to go through before taking a claim, in which this case that was done. This complaint did not come from Mrs. Stevens herself, but members in the community came to her with complaints. She just did the job she was appointed to do by looking into the matter. The problem is with the people who made the complaints to her in the first place. They no longer back her up, for reasons unknown..maybe they are afraid, or maybe their claims had no truth from the begaining. Nevertheless, she did her job!!! Dont shoot the messenger, shoot the orgin of the message. All of these comments show just how stupid and little minded people can be. I have know Dr. Stevens for some time now, and no i am not a member of the NAACP, and she does nothing but service the youth of Pender county, white and black. Get to know the person, and not the message or what the media wants you to know!!!

The media

reported her accusations. If there is fault to be placed, she should accept it for not investigating the allegations before making some wild charges.

Then she was caught. Either she has the morale fibre to admit her mistake and apologize or she adds fuel to her funeral byre.

Either she puts up or she shuts up. She's no different than Peter in "Peter and the Wolf".

She spouts off about something untrue; then she gets caught and faces the truth.

Sounds like she owes an apology. She should count her blessings if the County and School Board do not file suit against her. In the absence of an apology, on the media, that is what she deserves.

If you smell like a skunk; act like a skunk; and talk like a skunk, you must be a skunk.

So here's her chance to de-skunk herself.

How much credibility do you think she'll have when a real issue arises. Try ZIP!!

the media...who???

Peter cried wolf because he wanted to...not because he was told to...that is the difference. How many times has someone given another person information that they believed to be true, and in the end it wasnt? It happens all the time, at jobs, schools, between friends, and family. The best advice anyone can give her it to pay CLOSER attention to what people report as a racial problem. Like all things this too shall pass....

Rachel Stephens naacp

You should resign. What kind of person takes a position to better the black community then acts like this? How can you stand up for anyone when you cant even stand up for yourself.

Disband the racist naacp, it has no purpose any longer.


Amen to that, I've been saying that for years.

self inflicted PR damage

Incompetence and unfounded allegations are becoming the norm for this racist organization. Their relevancy in today's world is fading. You lose all of your credibility when you continue to refuse to defend the NAACP's position. If there were serious injustices being committed against the black community you would be screaming the loudest and wanting your complaints to be aired. Your silence and lack of courage in defending your position with FACTS is all the answer we need. The NAACP is providing a disservice to the black community throughout the nation with their stupidity and clear racist agenda. In Pitt County , N.C , the NAACP claimed the Pitt County School board was discriminating against black children because it required them to comply with a school uniform policy two weeks ago. ( source , Daily .The TRUTH is they were wearing the baggy pants exposing their underwear and other provocative dress. They claim their is a higher suspension rate among black children due to the uniform policy. The TRUTH is the school uniform has been shown to prevent distraction in the classroom and instill a little discipline. If black children are not able to comply with a conservative policy that promotes discipline and conformity , they will have problems in the real world when an employer requires a few standards of decency. They also claimed it was illegal tuition because it imposed an additional expense upon their families.The TRUTH is it is cheaper to buy a generic shirt and pants than the clothing they desired to wear.This is a prime example of their misdirected pursuits elsewhere. The problem is not school uniforms but a lack of discipline, structure, high expectations and parents who are not committed to academics themselves.

Quick, call in Jesse and Al.

Quick, call in Jesse and Al. They will get it straight!


That comment ^ above was right on target. Funny how we haven't heard anything thing from those media leeches lately. Guess they've gotten their share of spotlight somewhere else.


Funny how when the National Association for Always Complaining People (I don't take credit for it, I didn't make it up. Wish I had) only care if the perceived injustice is towards blacks. They scamper and hide when it turns out it is bull poop. Anybody remember the name Tawana Brawley? Remember how uncle al stomped his feet and yelled how racist everybody and everything was? Uncle al slithered away when it came out that she made up the whole story. Then of course you can bring up the Duke case where once again the accuser was lying. Once she was exposed as a liar the naacp, uncle jessie and uncle al slithered away.


It's not the media thats making you look bad, honey.....


The NAACP has become what they sought to eliminate years ago. The organization is corrupt & racist.

Fine Job

You are doing a fine job making yourself look bad without the media even getting involved. When your wrong, your wrong. Admit you were wrong and move along.

What a

weasel. If it walks like a weasel; talks like a weasel; and acts like a weasel, it must be a weasel.

I've probably insulted the weasels of the world by including this person in the weasel family.

But to have made the outrageous charges against both the school board and Chairman, with no follow up proof, is pretty low.

To receive a demand to put up or apologize by the school board and ignore it to date, further strengthens the belief by many this was all a sham intended to create sensationalized publicity.

Then to fail to accept the station's offer to appear on screen and validate the charges lends even more proof this was all a bag of hot air.

To claim the media makes her look bad -- what a travesty. She should remember the media reports based on her statements.

I hope the county and school board will initiate legal actions against her personally and the County Chapter of the NAACP in an effort to recoup the taxpayer dollars which were expended to defend the school board.

Finally, a lesson for her: It's better to remain silent and appear foolish than to speak and remove all doubt.

The reputation of the NAACP certainly suffers when it has mindless spokespersons.


If the school board would have agreed to meed then backed out....holy cow, there would have been an uprising and a march to the capital building. What a crock. NAACP is a lame excuse for an organization.

I have been reading the

I have been reading the comments lately against the NAACP, and this is exactley why there is still a need for the organization. Most of you felt there was no need for such an organizaation during the civil rights era so of course you see no need now. The comments that you make have a racist overtone. How is the NAACP racist when they have never discriminated against anyone because of their race. There is always a need for a group to look out for its own. Look at these tea party idiots who have pictures of the president in black face, lynching dolls of him and calling him a facsist. Black people are not going to leave it up to you to decide what is best for us, We would still be oppressed if we did. So continue to criticize instead of have a atitude of love and unity you continue to hate! What are you teaching in your hypocritical churches you attend. WWJD? Well I tell you what he did, he stood up for the little people, the poor the hungry and oppressed and fought against prinipalities of evil in high places! Think about it!

You are joking..

You are joking aren't you? How about the Duke lacrosse players? You tell me if it was black men you would be there marching against them? By the way I never heard the NAACP issues an apologize to these young men..

Are you kidding?

I would be glad to tell you what Jesus would do! He would try to save Dr. Stephens for all of the lies and mis-representations of the truth. Time after time this organization has twisted the truth even as much as quoting an inner city Wilmington school's academic scores and published them as Pender County. Everyone has a right to stand up for what they believe in. No one should continue to lie and misrepresent facts and slander an entire organization to try made their case. I am so glad Pender County is standing up to this ridiculous attack from this organization.
If this organization has any character at all they would have tried to work with the system instead of trying to humiliate it. Oh, and by the way...if I am not mistaken Dr. Stephens can also be known as the Rev Dr. Stephens. Take about a misrepresentation!


there something in the Bible about driving the money changers from the temple as well?

Is there not something in there about bearing false witness?

Read my post if you have the ability. I noted the need for the NAACP. I also noted it was misserved by mindless individuals who spoke about things they know not.

Looks like you belong in that crowd.

Add you to the list..

of folks that are part of the problem!

You said: "The comments that you make have a racist overtone."

Well of course they do because you think like the NAACP.

You said: "There is always a need for a group to look out for its own."

Until we all look out for people as a whole then we have a problem. The NAACP doesn't as your statement suggests as it looks out for "its own".

I say you are every bit the racist....


That is so right....

been reading what???

If you'd truly been "reading" then you would realize it appears to be blatantly obvious that the NAACP discriminated b/c this guy was white. Read the articles, get the facts, then speak.