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Pender NAACP wants school board chair to quit


BURGAW, NC (WWAY) -- For six months the Pender County NAACP has been investigating Pender County School Board Chair Tom Roper. Today the civil rights group released its findings, calling for Roper to resign.

The NAACP received the first complaint against Roper in October. It said Roper did not attend required school board meetings, that he had rare interaction with students and parents and that he made derogatory and insensitive remarks concerning minorities. After the investigation began other complaints surfaced about hiring practices of minority candidates, nepotism and disparity in test scores. Today the NAACP said it found the complaint to be valid.

"We all have a dog in this fight," Pender County NAACP President Rachel Stephens said. "Every family in Pender County has a dog in this fight, and that fight is for our children, because the success of our children has nothing to do with race, background or gender."

If Roper does not resign the NAACP wants the community choose someone else to replace him in the next election.

Roper said he did not want to talk yet, because he has not had a chance to review the NAACP's findings.

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National Association of Always Complaining People once again want everybody to give them their way. Time to stand up and tell them no.

Re: Pender issues with Superintendent Roper

I have watched this play out the last year and it seems to bode ill for the Pender NAACP. I am a minority (Native American), male, Algebra I teacher in Robeson Co. By all published accounts this smacks of a personal vendetta between the head of the NAACP and Mr. Roper. The facts, and I use that term lightly, that have been aired up to this point seem to confirm the old adage "statistics lie and liars use statistics". I do fear that this report will only be a biased,feeble attempt to justify removing a school official rather than without bias. The bigger issue is when personal atagonisms are the motivation for social action rather than social need. As a minority, I deplore desensitizing the public's outrage for moral injustice by instigating petty bickering over a hiring that seems less than racial. Wake up Pender NAACP and chose your battles better or be prepared for the lack of impact your future, more needed pronouncements will find.


They have no credibility ! They still do not substantiate their allegations with hard facts. They are not good for the welfare of healthy community relations. They are not longer relevant in the year 2010 because their objective is not to come up with constructive solutions but to create civil unrest and controversy. Attention mainstream media , now this is a racist organization not Tea party advocates.

Would someone please step up

Would someone please step up and disolve the of the last hate-monger groups. It's like a witch hunt to get the evil white man., white, red, green, mixed......wake up and realize that there is only one race.....the Human race. Accept our faults and all our triumphs as one.

I thought dog fighting was

I thought dog fighting was illegal.


Wow, I'm really getting sick of all this one race way! Why do we have to have mixed schools, if the NAACP can be all black. Then build your own school and run it like you want! Run your on city. Pick your country, not your race or your color. Put a end to NAACP! Your all mouth and you hide behind the race card. Get smart and think of something else in life besides the white man running your life. B/c the man in office is black! He wants to put a end to Nasa but not to NAACP? Wow< and people said Bush was bad.


this happens in every county its that some crybaby called the naacp, you know it wasnt a white person cause who will they call not naacp but the kkk which makes them racist.

We all have

a dog in this fight. Every taxpayer has a dog in the fight as the NAACP puts forth another groundless attack.

They have yet to put forth one concrete fact. They spew forth a cornicopia of innuendo and gossip. Sounds like they were in Columbus County taking lessons from those who dislike Senator Soles.

Specifically, when did Mr. Roper not attend a meeting?

Specifically, what derogatory or insensitive remarks did he make?

Specifically, what hiring practices are alluded to; and specifically what control or even input does Mr. Roper have below the Superintendant's position?

How hard is it to understand the bulk of hiring practices and standards are set at the state level; and failure to comply with those stndards costs the County state education funding. What input does he have on that?

And, who specifically, do you allude to when you refer to nepotism?

The State investigated your charges; came back unfounded did they not?

So you don't get your way, go with another attack.

The success of children has nothing to do with race, background, or gender. Quite True.

But that success is impacted by absentee parents who take no interest in their child's education and who look upon the school system as a means of providing child care.

It also depends upon the school board focusing all of its attention and resources, in a tight budget atmosphere, on the education process and not in spending untold hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in responding to vague, open ended, unfocused allegations laden with innuendo.

And the School Board better replace Mr. Roper or else.

Well, NAACP, put up or shut up. If you have so much on him, why wait until the next election?

You have an attorney or so it's been reported in the media. Why not file an action, in court, to have Mr. Roper removed before the election. Surely there must be some type of specific civil rights violation you can point to.

But, if you fail, write a check payable to the Pender County School Board to compensate for all the resources expended. And write a check to Mr. Roper's favorite charity. And, go on the media and apologize. And, Ms. Stephens, after your 15 minutes of fame have passed, go public with a resignation.

I'm a taxpayer. I'm tired of seeing County school resources being squandered by your vague allegations.

Be specific with your charges. No one wants an inappropriate Chairman in place. On the other hand, haven't Pender County test results and graduation levels been pretty good? And, isn't that success what should be the measure by which the entire School Board should be judged?

Well done

SurfCityTom has intelligently outlined the argument. The NAACP, in order to validate its relevance, which has been disappating over the last several years, is simply taking a page from the Saul Alinsky playbook. Disparage...ridicule...demonize...attack, attack, attack...that's the tactic. Even when there's no provable injury, they think by continuing to go on the offensive, they can create one.

Best of luck to the superintendent and the folks who support him.


THANK YOU SurfCityTom. TO THE NAACP: Instead of always WHINING about how persecuted you and the black race are, get off of your sorry .... and work (for a living or in your community) to help the situation. and the future of the people you PROFESS to care about. STOP the character assassinations and slanderous garbage now!!! WE'RE SICK OF IT!!!!

Pender County School Board

As a parent of a Pender County student, I have personally attended 2 parent forums and found Tom Roper to be very involved and accessible to parents. He was willing to answer numerous questions put to him by parents who attended and was very forthcoming. What is this so-called evidence that Dr. Stephens has? Has anyone seen it?