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Pender shelter needs dog houses

READ MORE: Pender shelter needs dog houses

BURGAW, NC (WWAY) -- Old man winter has made an early visit to the Cape Fear. That's bad news for the Pender County Animal Shelter, where there are too many dogs outside and not enough houses to keep them out of the cold.

With nearly 80 dogs at the shelter, and 60 of them outside, many are left without a place to keep warm.

A recent inspection by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture found the shelter was in violation for not having enough warm shelter for every dog living outside.

"We are full. We are at the limit," shelter manager Darlene Clewis said. "I mean, to bring animals in, something has to go out."

Space isn't the main issue. There are 23 kennels inside and 40 kennels outside. Each is spacious enough to hold two large adult dogs, but with the colder weather, each dog has to have its own house.

Clewis has always dealt with overcrowding issues, but she says there has been an increase in dogs coming into the shelter, and a decrease in animals adopted. The main issue, she says is people are not taking the time to spay and neuter their pets.

"A couple weeks ago, within 45 minutes, I had 23 puppies come through the front door," Clewis said. "Twenty-three puppies, three litters, and that could've been prevented if the people would have had the animals spayed or neutered."

Clewis says the shelter needs 40 more dog houses. After hearing about the shortage, William Dowdy brought over an old dog house he had at home.

"It's cold outside. We've got dogs over there. They keep them in the house. These don't have a house, and I guess they have one now," Dowdy said.

If you donate a dog house, Clewis recommends it be made out of heavy-duty plastic, so its easier to sanitize. Friends of the Shelter can even pick them up for you. Just call (910) 297-5813. You can also send a donation or check to Friends of the Shelter, PO Box 1005, Hampstead, NC 28443.

Also, you can drop dog houses off at the Pender County Animal Shelter at 3280 New Savannah Road in Burgaw.

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Cape Fear Spay and Neuter

Cape Fear Spay and Neuter does this for a lower cost. I believe they are in Castle Hayne.

Ignorance is the biggest

Ignorance is the biggest reason that animals suffer. If everyone spayed and neutered their pets, no unwanted animals would be dumped at shelters. Pender County A/C needs to be commended for all the hard work they do trying to find homes for the animals other people couldn't be bothered with any longer. Instead of immediately "Putting them to sleep" (sounds so gentle, doesn't it), Darlene Clewis is on the phone to every rescue group available. She deserves an award for all the hard work, care and attention that she and her staff give to every unfortunate animal that finds itself at the shelter.

Let's all make sure the dogs at Pender have the doghouses they need!


look clewis take care of your own business before you start lecturing other people because in case you didn't notice your place isn't the one up to code.

Wow really your a jerk if it

Wow really your a jerk if it wasnt for people being careless and not taking care of thier animals this place wouldnt be so packed and they could take care of the place, these people are doing a great thing by taking care of these animals and its a shame to have to see animals put down due to ignorant people!

: yea right

You are right, not up to code...but guess what? If people would spay and neuter, this shelter and others would not be full to the brim and then they might be able to be UP to code like they should be.

DOg Houses

This small shelter is a shining example of what CAN be done when the ACO's really care ! They save as many animals as they can. They work WITH rescues. Their priority is saving lives, not taking them. I wish ALL of the N.C. shelters would have the same philosophy and work hard to get similar results. These changes are needed. Killing as a means of population control is not working - it is not the answer and it is not humane by any standards.
S/N MUST be made the #1 priority ! Education is crucial and the owners responsibility is to help stop this madness.

Not Professional

To your comment. Bottom line the shelter manager has guidelines to follow. If that means putting down animals before you step out of those guidelines then hey..Do Your Job. At the end of the day when the shelter closes there is only one person that can be held responsible for it's failure. That woudl be the shelter manager, period. if you can't stand the heat then stay out the kitchen. what sense doe sit make for a dog to be locked up in a 2x4 or 10x10 space and not leave it for over 6 months. how would you feel to be locked up that long? i bet not good. there is no excuse at all for failing any type of inspection when your job is to not fail inspection. i think that shelter manager should be removed from that position at once and then assign someone who will do their job and not bring negative attention to the county, to the shelter and to the other employees. anyone who disagrees with this should keep in mind when a manager at..say wal-mart is not doing their job..what happens? doe she get a raise or does he get reassigned? no business is any different than another. if the job is done correct then there would be no need for public attention.



but really if Vets could reduce their prices we wouldnt have this problem these vets just have dollar signs in their eyes when people come in the door to their offices.

It cost me $300 to spay my 7 year old Jack Russell Terrier in CT ...

It cost me $245 to spay my 65 pound lab mix and also her hind dew claws taken off.

Some people just don't have that kind of money. Vets are the problem in this case

If you don't have the money don't get a intact dog....get a spayed/neutered one.

Children and pets cost money ... if you don't have it DON'T HAVE KIDS AND DON'T GET A PET. Simple fix

Some good points

I like the line of children and pets cost money, don't have them if you can't afford them. That is very true and I think it should be applied to welfare. Once you start taking the government check you should be snipped or clipped or you don't get the check. But I don't agree that vets charge too much. They charge for a service that took training, schools and expense to learn and deserve to be paid for it. Otherwise you would have taken your dogs out to the garage and done it yourself. But you wanted it done correctly without worry. So that costs. Or do we need to have the government set prices for us when we are in a free marked society. If you didn't like the price quoted you could have shopped around.


Cape Fear Spay Neuter Clinic
4229 Castle Hayne Road

Female - $50.00
Male - $40.00

25 pounds and less - $85.00
26-50 pounds - $95.00
51-80 pounds - $105.00

wow that's so cheap ever i

wow that's so cheap ever i seen!!! i need your address and phone# so my friends/ family can afford it!! thanks