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Perdue wants tax refund delays to stop


Associated Press

RALEIGH, NC (AP) -- North Carolina residents won't have to wait for months to get their tax refunds this year if Gov. Beverly Perdue gets her way.

Perdue spokeswoman Chrissy Pearson said Tuesday the governor has told administration leaders to find a way to pay refunds to individual tax filers within 30 to 45 days of receiving their returns. The Revenue Department took heat in 2009 and 2010 for delaying refund payments because the poor economy was making cash tight in government coffers.

Pearson said Revenue Secretary David Hoyle and state budget director Charlie Perusse are working on a way to meet Perdue's timeline. Pearson says that could include short-term borrowing that's repaid when cash flow improves. Borrowing would cost less than the interest the state pays on overdue refunds.

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I filed the last week of

I filed the last week of January and still have not received my direct deposit refund. Reminds me why I vote republican.

Tax Refund also delayed..

Really? So they are going to issue them timely huh? That's too funny for words. I electronically filed with direct deposit on February has now been 30 days and no refund. I can't even get an update on the website at least showing that it's received and processing, which it IS because I have the receipt for it from my software when it was accepted by the state agency.

Besides the annoyance factor, it cost me money to have that filing done. You pay extra for electronic file oh great and powerful State Tax Department. I didn't pay it because I'm flush for cash, I paid it to get MY money back. So do you plan to reimburse me for that cost? Do you plan on giving me a bonus for your delay? I don't think so...

She is lying. They are

She is lying. They are already delaying processing. Try filing and then check the NC DOR site. Call and Talk to the DOR. They have no set schedule to process refunds. All politicians lie and the government is a bunch of incompetent crooks.


why hold our money they get it back the next day on gas tax

It's time to change withholding tax again

It has been 6 weeks since my electronic tax forms were accepted by the NC Internal Revenue Service and STILL no status update (other then received the forms) and of course no refund deposited. Lesson learned....I'd rather owe the state then continue to give them an interest free loan - not only for most of the year, but for the months AFTER filing. No doubt if I OWED THEM....they'd be charging me interest or assigning me a penalty for underpayment. When is the State going to get their financial act together????