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Perdue announces parole and probation changes

North Carolina will soon have tougher probation supervision that should help strengthen public safety. Governor Perdue announced parole and probation policy changes today including upping the budget to add more officers, raising pay, and offering additional training. Another initiative launched today is a website that lists parole and probation absconders by county. Jean Walker, a local community corrections manager, said the site would be a big help. "These absconders may be your neighbors, they may be your co-workers, so if people have access to the names and the pictures online, then I think that'll be great." Another change proposed by Perdue also proposed that probationers would have to consent to random searches without a warrant.

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This will take BIG change!

I know people that are probationers. They laugh at, mock and taunt the current probation and parole system. I also know people that have worked within the NCDOC P/P both as officers and interns. 3 of the interns have opted out of criminal justice programs after witnessing that shame of an experience. These people were serious and thought they would make a difference with their internship. Severe disappointment and disgust at how ineffective the system is and how unprepared the officers are was the result. Probationers and parolees may just as well have NO program as to have what exists today and save the taxpayers a lot of money. The current program is literally a big joke, totally ineffective and will require a major overhaul to climb out of the ditch in which it currently resides! AND...the judges are letting them out among us everyday!!!

How About Holding Judges Accountable Bev

Melanie Gray was released last year after being the worst behaved female inmate ever in State prison custody. If you remember, 14 year old (at the time) Ms. Gray was involved with the brutal slaying of Danny Pence, a wonderful hard working teen from this area. While now free, Ms. Gray has recently displayed her rehabilitation attributes as meaning nothing. She has been arrested for driving without a license and trying to con the LEO with a fake drivers license. Her and her murdering buddy Todd Boggess should have been burned at the stake long ago. Boggess is up for custody review shortly. Too bad we can't hold Judges accountable for imposing lean sentences. They hold bartenders accountable for serving a patron one too many don't they?