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Perdue has tough choices with NC budget plan

RALEIGH -- After writing state budgets as a legislator, Gov. Beverly Perdue now tries her hand at a spending proposal as North Carolina's chief executive. Perdue was to release her budget plan Tuesday to the General Assembly as the state faces its worst economic conditions in a generation. The new governor and former senator has said her budget would attempt to protect public education and create and retain jobs. She said the state's share of federal stimulus money would help raise overall education spending by $350 million. Perdue hasn't said whether she'll ask the Legislature to raise taxes to help close a projected $3.4 billion budget gap. The Legislature will review the plan as it approves its own budget for the two years starting July 1. (Copyright 2009 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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Tough choices my foot

Politicians don't budget our tax money like you and I have to budget our bank accounts. All they have to do is raise taxes and fees on everything, raid trust funds, "Education" lottery money, tobacco settlement money...with the stroke of a pen. George Bush and the republican party didn't get us where we are today all by themselves. Democrats have controlled congress for over two years now, and now have a socialist president and congress that thinks giving trillions to the same crooks is going to get us out of it. Hope and change is all you'll be left with before this crowd is done.


I want to know where the BUSH bashers are NOW...Bush leaves with a 500 Billion dollar deficit....The Messiah comes in...NOW ITS 1.75 TRILLION...Bush spending..BAD...Messiah spending...GOOD...Two little news tidbits to show you how CORRUPT our government has become...They put it in the last "stimulus" bill that AIG could get raises and it would be...OK...but to hear them scream and yell they want to make it look like they are SURPRISED...SURPRISED THEY GOT CAUGHT!...., ALSO..THEY WANT TO CHARGE injured troops for their medical care...start making the VA BILL troops...what a slap in the face! Guys...Gals....its just about high time we all stormed the Capitol building with pitch forks and rakes and TOSS EVERY FLIPPING ONE OF THEM out on their rear ends! While the rest of the country watches their wallets, budgets and is fiscally responsible...our know the ones who WORK FOR US...are INCREASING spending and want MORE out of our pockets...the revolution better start QUICK or there won't be much to revolution for!

State Budget

How about we pay the elected officials a lesser wage, take away their spending rights, state owned cars, and what the heck let them pay their own insurnace too. The inmates can fix the roads and clean up the trash off the highway. Elimate tax write offs for big businesses. Make those getting welfare at least apply for a job for a portion of the year. Those people draining the system need to add a little something and stop draining the system. You know a well with no rainfall around eventually runs dry. Sounds like we're being forced to make chicken salad from chicken..... well you get the point

work in the community

Those on welfare should be forced to work in the community they live if they do not have verifiable outside full time employment or are in school full time. They can be learning a skill that can help get off welfare. They can be painting, work on plumbing, carpentry work or landscaping.


American...shut up or your government will make you disappear! You make too much sense!

BIG Spending is Over!

Although the Obama "Machine" legislates otherwise, our booming economy has hit a wall. That means run away government spending (and expansion) must fall in line. Hello Congress liberals: The spend fest is over. Bev Perdue must accept this grim fact, as she must, by law, balance the state budget. If only the Obama administration had to do the same.

What a train wreck. What

What a train wreck. What happened to our education lottery? Oh that's right, ignorant politicians have had their hands in it. I like the South Carolina governor's idea of refusing stimulus money.

I beg to differ!!!

I beg to differ on your point of "ignorant politicians have had their hands in it". They aren't ignorant, they're greedy and self-indulgent. Now that helps your sentence make some sense!