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Perdue, McCrory to vie for Governor


RALEIGH (AP) - Beverly Perdue waited for this moment for three years. Pat McCrory worked on it for three months.

After winning their party's governor's primaries on Tuesday, they're on the same timetable to convince North Carolina they're the right choice to succeed outgoing Gov. Mike Easley.

Perdue, who's been the lieutenant governor for the past seven years, took 56 percent of the vote in the Democratic primary, easily holding off State Treasurer Richard Moore. That was with 98 percent of the precincts reporting.

In the Republican primary, McCrory earned 46 percent of the vote, well above the more than 40 percent needed to avoid a runoff with state Sen. Fred Smith of Johnston County, who finished second with 37 percent. Celebrating with supporters, the Charlotte mayor bragged that he hasn't lost an election since running for student body president at Catawba College.

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Mayor McCrory dropped into the Gov race late but walked away with the nomination. Obviously they like him in Charlotte--he's been Mayor there for 17 years. Fred Smith was the man for the job, winning the big majority of all 100 counties, but the large number of voters in the Charlotte area carried McCoroy to the nomination. This tells me Charlotte is finally flexing its political muscle. MCCrory can out-business, out-politic, and out-debate, Perdue any day of the week. I know he will lead the state in a better direction than Perdue--we do need a change, excuse the overdone phrase, but I've had enough insider corruption and Tax & Spend democratic policy. Okay, maybe North Carolina should vote for change in their Governor as well.


remember purdue is the leutenant governor under easley so if you want more of the same vote for her.

President elections results

I hope you the people in North Carolina are satisfied with their choice for the Democrated nominee. You made the wrong chice but I am just a Black woman that has suffered from all presidents from Eishenhowe to Bush,Jr. The best ones are easy to count on one hand, Kennedy, Johmson, Carter and Clinton. None of these men can run again but we do have a woman that needs to be elected. I suppored Hillary Clinton in the last promary. I was surprised at the way these so called people are acting. Also, the person that was chosen as the person to represent us as governor was wrong. Grown up people and realize what you are doing.

Presidential eligibility

Carter can run again, 18% inflation.


I don't believe that President "Eishenhowe" or "Johmson" had much to do with you not learning how to spell or with you suffering in life.

gov't run schools...

let's hear it for them!