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Perdue raising money for re-election bid


RALEIGH, NC (AP) -- Gov. Beverly Perdue is preparing to run for re-election in 2012.

Campaign committee spokesman Marc Farinella confirmed Perdue's plans Tuesday to The News & Observer of Raleigh after the newspaper obtained an invitation next week for a Charlotte fundraiser. He says a more formal announcement would come later.

The invitation for the reception at the Duke Mansion for Monday has a headline of "Governor Perdue 2012" and asks invitees to give at least $1,000.

Perdue's decision is not a surprise. Last month, the Democrat made a passing reference to putting together new campaign finance staff as she responded to questions about the Wake County district attorney examining previously undisclosed campaign flights.

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Ahh Yes, the sweet smell of success

To all of the liberal blowhards, who have yet to post a single fact based rebuttal, let's take a look at the Governor's track record.

1. Is elected to Office after riding on Barrack's coat tails -- no reference to the Annointed One. And face reality, had it not been for that, McCrory would be governor; the variance in votes garnered was about 3%. Hardly a strong showing in a traditionally Democratic state.

2. During first 30 days in Office, the Governor takes an out of country vacation, planned prior to her election. Now, for political neophytes, History has proven the first 100 days of a new administration are the most critical for establishing the theme of the administration. So, one is forced to question, -- was the vacation planned because she thought she had no chance of winning? OR, was the vacation planned because she had not developed an agenda for her administration. OR, was this her first example of political arrogance?

And Lt. Governor learns about her departure through an inter-office memo. She did not even leave a "to do" list of things he and the Department heads could be working on while she vacated abroad.

3. Takes an entourage to China to promote North Carolina and to build strategic relationships? The Chinese are floating in wealth. Has anyone seen any Chinese investments in NC? Has anyone seen a strategic relationship develop?

4. Takes an entourage of 23 to Hollywood to promote NC film making abilities. No indication that she included the Wilmington Film Commissioner within the Official Party. Comes back noting that the film incentives need to be revised. First, that was known before the trip and had been detailed in every Wilmington media outlet; so why was the trip necessary? Second, she puts forth a legislative bill which sadly did not get the job done, at least according to those interviewed over why projects did not come to NC in 2009 or 2010. But, the Rock will be in Wilmington for a few days filming some sound stage scenes for his new movie. Now in fairness, she did get one of those spiffy Director chairs with her name on it. But, no press indications that Arnold and she got together to discuss success in governing.

5. Needs a break, takes a business/personal trip to Germany. Never really did announce the size of this entourage. Never did announce what they were going to do or what industries they were going to promote or visit. Never did announce the results of the trip at taxpayer expense. But then there were never any results announced from the Chinese venture.

6. Embarrasment with the Highway Patrol finally force her to encourage her long time associate, whom she had made Commander, to retire. In fact, if memory serves me, she caught him off gaurd when they were at a Press Conference and she announced his retirement which caused him to hastily depart so he could pen his letter to her announcing his retirement.

7. Embarrassment with the performance of the Revenue Department finally forced her to send Secretary Lay on to other opportunities. But not before he approved some personnel directives allowing 2 of his Charlotte cronies to continue commuting from Charlotte to Raleigh at taxpayers expense with per diems, mileage, and then state vehicles.

8. Entitlement recipients recieve over $28,000,000 in overpayments. Her bottom line response is to note it's not fair for the entitlement recipients to be forced to repay money they should never have received. So, she'll work out some repayment plan with the Feds which ultimately means NC taxpayers will bear the burden of the DSS foul up. OR, the paybacks will be forced in 2011 when she will then try to place that onus on the Republican controlled legislature. Meanwhile, the head of DSS continues to draw her salary; and all of the computer wizzes who have had the failure placed on their shoulders, continue to work these computers.

9. She spent more time in DC seeking temporary, one time only Federal Funds for education. I guess that's why she got over $2,000,000 in campaign funds from the National Teachers Federation. But wait, what happens in 2011 when the Federal well is dry and there are no stimulus funds or special programs to tap to keep Education funding elevated? Does this mean the State Department of Education will have to make cuts in their budget like every other State Department is being called upon to make?

10. The Commissioner of Agriculture, yesterday, announced he will not follow her mandate and cut his budget for the coming fiscal year. Gosh, does that show she has not developed her presence of leadership within her own Cabinet or the Council of State?

11. She approved the hiring of a new Head for the State Employee's Pension Fund. Came from some investment banking firm and was given a salary of around $300,000 annually.

12. Would not support legislation, in the most recent term, which would have held candidates for office personnaly responsible for payment of fines if their campaign committee was broke. Doubt that, check and see if the $100,000 fine levied against Mike Easley's campaign committee has been paid.

13. Was giddy with excitement when NC received stimulus funding to promote permanent jobs and stimulate the economic return. NO response when Senators McCain and Corbin released a report in August detailing the 100 worst uses of Stimulus funds. No response when it was revealed 12 of the 100 worst uses were in NC. No response when Rush covered those items on one of his broadcasts. Money to study the impact of yoga exercises on female hormonal swings; money for the NC Insect Museum; over $700,000 to allow the state to publicize all of the good things coming from these funded projects. After all the stimulus money was spent, not a single positive result; either on a state level or national level. Too bad she didn't use one of her many trips to DC to promote some positive projects which would both create permanent jobs and stimulate long term economic recovery.

14. Oh, and let's not forget her recent trip to DC to hammer out an agreement over who will command Federal troops dispatched to NC in the event of a catastrophe such as a Hurricane. That's certainly a worthy use of state resources to transport her and her protective detail to DC. I guess it did allow her to model her "George Patton" uniform replete with a pearl handled pistol.

I have not even touched on her campaign investigation; the appointment of an Education lobbyist to her staff, at $65,000 annually, as an Education Liaison -- whatever that is; and where is her approval rating now?

There you go. Now, let's see one of these Liberal Weasels have the backbone to do some research and prove just one of these items is incorrect. Go Ahead, I dare you.

To Guest 228 - BRAVO!!!

I am SO glad I'm not the only one tired of SCTom's parroting of hackneyed & overused "Big Talker" phrases. I'm just surprised he didn't throw in the usual "Her Highness" on this one - must be slipping!

Hey Guest

why not prove my statements wrong?

Get real

Ok, lets see. She takes office and then precedes to take money from all state employees. Most of these were from contracts that had been complete finished for up 2 nine months. As far as I am concerned - breach of contract. Then takes a trip to China (to the tune of over $35.000) to inprove trade relations while the people in her state can't find jobs. Know some personally that have been out of work for 2 years and no end in sight.

Then for the last two years, teachers (yes teachers at least at the universities and colleges) have received a pay raise. Anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5%. But the people who work in the offices etc don't get a cent. We still have to drive the same distance, pay bills, buy clothing, groceries etc and yet none of us are worth 1% raise.

Think I will offer one cent to her campaign. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get real and do us all a favor and get out of public office.

I guess

she wants to follow the Annointed One into retriement. She got into office on his coat tails. She does not want anyone to know just how close Pat McCrory came to gaining the office.

What she'll miss most are the travel opportunities.

With the new found scrutiny by the election officials and the District Attorney, she'll be more challenged to raise funds for whatever her next gig will be.

I wonder just how many high paying, do nothing Commissioner positions there are she can trade for campaign funds? Maybe she'll stack a few of the State Commissions with new high paying positions that she can dispense to loyal fund raisers.

Anyone else see the trend?

Let's see, some National Education lobbying group raised over $2 million for Smiley; and she then named their local representative to a high five figure position as Education Consultant or some foolishness like that.

SurfCityTom..Im sorry but why havent you run for office yet?

You are on here EVERY day giving your opinions on how the County government in NH county should run (even though you dont live in NH), how Pender County Government should run, how Brunswick County Government should run (even though you dont live in BC), how the state government should be run and last but not least, the Federal talk so much political BS but yet you still on WWAY comment section doing nothing but running your mouth..Oh, and the "Annointed One" phrase has not caught on, so please stop using it..Please run for election in 2012 so you can put your BS into reality..SurfCityTom for Mayor, District Attorney, County Commissioner, Governer, Senator, and President..just run for SOMETHING!!

SurfCityTom gets my VOTE!

I will vote for you Tom!

at least I have

the intelligence to read and to post fact based commentary.

You, on the other hand, can do nothing but act like a little heal nipper. Why not put up some fact bozo.

Why not shut me up by doing a little research and prove one of my posts is wrong.

But then that might require you to tear yourself away from Springer.

On second thought, you're more like a beached whale. You do nothing but spout off a lot of hot air.


AMEN! I am not that

AMEN! I am not that religious, but I second that motion.

I don't know about most

I don't know about most people, but among my circle, there is no way any of us are going to be voting for her again. I voted for her before because of her background in education only to see her take money out of my pocket. Teachers have not received their deserved step increase in several years which more me means a loss of nearly $5000 over a 3 year period, not to mention a lower check for furlough days, that we were forced to take but could only take when it was a teacher workday. Those are the days I have no problem coming into work. If Perdue gets reelected then this state is going to be in very serious trouble, worse then it is now. She has not made good decisions to this point and what makes people think that she will in the future?