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Perdue says stimulus isn't all she hoped for

RALEIGH -- Gov. Beverly Perdue says the economic stimulus package passed by Congress will quickly put people back to work in North Carolina. But she said Monday it doesn't provide everything she had hoped for. Perdue said she would have liked more Medicaid money and more investment for infrastructure, but she said overall she was pleased to get some aid. The Democratic chief executive said she is putting together a panel to oversee the spending of the stimulus money. Perdue said she is lining up projects so the money can be used quickly. She said she wants North Carolina to invest so quickly and efficiently that the state might be able to get a second chance at more money from the stimulus package. (Copyright 2009 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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Oh, Is Purdue back from her vacation?

Well it looks like another four years with no one at the helm......

now we know

what she was doing while out of the country on a "working vacation". Perhaps she should take another.


I don't think our state governemnt is throwing away any money. Medicaid is a federal program that has to be supported and carried out through state governments. They're going to spend money on it because they have to, although it is up to the state to properly administrate it. I don't think welfare is wonderful or anything. I just think that they've already made cuts to things like education and infrastructure projects that will make jobs, and the less they have to cut from those to spend on Medicaid that they can't do away with, the better. Have you read the stimulus bill or did you just robotically repeat what the new anchor told you? Better yet, what Bill O'Reiley told you to say...

"I don't think our state

"I don't think our state government is throwing away any money." Obviously you haven't lived here very long or are just blinded. This state is always throwing away money. Then they get more and a week later they are broke again. It's called a budget. they might want to try one sometime.

MOC, It's clear that you

MOC, It's clear that you haven't read the bill, either. Most of the spending does next to NOTHING for legitimate job creation, just temporary government projects that require taxpayer funding to operate. Government can start a project to dig holes. They hire a bunch of workers to dig holes, and a second crew to fill those holes. What does that produce? NOTHING, but jobs that require tax money to exist. We SHOULD have been spending on infrastructure when we chose to launch a pointless war against Iraq. Unfortunately, the economy has been damaged from irresponsible politicians from both sides of the aisle. Using this current crisis to force a bunch of wasteful spending down our throats is reprehensible. This is not the time for government welfare projects.

We got robbed . . .

Perdue is delusional if she thinks that the "stimulus" plan is going to benefit anybody other than the fat cats in government. If they really wanted to get the economy moving again, they would cut gov. spending, lower taxes, and let the markets work. Instead, Obama used the crisis as an excuse to sneak in this nightmare of a spending bill that our grandchildren will be paying for. Mike McIntyre voted yes to the bill. I say vote NO to another McIntyre term.


WHAT PORK got taken out....BECAUSE THERE SURE IS TONS of it left...makes me absolutely SICK at my government!


P...Pelosi or Perdue O...Obama R...Reed K...Kennedy


should provide we taxpayers of NC an exact accounting of how these dollars will be spent...down to the penny. An exact listing of jobs created, saved, etc. Those dollars going to Medicaid will not create one single job...not one...and those dollars make up the majority of the funds coming in. Just as she has her hand out to DC, her other hand is in my pocket...and yours...taking what is left...change.