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Perdue to miss southeastern NC debate

Bev Perdue is hiding. That is what her Republican opponent in the governor's race said about her decision to skip a debate in southeastern North Carolina for the second time this fall. Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory spoke to voters in Whiteville this morning before heading on to Brunswick Community College. In an interview with NewsChannel 3, McCrory said Perdue is using tactics she used during her primary campaign. "Beverly Perdue is doing to me exactly what she did to Richard Moore -- negative TV ads, distorted ads, and avoiding debates and hiding. That's not the type of leadership we need, and I think the people should be fed up with it, especially in southeastern North Carolina," said McCrory. McCrory and Libertarian Michael Munger have both agreed to take part in our candidate's forum at Cape Fear Community College on October 24. Perdue does not plan to attend. She also skipped a forum here back in April. McCrory and Perdue will hold the third of their five debates September 9 in Raleigh.

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SLIGHTING Southeastern NC

Yes, Bev Purdue should come to Southeastern NC and debate her worthy opponent. This will be a largely attended and professionally produced debate, like the one in April. This type of political event is a credit to our area, as the greater Wilmington area grows in political influence. Ms. Perdue also will not debate her opponent live on television, but she will run/endorse negative TV ads of Pat McCrory.

bev perdue missing debate

bev perdue probably is not going to wilmington for the debate with mayor pat mccrory because she won't be able to be programmed by the "elite group" that is running north carolina. i use "elite group" meaning the "corrupt gang" in raleigh. i sure wouldn't want to be a member of this group. some of the members already have their hands full with all the stuff coming to light about them. bev perdue does not have the solutions to north carolina's problems. she helped make these problems therefore she is so liberal she can't recognize what it would take to turn our great state around and make it a better place to live. give bev the hev on election day, north carolina. we will all be better off!

Perdue not showing up

It just blows my mind that Perdue is even allow to skip these events! Last time I recalled she works for the citizens of NC and should be required to attend as well as all other politians. (events like this) Maybe implemented a yearly report card on there job performance (like the private sector) for each year with the knowlege they may lose their job if they dont preform then we might get better people to represent us.

Afraid? Yes

The tactic of avoiding debates, not bringing forth plans for government and only bashing the opposition is wrong. If they're scared, they need not be running for a leadership position.