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Dr. Robert Perry followup

READ MORE: Dr. Robert Perry followup
More is being learned Thursday about a local doctor who surrendered his medical license. It is a story WWAY broke Wednesday night and is a Newschannel 3 exclusive. Robert Perry, a general practitioner, will face a Gaston County Grand Jury on suspicion of illegally prescribing medication. Robert Perry voluntarily surrendered his medical license Tuesday, one day before he was scheduled to be in a Gaston County court house. Robert Perry's Odgen practice, the Pee Dee Clinic, is closed with only a letter on the door and a message on the phone instructing patients to call a number for a referral. In a phone interview last night, Perry said he closed the clinic because of medical problems, but according to court documents, Robert Perry was scheduled to appear in Gaston County court on four counts of obtaining property by false pretense and one count of prescribing a controlled substance without a legal medical purpose. Gastonia detectives said Perry was involved with a woman who was using his prescription pad to write out drug prescriptions and fill them at a local drug store. They also allege that Perry wrote prescriptions for Hydrocodone to the woman's father, who was never a patient of his, and the woman would pick up the pills and take them for recreational use. Detectives notified the state medical board. The board confirmed receipt of Perry's medical license, saying voluntary surrender occurs "Pending or during an investigation. Surrender does not preclude the board bringing charges against the practitioner." The Clerk of Gaston County Superior Court said today that Robert Perry's grand jury trial date has not been set.

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Medical Records

To All; You spend your time pointing fingers and making comments. Lets move on "Next Subject". Does anybody know how to obtain the medical records that are locked up at his closed location. My child has illness and needs medication refilled. It is ashame that we have to go through this. My child's records cover (12yrs). She has heart problems. Instead of pointing fingers lets try to help each other move on.


I understand if your child has medical problems why did you wait so long to get the records? This all took place in Oct. 2008 I called the office in Jan. asked for the records and Wendy called me when they were ready to pick up. She had piles of records there waiting for the people to come and pick them up.

medical records

I don't understand why you waited to get your childs medical records. I called the office in Feb. and was called back when they were ready to be picked up. No problem. You are going to say that I was lucky, but everyone I know went and picked up their records. The day that I went there were plenty of people coming and going with their records.


My family needs their records too! We have no Dr. now....and no records.

Medical Records

Contact David Henderson (Executive Director)with the Medical Board. He then will contact Dr. Perry's attorney and you WILL get your childs records.

Dr Perry

Does anybody know his status of late? How long will it take to get him back to work and where will he start the practice, if so? If anybody knows the particulars, my family would like to see the doc again. Let us know, and thanks!


What's wrong, your pain killers ran out?

the good doctor

Dr. Robert Perry's medical license has been suspended indefinitely. Link to the consent order. Noone agrees to surrender their liscense unless they are guilty. Why no trial? The "good doctor" doesn't want anyone to realize that he has fooled you all! Of course there are those of you who will play the blame game. ALL OF IT SHOULD BE DIRECTED TOWARDS DR PERRY! No judgemnet+No morals=No practice!

to mirrormirror

you are so far from the truth it isn't funny... If you read the NCMB website most if not all of the Drs. surrender their licenses until it's all over... You all can say what you want but in the end the truth will be there. It might take a year or so.. So for the present you can all talk a big talk but time will tell.

court date December 02

Hey, did you all find out how Dr. Perry's court date went yesterday?? Is he in jail yet?

Wanda, he was cleared of

Wanda, he was cleared of the felony charges but now his liscense is SUSPENDED INDEFFINATELY for having a relationship with a patient. She got caught up in the fame and fortune of a modeling contract that never came through.

dear wanda ... ALL CHARGES

dear wanda ... ALL CHARGES WERE DROPPED !!!

Where is Dr. Perry going to open his office and when?

I would greatly appreciate an update regarding Dr. Perry's current health and business status as well as if he has details available for his patients to re-establish contact with him hoping and praying that he is doing well. Thanks for any info you can provide.

A Genuinely Good Person Whatever Anybody Says

Dr. Perry will be up and running again real soon don't worry to all that love him and that have been supporting and believing in him this whole time. He sincerely appreciates everybodies support, words can't explain. Please definately keep continuing to keep Dr.Perry in your prayer's.

we all wish him a speedy

we all wish him a speedy recovery.. he has to get well first and then treat all of us.. His supporters will be lining up when he opens the doors to a new office.. take care of yourself first Dr. then come back to us.. we all miss you

Dr Perry's license is now

Dr Perry's license is now SUSPENDED INDEFFINATELY! He was trying to have a relationship with one of his patients " A MARRIED WOMAN". He got caught, now he is paying for it.

you know nobody on this

you know nobody on this posting site knows what happened. He made a mistake.. Did he end it before it went to far and the woman got even. Was the married woman living with her husband or were they seperated? There's a lot of guessing going on right now..


Wanda, how would I be able to contact you and find out what you know about this. I'm one of the ones this was offered to.

He is a great doctor

My family has been seeing Dr. Perry for almost as long as he has been in practice. Our prayers are with you during your times of trouble. Mary Withrow

Dr. Robert Perry Is a Brilliant, Professional and Caring Doctor

My family have been patients of Dr. Perry's since he opened his practice on Military Cutoff. I have never known Dr. Perry to be anything less than professional at all times. He is without a doubt the most brilliant, caring, professional doctor I have ever known, and believe me we have known & seen quite a few. As far as I am concerned, if you had to wait to be seen - then that's a small price to pay for superior service. If he is delayed - its because he takes a personal interest in each and every one of his patients, he takes the time to listen to you. How many doctor's truly do that? In this day & age, dr's make you wait endlessly, see you for 5 minutes & slap you with a large bill, with a see you later attitude. I'll wait as long as need be to be treated as a person should. Furthermore, I will point out that during Hurricane Fran - Dr. Perry opened his office to all and treated anyone who came through his office free of charge. He was there because he cared not because he was interested in getting rich. From my own personal experience, Dr. Perry on a Sunday and coming directly from the airport (as he had been out of town), met me & my family and treated my son (3 yrs old at the time) as he had very high fever and was very ill. This is the kind of care this doctor gives and I will stand beside him no matter what. I do not believe for a second that he would have written illegal prescriptions nor do I believe that he would behave inappropriate with anyone. Ladies & gentlemen - let's not forget that a person is Innocent until proven otherwise. Who would you believe an esteem doctor and member of our community or a stripper from Pure Gold who makes a living by displaying her body for hard cold cash! She is so transparent - it is obvious she is looking to keep herself out of jail (people --she was the one writing the scripts & forging his signature)by giving the DA our precious doctor by feeding them lies, she gets to walk & laugh it up. SHE SHOULD BE IN JAIL not Dr. Perry!!

Dr Perry

What a low life. I feel sorry for the people who trusted him because when he goes to trial (and he will) these people are going to learn of his preverted behavior which had a direct link to him surrendering his license. You can't trust anyone. Humans are capable of anything. Later, Dirt Bag!


Told Ya!

The man took care of me for

The man took care of me for 13 years of my life and saved me when I was little, I respect him and think that he was just led down the wrong path in life. When ever I needed him he was there so you should probably get the facts before you go thinking you were right.

Trustus - told ya, what?

Trustus - told ya, what? that all charges were dropped. the woman was older than 21, was she forced NO, was she living with her husband, did Dr. Perry end it before it went too far and now she's getting even?


And folks. This is yet another perfect example of an individual lacking ordinary activity and keenness of mind; i.e. mentally slow.

You have no idea what you

You have no idea what you are talking about, and must not have ever been a patient of Dr. Perrys. I feel sorry for you, since you are obviously the "dirt bag"

You have NO idea

To Trustus P. Justice You have NO idea what you are talking about !!!! Get a clue !!!

get a clue

Trustus P Justice is right. How can someone 'clueless' disregard such wise insight. Dirtbag/doctor = perry

If you or Trustus had any

If you or Trustus had any proof of what you are saying you never would have waited to come forward... I have known the man for 14 years and I do know you and your friend trustus need to get a clue.... Wise insight.. ok I'll wait for your proof...

I used to work for dr perry.

I used to work for dr perry. While he was a great doctor he was not the perfect person, but who is. There was many a time that he did things that were unethical but he did take care of his patients. I know of the girl who took the prescription pads but I do not think it is the same that turned him in. I feel bad for him but he knew better than to do what he did, even if he was being compassionate. Although appointments started at 9 he normally didn't get there until 9:30, sometimes later. We would double book sometimes and give each appointment only 15 minutes. He normally spent 30 minutes or more with each patient which led to the long waits. Then if one of his "special" friends was sick they would come in the back door receiving precedence over the rest of the patients. He was really moody and not exactly a great person to work for. Actually he was the worst but at least he tried to take care of his patients. And just so you know, he was VERY interested in making money, but who isn't. Best of luck to you dr perry, I just hope you get everything together and really run the best practice in town.