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Pet-care expenses in an economic slump

READ MORE: Pet-care expenses in an economic slump
Keeping your four-legged friend healthy can cost a lot of money. With the economy in a slump, pet owners are being forced to make cut-backs. For Ashley Ricks, trying to keep her pit bull litter of seven healthy requires vaccines, de-worming treatment and nail trims. A visit to the veterinarian can total about $175. “I wouldn't give my dogs up for the economy change. That's not going to happen,” said Ricks. Ashley has three other dogs in addition to her new puppies. Basic pet-care has put a crunch on her finances. “Spending money, going out and doing fun things, has been cut back to a minimum. I don't spend as much time at the beach especially with gas being so high, its dogs and gas. That is what gets paid for first,” she said. Buying your pets medication online can save you some cash. Pet insurance is a good safeguard against breaking the bank in the event that your animal gets sick, or in an accident. Free rabies clinics can help you with the cost of yearly shots, but beyond that there is little financial help with preventative medicine. Kenneth Layton of the Pine Valley Animal Hospital said, “People seem to be a lot more cautious as to what they're doing with their money. Especially in the last month or so we've seen a little bit in a drop in business here.” Dr. Layton said the average cost of medical treatment for a cat is about $200 a year. For a dog, the average is about $300 to $400. This average does not include one time costs like spaying or neutering, daily costs like food and yearly costs like registering your animals with the county. “Per year, per dog? Ugh. My dogs? Close to $500 to a $1000 per year,” said Ricks. Taking care of the dogs may put the squeeze on her wallet, but Ricks said it is well worth the hug. The next free rabies clinic is on November 15, 2008 at the Five Points Community Center in Wilmington.

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Your day is ending

I wake up and find all you people crying the same old song the same thing its her money. Same as you saying its my money. Everyone on this boards always talking about there money and there kids and there house but to blind to see that its everyones money it everyones kids and if we don't take care of the babies before we take care of the dogs it is truly sick. You talk all you must now about how she spend her money or your money but your day is ending and a new day will come. A day long overdo. The least shall be on top and people will get what they need. I will laugh and laugh when your told no you can't spend that money on a dog that money going to buy food for the old lady who live down the road from me. Or maybe your money go to buy my chidern a new coat for the cold wether. Maybe we just take it away to see you cry about you presius money. The world about to change big time and there no more room for the word my.

What do you have to be proud

What do you have to be proud of? you're asking for a handout.

You must be trying to spell out your support for Obama

Scary to think that there are actually people out there that truly beleive that the government should tell people how they are allowed to spend their money. If you want someone else to go as far as pruchasing your children's winter coats because you can't afford them then maybe you need to surrender your children at the door to a hospital in a state that has laws that will allow it. It is not my job to feed, house and clothe anyone else's children. Get a job (or two) and support yourself and your family and stop waiting on a handout from other people. SICK. As for me, my children and MY DOG will be taken care of without a handout from anyone else and this winter, they will be warm because I work and take care of them.

re: Your day is ending

"The world about to change big time and there no more room for the word my." Lady, welcome to the land of the FREE. What's mine IS mine. I've worked for it and earned it.

fake post

I've got a feeling that "proud woman" is just a fake post to get people all worked up. Atleast, I hope it is based on the grammar, spelling, and wacked out socialist Obama view on society. If not she has more problems than just a broken heater!

What is it that YOU

What is it that YOU contribute to society besides your tired prophecies and prodigious offspring? I notice that you didn't answer any questions concerning your work status and your lifestyle. Is it because you would only be confirming our assumptions? Please keep talking lady, so everyone can see how Obama's socialist agenda has encouraged you to show your cards. Let's assume that everything you say will come to pass. If work no longer gets people ahead, then people will no longer work. What will you do when there is nothing to take away? At least now the government gets 25% of what my family earns. What's 25% of nothing? Careful people, this could be your next Secretary of the Treasury!

Your day is Ending

Comrade, U and Hussein Obama going take it all away. I doubt that, there are alot of Americans that work hard and will fight to keep it. Also,our days will end when we die.


I would like to know why she had "puppies"? If you can't afford what you have why add to the problem? Oh, let me guess, she's going to sell them and make lots of money right? Advertise "pit bulls" for a owner of one myself I hate to say the puppy in the picture does not look lke one should.

My Dog vs Your Heater

I have several dogs, including a couple of rescues...I have spend well over $2000 on vet cat this year. Why?? Because I love my dogs, and it is my responsibility to keep them healthy. Also, NEWSFLASH: IT IS MY MONEY, THAT I WORK FOR!!! I can spend it as I see fit. Proudwoman needs to get a handle on things...and stop complaining about how other people spend THEIR money on what is important to THEM!! Proudwoman is not MY RESPONSIBILITY last time I checked! Go work a week at McDonald's and make the money to fix your heater.....or better yet, how about trying a few blankets!! I'm not asking how she spends HER money....if she choooses to spend it on clothes, or games for her kids, or lottery tickets, I really don't care. If you don't try to at least have a little bit set on the side for unexpected expenses, that's not being too responsible is it?? Let's expect the government to support us instead. Brilliant....just brilliant!

Dogs or babies

I can't believe that this woman would pay to have dogs get the shots while there are babies in this town hungry right now. This is why you people will have your money taken away from you because you can't priatize and use your money for the good of people who needs it. You will get here and lecture a woman for having so many childern and then you will let your dog have 7 puppies and pay the big bill to take care of them. Mean while my heater broken and we don't have the $250 to get it fixed with the nights going cold. If you don't see a wrong in that maybe you need to sit down and think and pray because my childern should sleep warm not a dog.

proudwomen,sell your

proudwomen,sell your computer. Just a thought.


Pride comes before the fall. It may be that you need to "priatize" and take care of your family before you concern yourself with others. And yes, we do see something wrong here.

to dogs or babies....[aka] proudwoman

Its her $$$ Let her spend it how she wants... This is not a marxs country yet... at least not until Nov 4th!

oh boy

I say get dogs and let your kids snuggle with them to keep warm. You have no business having kids if you are unable to keep the house warm. Secondly do you own your home? Apparently you do or your landlord would fix the heater. Shouldn't own a home if you can not maintain it. Get another job, if you have one at all.

Dogs or Babies

Cancel your internet, sell your computer and fix your heater and quit complaining.


If a woman chooses to spend that much of her OWN money on HER pets then so be it. Who are you to criticize and tell her how to spend it? I have 3 children of my own and we have had to do a some 'belt tightening' in these harder times but I am not going to sit here and say this woman should be giving her money to me so I can live and breathe a little easier! What a completely selfish thing to say. If you can't afford to pay $250 to fix your heat then maybe you need to rethink some of your spending habits! I won't sit here and be self righteous and say I haven't had to ask for help before just to make it sometimes BUT the money has always been repaid. Now think of the type of comments this woman would have gotten if she had just left these poor little puppies on the side of the road somewhere not caring for them at all!!!

Knock knock knock - "Who is it?" JOB.

If you'll be up and ready to ride at 4 AM, jump off the bow of my boat into icy water to swim after a duck, bring it back, and do it all over again, I'll fix your water heater. I might even let you have some of my granola bar while we're waiting for the next flight of birds. You need to: 1. Get fixed - If you can't feed 'em, don't breed 'em. 2. Get a job - See how much of the money you earn you'll want to GIVE away to someone to sorry to work. 3. Provide for your own family, rather than expecting me to do it.


So your heater is broken? Sell the computer you are using, disconnect your Internet access and put that money towards your heater. I know, that requires sacrifice on your part and is much harder than begging for somebody to fix your problems for you. If you want your children to sleep warm, get another job. Take action on a situation you created when YOU decided to have children.

Dogs or babies

First of all, you are responsible for you and your children's situation. No one else. Once you realize that and get to work on taking care of yourselves, you will be better off. I work for a living and *priatize* (hehe) my money as I see fit and seems like the lady the article is about is doing the same. While it is a shame that you can't afford to have your heater fixed, you are not entitled to a hand out just because you want one. However, I am sure there are charitable organizations who could help you, if you took the time to look and inquire instead of criticizing how other people who are better off chose to live their lives and spend their EARNINGS

Dogs or Babies

I find it extremely ignorant to believe that people should be expected to work hard, to cover the problems of people who don't, or aren't willing to work. I detected a bit of the Obama Socialism in her quote: "This is why you people will have your money taken away from you because you can't priatize and use your money for the good of people who needs it." I think working on her education, might increase her chances of a better paying job. Having dogs is a joy in our life...we have six of them, and yes, the Vet bills are expensive, but we have the funds to take care of them. Our children didn't starve, and neither will our dogs, cats, and Gerbils. I think I even paid for the heater too! A note on the heater....It's not going to be too cold for another month or so, and a couple of blankets might even extend that.....if you can't manage to work extra to get another $250, maybe you should drop the cable and would pay for that heater! I am charitable, and will help those who are willing to help themselves, but I've seen too many hand-outs do absolutely nothing for the person who feels entitled. I'm not a millionaire, and I don't expect Bill Gates to send me any money...because I'm poorer than he why should someone who is poorer than I am, expect it from me?? I work two jobs, and would work more, if I needed it. With the Obama tax plan, I might quit one job, just to avoid having to pay extra taxes...since I'd be working for "money for the good of people who needs it."


Wow, at first I was speachless when I read this. Then I got to thinking that if I didn't have the money to get my heater fixed then I would be out looking for an extra job. Not wasting time surfing the internet!

Dogs or ?

It is not the responsibility of that woman or any other taxpayer to pay for your problems or your children. You are the one who chose to have them, therefore it is your responsibility to provide for them. She choses to spend her hard earned money on her pets, that is her choice. She is not asking for a handout, to care for her pets. Besides to some people their pets are their children, as they don't have any of their own.

Yes, she is asking for a hand out!

She talked of the next "free" rabies clinic. Those clinics are "free" to those bringing in their pets but they are NOT "free"! OUR tax dollars pay that bill! Now of course is is a good idea to have these clinics to try to prevent rabies but the truth is, we should not be paying for someone to have litter after litter of puppies! The only thing I see that is free in her commentary is, she is a "free loader". I have a brother that owns a kennel with no less than 20 to 30 dogs on site at a time. NOT ONE SHOT IS FEE TO HIM! He pays his way and so should she. If she can't afford it she should back off. Basically, "if you can't feed them, don't breed them!"


All in the world the woman with the dogs is saying is that they aren't cheap. She has redone her budget to afford them, and just like in my last post, I think that anyone who thinks that a dog is just a dog is STUPID and obviously hasn't read the BIBLE. God gave us dogs and cats, and we are to take care of them. If we have kids AND dogs we should take care of them both, If we have just kids we should take care of them, And if we have just dogs we should take care of them. What I don't like is people who don't want to work but have kids get free money. Food Stamps and Medicaid. Now I'm not saying that people who work but still don't make enough to support the kids they have is wrong to get medicaid and food stamps, but I don't see why people who DON'T WORK and have kids get free money. They need to work and if you cant afford them DON'T HAVE THEM. I was raised on medicaid and sometimes food stamps, but my Momma WORKED. She earned it. I feel sorry for the lazy people who want money but wont work for it. AND TO ALL THE DOGS SUFFERING OUT THERE... I AM SO SORRY THAT YOU DON'T HAVE AN OWNER LIKE THE WOMAN IN THE ARTICLE, MY FRIEND OR ME.

cold babies

If you can't afford to keep your babies warm then maybe you shouldn't have them... Obviously she is willing to make sacrifices be able to take care of her dogs therefore it's ok for her to have them. Maybe you should try and make some sacrifices instead of asking for handouts, like maybe cancel your internet... just a thought.

re: dogs or babies

And I can't believe that 'proudwoman' would condemn this woman's inalienable right to spend her money on whatever she wants. Think it's her fault babies are hungry and cold? Think it's her responsibility to take care of someone else's children and electric bills? This dog owner IS PRIORITIZING. She's looked at her budget and re-prioritized to be able to afford the same care she gave her dogs 6 months ago. Proudwoman, you sound a little socialist: taking from those who have to give to those who don't. Maybe you should take a look at your own budget so that you, too, can afford to take care of yourself as you did 6 months ago. And I'll be praying for you! Praying that you realize that this great country of ours allows us to make our own decisions as to what's important to each of us!


First of all the maybe the dogs are her babies. Secondly its HER money and she is free to do as she wishes. I just love it when you say "that is why you people will have your money taken away from you". Just perfect. I tell ya what just give me your address and I will send you half of my bi-weekly pay and support you. Meanwhile just sit in your chair and wait for it to arrive. Your post shows the typical pathetic ramblings of an Obama supporter who wants free handouts to support your slum pathetic life. How did you even manage to use a computer to type this message? Instead of typing this you should have had your lazy arse earning a paycheck to pay for a new water heater. You are a stain on the fabric of society......

Response to Dogs or Babies

First of all this is a FREE country and we can spend our money on what we want. As a dog owner with no kids I spend tons of money on my dogs.... but I personally will not put all of my money in with everybody else's so that people who DON'T WANT TO WORK will be able to live "the good life". I work for my money and I would not want anyone to GIVE me money. I don't ask for money and I never will. As for my dogs they will live well and when I have kids, the kids and the dogs will have everything they need. The dogs will have their shots, food, a roof over their heads, love and attention. The kids will have the same thing. Money might get tight but as a dog lover the dogs will NEVER be put out or not taken care of. As for anyone who thinks that just because a dog is "JUST A DOG" and doesn't need the love and attention and health care...Y'all are wrong and you need to rethink.

Proud Woman

What are U proud of Proud Woman ? Wanting to take from those that earn their money. U have to be a Obama supporter trying to get a early start on his spread the wealth, program. I worked hard for over 40 yrs, and now with no family at home, I have my 4-leg babies, ( dog's to U ) they are loyal, loving and protective. Maybe U could cancel the internet and sell your puter, and oh yes if U smoke, stop, that will save lots of money, and help with the health of U and your kids.