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Phone scam attempts to get your credit card information

READ MORE: Phone scam attempts to get your credit card information
We have received several calls and e-mails about a suspicious text message circulating around Wilmington. The text cites fraudulent activity on bank accounts, but consumers should beware. "The number you have called is not a working number. Please check the number and dial again." That is what you will hear now, but this was not the case Saturday. Several people called the same toll free number in response to a text message they received warning them of suspicious activity on their Visa card. The automated voice asked for your credit card information, then disconnected. The texts clogged up many people's inbox; Michael Coburn is one of them. He called the number knowing it was a scam and entered bogus information. "I responded to it because I knew it was a scam. I was actually hoping to talk to somebody about it on the phone, so I could give them a piece of my mind. I just entered in a whole bunch of ones and responded to it, and just kind of laughed it off. If somebody did enter their information, they're probably looking for trouble." Michael got the same text message twice, but from different senders. Many friends he talked to said they got the same message, but knew it was phony. "It's kind of sad that they have to resort to that, and hopefully it's nobody locally around here. But it's kind of sad, I guess the way the economy is, if people can't make it legit, they'll steal." Other people we spoke to said they received the same text message from and According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, banking institutions will never alert you about problems via text message. If you receive a text about suspicious activity on your credit card, contact your credit card company, not the number in the message. The Wilmington Police Department said if you feel that you have been a victim of a scam, call the Attorney General's Office at 800-5-NO-SCAM.

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Text Scam

I too received this text message in January of this year. However, I have Verizon and it came thru as a "Pix" message instead of a traditional text. I opened because I have a friend who will often send me picture messages and didn't even realize it was from an unknown source. Believing this was a scam I just deleted the message, I would never call someone inquiring about my credit card information. However, the next day I had a charge on my debit card for $34.84 from a company that I didn't recognize. I also had a $1.50 international service fee on my debit card as a transaction fee. After some research I found that this same exact thing happened to many people and the charges were coming from the owners of (a site that I have never visited). I was able to dispute the charges with my bank and my money was refunded and my debit card canceled. However, I am unsure how they were able to get my information via a Pix message on my phone that I did not respond to. I did what everyone tells you to do and ran a credit report a few weeks later just to be safe. But last night I got a call that now someone was trying to use my Mastercard credit card in New York. Had to have that card canceled too. Has anyone else heard of this happening?? I am very concerned that these people have more information about me than I realize and this will be an ongoing issue.

Text scam

To the people who think credit card companies don't send text messages, you are wrong. I received a Wal-Mart Visa Money Card for Christmas and I received text messages daily from them until I chose not to be notified through text. I received this text message and fell for it thinking it was that company. UGH. By the way, I do have US Cellular also.


HOW MANY TIMES DOES THIS HAVE TO BE SAID....DO NOT EVER RESPOND TO ANY...ANY....ANY email, phone call or text...EVER without getting the persons name...and CALLING DIRECTLY the number on the back of your card...ITS ALL FAIRLY SIMPLE...but people just keep doing the same STUPID THINGS...

Get a life!!!

REALLY! It's so retarded that people use this website to try and argue with people! I was simply putting my post on here to inform others.

How dumb can some people be?

How dumb can some people be? If any called back that number and gave real information, then they deserve what happens. I never received a text message, but I tried calling that number you guys have listed and unfortunately it wasn't working anymore. I hope that a majority of people did call that number back and give them fake least make them work to scam others

some are

The only reason i knew it was a scam was because i have immediate access to my accounts online to check. I have also had a credit card # stolen in the past from a "nice" hotel in Raleigh. That card # was attempted to be used in Arizona and Mexico (Sams Club) within 2 hours and I was alerted by the card carrier by phone right away. That card was canceled.

I'm wondering if anyone

I'm wondering if anyone other than an US Cellular customer got this message because I got it also and have US Cellular. None of my family members got it and they have other carriers.


I have sprint and got it, but knew it was crap!!


I have US Cellular and I have Bank Of America Visa.

Text Scam Wilmington Area

Both my husband and I received these text messages and we are trying to figure out more about the possible source of fraud. Our bank is Wachovia. Is this the only bank involved or are there others.

i got that on Sat.

They sent me a text on Saturday. It said I had "suspicious authorization" on my Visa and to call the toll free#. It was from phone# was 866-860-9705. I knew it was a scam so I called back to talk to someone I hoped I could cuss out. I got a recorded message stating it was Visa security center and to identify myself...they wanted the last 6 digits of my Visa card and my PIN#. I entered all zeros, then it thanked me and hung up. Credit card companies do NOT text you, they call you. Hope they caught these crooks.

I received 2 different text

I received 2 different text messages Sat. from with the same 866-860-9705 phone number. I also called it and gave bogus numbers for my last 6 card no. and pin no. If all these people received this message, then it shouldn't be hard to catch the crook(s).


I also recieved a notice on my cell phone as a text message from The message read: important VISA CARD notice : id99021 SUSPICIOUS AUTHORIZATIO. TOLL FREE 8668609705. I call my bank about it, and reported it to the fraud department. They told me to keep a close I on my account and notifie them the minite that I notice a unauthorize transaction on my account.


I wonder who the 866 toll free number is registered to. It had to have been opened by somebody.