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UPDATE: Pit bull attacks 13-year-old on way to school bus

READ MORE: Pit bull attacks 13-year-old on way to school bus

4/19 UPDATE: Vincent Marchese is home today recovering from his bout with a pit bull Friday. His family says they will file a Dangerous Dog Report against the pit bill and his owner.


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A 13-year-old on his way to the school bus was attacked by a pit bull Friday morning. The attack occurred around 7:30 on Angel Island Road in the Monterrey Heights neighborhood of New Hanover County.

Vincent Marchese says the pit bull jumped the fence and chased after him, biting him in the leg. Marchese had surgery on his leg at New Hanover Regional Medical Center. He says he'd be scared to walk by the home again if the dog was in the yard.

"They should put it to sleep," said Marchese, "or at least do something with it so it doesn't hurt anybody else."

Neighbors say they've seen children taunt the dog before, but they could not say whether or not Marchese was involved. Marchese says he never bothered the dog.

New Hanover County Animal Control says there are no prior reports of the dog running loose, but the pit bull will be confined for 10 days, which is a standard practice for all bite incidents.

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Just one question... How do

Just one question... How do we know it was an American Pit Bull Terrier? Kid taunted a dog and got bit. Maybe now he'll learn!



Get a grip!

Accountability! You people are so quick to put a dog down! Or sue the school for hurting your kids feelings or sue the kid that finally had enough of bullying and put him on his behind! Look at yourself first what kind of parenting are you doing? Every animal has a breaking point! My dog walks by my cat and growls for months she had enough one day and handed it to him. That sounds like what happened here.


If you state you would take a human life for hurting a dog or a human is equal to a dog,you do have mental problems.And if you can not bring yourself to say you would put down a dog after inflicting this type of damage again you are mental.And people with mental problems should not own this breed og dog so if you are mental and have one of this breeds please do us all a favor and put it down.

Ignorance is too common

I just want to say that reading all theses ignorant comments sicken me. Pit Bulls can be aggressive but so can any other living thing. They actually passed the temperament test with a higher percentage than other breeds. Personally, I love pits due to their loyalty, protectiveness, and loving character. Of course, if they are raised wrong, some may be dangerous. But that is the same for kids. Out society has ruined any chances for the pit, but ignorant people just make it worse. I am sorry about what happened to Vincent but i dont think the dog should be put down. And if my dog attacked somebody, i KNOW it was because he was provoked, in which case i probably wouldnt take much action. And i dare somebody to try to kill my dog because they would be the next dead thing around. If people would actually do research about pits and understand them maybe half of this wouldnt happen. Oh yea, raising your kids with respect and intelligence helps alot to. Parents, have you ever wondered why your kids get in trouble, or get attacked, or get in fights alot, or attempt to torture animals? In that case i blame the irresponsible parents. Everybody is quick to jump to conclusions and talk about so called facts, when half of those facts arent even true. And the comments about being mental because we treat our animals as family is one of the most ingorant of them all. I treat mine as family. I would much rather have them in my family than any of the people that have posted stupid comments on here. So call me mental or whatever but i know how much more intelligent i am compared to half of yall. Have a wonderful day.

i very much agree with you.

i very much agree with you. i have a pitbull and like u said "i dare somebody to try to kill my dog because they would be the next dead thing around" my pitbullis the sweetest, loving dog i've ever had. people are very ignorant and just talk for the satisfaction of talking.. pitbull are very loving,caring dogs, but like anyother dog if theyre provoked they will attack. so i dont feel bad at all for the kid.

not so true

I was on board with you but not anymore. I am commenting here even though this post is old in the chance that somebody stumbles across it and I can shed some light. I owned a mixed breed, mostly pit rescue for 5 years. She was a beloved family dog. I have 2 children who did everything with her. She slept with them, retrieved thousands of hit baseballs and loved us back very much. She was very protective of us and was weird with strangers, particulary men. I treated her well, and was careful with her around strangers. She attacked my daughter 6 days ago, my beautiful 14 yr old daughter for NO apparent reason...unprovoked. So DO NOT ever ever say your dog would have to be provoked to attack. YOU are FOOL. I have lived through a frickin nightmare to see my baby rushed in an ambulance with 3 inch deep bites and tears on her head and face...she almost lost an eye. She did nothing but love that dog. The dog was removed and had to be put down. I feel guilty missing her and I did love her, but it HAD to be done. So PLEASE until you walk in MY shoes or anyone else like the boy in this story SHUT THE F UP.

if u would have done the

if u would have done the reserch before getting the mixed breed you would have know that pure breeds are safer than mixed breeds. so dont blame the dog for your ignorance or the ignorance of the idiot that breed the dog.

that was a vicious dog and

that was a vicious dog and if you ever met vincent you would know that he would not do something as stupid as provoke a pit bull he is smarter then that so unless you know vincent yo should stop talking crap about him

you have the right idea! you

you have the right idea! you tell em! ive had 4 pitbulls in my life, ever since i was 11 years old. and none of them would ever harm a thing. people nowadays have the wrong idea about the breed. they are great animals, and if you look it up there is just as many stories about pitbulls saving peoples lifes as there is stories about them biting people.

hmmmm ... let me see. I

hmmmm ... let me see. I only stumbled on the report of this "rare" incident involving the "alleged" attack by a pittbull after sifting through the thousands of reports of chiwawa, shitzus, lab retreivers, dachsunds, and other vicious dogs jumping a fence and literally ripping their victims to pieces.

The fact that you said "Personally, I love pits due to their loyalty, protectiveness," means to me that you have personal knowledge of how vicious this breed of dog (pittbull) is.

Threatening to kill someone because they acted in self defense against your ANIMAL says you need counseling. There is more to life than focusing on violence by obtaining "protective" vicious animals as you do.

pitbulls protect there

pitbulls protect there owners just like any other dog would.. so u think its ok for any other dog to bite a person and its ok just because its not a pitbull?? your one ignorant person

Just because a dog is

Just because a dog is protective doesn't mean its vicious. Also "Pit Bull" isn't a breed of dog its a term used to describe many different dog breeds that look like American Pit Bull Terrier/American Staffordshire Terrier, once again another stereotype. So technically this dog could be a mix of about 16 different breeds so saying that "Pit Bulls" are vicious aggressive dogs is one of the biggest stereotypes I've heard in awhile.
American Pit Bull Terriers believe it or not are very friendly to EVERYONE including strangers and other animals if raised/treated right. They can turn out just like any other dog out there and really this story means nothing because they don't even know what kind of dog is was, seeing as they labeled it a "Pit Bull". The only thing I think is bad about this is the fact that the kids were teasing the dog, and the kid who doesn't tease it gets hurt, I think the families of the kids who were teasing it should pay any bills/costs along with going to counseling. The dog is NOT to blame.


Again train your dogs. If my dog did this damage I would put it down myself.I have raised dogs I have them professionaly trained and have NEVER had this problem. I have become very attached to these animal but thet are animals and I would not hesitate for a moment to distroy one for this behavior.Not a second.
As for the value of a childs life and an animals life there is no comparison.Do not raise your animal as a human they really do not undertsand and you will have problems.
As for the attack on the victim by grown adults that can be chalked up to a lack of intelligence.

You're nuts!

No dog is going to stand there and do nothing if it is being abused and pain is being inflicted. I don't care how well it's been trained.

If the kid provoked the dog, the kid deserved a few pounds of flesh removed. He is old enough to know better.

Deserved a few punds of flesh torn off by the dog?Seriously?

Did you actually state a "kid"needs a few pounds of flesh torn off by a dog? Seriously?
Is anyone "old"enough to have a few pounds of flesh torn off by a wild animal?Wow

Please tell me you can not reproduce.That is about as demented as it gets.Pretty sick.

Really? "wild animal"A dog

Really? "wild animal"
A dog is just like any other animal on earth. If you provoke it it will attack. Most "pitbull" breeds have a better tolerance so I would assume this was a constant teasing. And there is no way I would put my dog down for his behavior, I would ask him if he learned his lesson though.
This is no different than him picking on a kid at school and that kid beats the crap out of him and maybe splits his lip so he has to get stiches or maybe breaks his nose. Would you kill your kid for that? I would assume not. My guess is this kids parents don't teach him respect for anything.

Bombardment of posts from the pit bull brigade

"everytime the consensous is in majority for the dog??"

The reason you always see so many comments in favor of these dogs is that pit bull owners and breeders and rescues (and dog fighters) troll the internet looking for stories like this so that they can all post comments, usually blaming the victim, and defending the dog. They let each other know about these attacks, and they post the same old talking points that they always do. Because they come out in such vast numbers to post, it may seem like they are in the majority, but they are definitely not! In the mean time, the problem with pit bulls is getting worse and worse and worse. They always love to talk about "responsible owners." Well, every legitimate pit bull site I have ever seen says that responsible pit bull owners will always carry a break stick and will know how to use it. There is a good reason for that, and all these pit lovers know it, but they will never admit it. They will never answer the question: "Why is that only pit bulls come with the recommendation to carry a break stick?"

Sorry to tell you "Pit Bull"

Sorry to tell you "Pit Bull" isn't a breed of dog.


Ya know, I can see how the dog would attack him, I've heard from so many people at my school (murray) that vincent& several other kids taunt the dog. If You wanna know the real story- ask a student. We would know. We WERE there... Goodluck because thats the truth.

It is common sense that the

It is common sense that the owners are putting neighborhood friends and family members up to giving the "true story." Mothers of a child that were at the bus stop were talked to. And witnesses did say THE DOG ATTACKED THE CHILD!! End of story. no amount of antagonizing should matter, even if he did. 1/4 of his leg is missing!

I'll show you what to do with a break stick.

I own 2 bullies and I have never been told to carry a break stick nor have I seen any other bully owners carrying them. If everyone acts responsibly and keeps their dogs on leashes and in their own yard, there would be no need for these. I always keep my dogs in check, its the jackass with the dog whose running free that complains when their dog gets torn up by a pit.

And what is it that you are

And what is it that you are doing exactly?

I live in NC and I love pits - so if I see an NC pit story i'm going to click on it.

I don't see why people feel the need to blame the victims in many of these cases. Sometimes the victim is clearly provoking the dog - but that does not seem to be the case here.

A very unfortunate incipient - hopefully the powers that be will be able to determine the best plan of action for this particular animal and its owner.

By the way - I own a pit and at no point was I given the recommendation to "Carry a big stick"

Incidentally - the worst injury i've ever gotten from my little pit was when i WAS carrying a big stick. I threw it to her, she caught it and when I chased her she turned and whacked me in the shin with it trying to get away, vicious killer that she is.

By the way - i don't know any dog fighters, but i'd be willing to bet that your average dog fighter isn't exactly the type of person you're likely to see "trolling the internet" posting on news site forums.


Actually, I'm a pit owner of two years, never heard of one of those. I have full blooded 4 yr old female. Not aggressive at all. You can keep making unfounded assumptions. But your ignorance shows when you make posts like that.

From Pitbull Rescue

From Pitbull Rescue Central:

What Is a Break Stick?
A break stick is a device inserted into the mouth of a pit bull (behind the molars) to facilitate the release of its grip on another dog.

Remember: pit bulls do not have a special mechanism or enzyme that allows them to "lock” their jaw, nor do they possess a higher than average “bite pressure.” They simply have the determination of a terrier.

Not all pit bulls are aggressive toward other dogs. But because the breed has a somewhat higher tendency for dog aggression, break sticks are useful tools to have in a multi-dog household. Please read the following guidelines before attempting to break up a fight using a break stick.

Why Should Responsible Pit Bull Owners Have a Break Stick?
Because canines are pack animals, fights are possible in any multi-dog household, no matter what breed of dog you own. A responsible owner should take measures to prevent such fights, but he or she should also be prepared for the worst. The goal of any owner should be to break up a fight quickly and efficiently. The majority of breeds will snap erratically at their opponent, biting and releasing repeatedly. As terriers, pit bulls will usually bite and hold. Contrary to popular myth, this is not some kind of special pit bull behavior; it is merely terrier behavior. As its name suggests, a break stick is designed to break this determined terrier hold. This is the safest, easiest, and most effective way to stop a fight.

Do not attempt to use a break stick on other dog breeds.

Attempting to use a break stick on other breeds could result in serious injury to the person using the stick. Since other breeds will unpredictably snap and bite instead of getting a grip, you are far more likely to be bitten. You also should not attempt to use a break stick with other terriers. While all terriers grab and hold, pit bulls are far less likely to redirect their bite on an intervening human than, say, a Jack Russell Terrier. For the same reason, you also need to be very careful when separating your pit bull from another breed. Your pit bull will probably not bite you, but you might get bitten by the other dog.

Be Prepared
There are many ways of managing a multi-dog household. Your primary goal should be to prevent fights before they begin. Many, many pit bulls—even pit bulls from fighting backgrounds—get along just fine with other dogs. Nevertheless, the breed’s tendency for dog aggression is slightly higher than the average dog, so constant vigilance is vital.
If a fight does occur, you will be better prepared to break it up if you have already rehearsed the procedure before the need arises. Look into your dog's mouth and find the gap where the teeth do not meet at the very back of the jaw. This is where you are going to insert the stick.

Before Grip
If the dogs don't have a hold yet, you may be able to break the fight using other methods. Jerking the dogs back by their collars, a loud and firm break command, a bucket of cold water, a water hose, or placing a barrier such as a baby gate between the two dogs may be enough to stop them. Be safe: don't put your hands anywhere near the mouth of the dogs.

How to Break Up a Fight
If one of the dogs has a grip, it’s time to use a break stick.

It is best if there are two people to break up a fight, but you can do it by yourself if you have no choice. If both dogs are fighting and you are alone, you might need to tie one of the dogs to something solid. When one of the dogs is tied up, you must "break" the one that is not tied first, and pull him/her off right away.

Walk over to the dogs, straddle one that has a hold, and then lock your legs around the dog's hips just in front of the hindquarters. Make sure your legs are locked securely around the dog. Your break stick will be in one hand, so with your free hand, grab your dog firmly by his collar and pull upward slightly.

Insert your breaking stick behind the molars where the gap is found. Sometimes you need to work the stick in just a bit if the gap is small. The stick should be inserted from ½ to 1½ inches into the dog's mouth.

Turn the stick as if you're twisting the throttle of a motorcycle. This action will cause the dog to readjust its grip, and it will bite onto the stick, releasing the other dog. If both dogs have a hold, you will then have to break the second dog from the first.


More advise

Just do what they did to the untrained one that jumpd my six foot privacy fence to attack, KILL IT.


I was a little on the fence about the dog attack until Vincent said he went to the fence to look at the new puppy. Dogs are protectors of there space, and apparently Vincent has been to the fence before. All dogs remember..............!Hope you get better, but stay in your own yard!

Stay in your own yard????

Yes Vincent stay in the yard,don't go to the bus stop.Carry a tazer,pepper spray and an gun.
Geeze that child that was torched and almost burnt to death should have carried a tank of water with him.Rodney King should have kept his big mouth shut.That Anthony baby should have learned not to bother mommy.The Jews should have known to stay away from them Germans and what is Obama doing in the white house?,Seriously after what happened to his ancestors?..........Geeze Vincent take a history class for Gods Sake!

Their point was...

Their point was that he had been to that fence before. The neighbors had stated that kids had taunted that dog previously. Read the article before making stupid comments. MAYBE the kid isn't compeltely innocent. MAYBE he taunted the pitbull. MAYBE he got what was coming to him. If I taunt a dog, or for that matter a person, I would be aware there are consequences.

I meant stay out of other

I meant stay out of other peoples yards and away from dogs in their OWN yard. I'm sure he doesn't visit this home.