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Pit bull bites deputy, dog killed

READ MORE: Pit bull bites deputy, dog killed
A dramatic twist to to a story WWAY first reported Wednesday night results in a deputy sent to a hospital and a dog shot dead. We showed you John Williams and his wife Sandra in dog court. Their pit bull "Joe" was in trouble for biting a deputy who lived down the street. The dog court committee ruled the Williams had to restrain and muzzle the dog. John Williams was not happy with that decision. Coincidentally, Thursday night New Hanover County deputies were called to the Williams home on a domestic dispute. There are only three dogs in John Williams' backyard now. Before Thursday afternoon there were 4. Joe the pit bull was killed late Thursday afternoon by a New Hanover County Sheriff's deputy during a domestic call to 446 Cathay Road. During an arrest attempt the pit bull appeared and viciously attacked the sheriff's deputy who was taken to New Hanover Regional Medical Center. The deputy shot and killed the dog, a dog Williams told us he was very fond of after the dog court hearing Wednesday night. "It's upset me real bad, Williams said Wednesday. "I've had him for eight years. I've trained him every day of my life, and they're in there acting as if they can gang up on you, you know, just because he bit a sheriff. That's right. All because of a sheriff." Animal control arrived on the scene and removed the pit bull's body from the house. Deputies took John Williams away, under arrest and charged with one count of domestic assault on a female, one count of pointing a gun and two counts of resisting a public officer. He's being held without bond at the New Hanover County Jail.

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Exactly what is your definition of pitbull

So many dogs a year are labled as pit bulls....American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier, American Pitbull terrier, Bull Mastif Terrier......all of these dogs AND more are classified as PITBULLS. Do your many dogs are classified as pitbulls bc they are share the same similaritys. ANY DOG CAN ATTACK, last year my aunt nearly had her hand tore off by a cockerspaniel. It does not matter the breed, any dog can attack.

Not All Dogs Attack AS MUCH As Pitbulls though...

Pitbulls (and their types which evolved from pitbulls or off the same root) amaass more deaths in their breed alone than all other breeds on average.

These dogs were bred to fight, unlike a Labrador which was bred to retrieve game. Or a pointer which was bred to point. Or a collie that wes bred to herd.

It's amazing how you hear of only one or two of these dogs attacking or mauling a human when pitbulls and their types come in the hundreds each year.


Thats because people dont make a big deal about any of those other dog attacks idiot

Pitt Bull Dog Attacks

I think that if any dog attacks another human being or ANIMAL that it should be put down PERIOD! Once an animal get the tast of blood it's over! My Mini Schnauzer was attacked in my yard and nothing was done!! I filled out papers to have the animal tested as they say "dangerous" what good did that do for me at the ER VET? I have paid out $1400.00 so far that was just in 2 days for treatment!!! And the owners are more concerned about paying the fee's to the county than the bill they owe me! They would rather me take them to court! HELLO??? Come to find out they have been in trouble more than once and still their dog is free! and can come in my yard AGAIN if it gets loose! I am affraid for my dog to even go out now and that is wrong! YEAH I SAY PUT THEM DOWN! AND FINE THE HELL OUT OF THE OWNERS!!!

Pit Bulls are unpredictable and dangerous

re: "Dogs are only how you raise them and treat them." Don't forget that dogs have inbred temperaments and Pit Bulls are bred to be extremely tenacious. Lots of other breeds bite but they simply inflict the injury then stop on their own when they see a display of pain or submission, or they stop when yelled at or most certainly when hit. A Pit Bull, on the other hand, will keep biting and shaking and tearing and ripping until its victim stops moving. Period. They have been bred to not let go no matter what. This is what they do just as Labs swim and Beagles follow their nose. The statistics on how many maulings and deaths were commited by Pit Bulls who had NEVER shown any aggressive tendencies before is all the more reason to not trust the breed EVER. Think of it this way: Leopards purr and you can even teach one to use a litter box... but a leopard will never, ever be a house cat. It will be the most gentle, cuddly, loving pet... until one day it isn't. Pit Bulls are like that.


There are so many more issues than the dog wrong with this story "Deputies took John Williams away, under arrest and charged with one count of domestic assault on a female, one count of pointing a gun and two counts of resisting a public officer."

Audacious Comment

It is an outrage to hear the comments coming from this dog owner. He overtly states that "It's upset me real bad, Williams said Wednesday. "I've had him for eight years. I've trained him every day of my life, and they're in there acting as if they can gang up on you, you know, just because he bit a sheriff. That's right. All because of a sheriff." When one decides to take an active stand for an animal over a human being, their value for life and twisted priorities are an abomination to God

Pit Bull

Last year I had to kill a neighbors pitbull in my yard. I was told by the animal control officer that I did the county a favor. When will people realize the danger these sorry no good animals called pitbulls present to the public? How many dog bites and attacks to children will it take?

dogs that bite

my daughter was mauled by a springer last year. she was walking in the yard and the dog ran for 2 acres away and bit her in the face just under her eye and took a huge chunk of flesh from her nose. we have to have plastic surgry and guess what the dog lived to bite again. dogs that bite should be put down no second chances. will my 5 year old get a second chance to not be bit.

pit bulls are not bad

I know this couple.I have pit bulls myself.The sheriff shouldn't have put his hands into the dogs pen. If you do not know the animal you should have enough knowledge to stay away instead of forcing and acting first.They are very protective animals.Wednesday night John was told to restrain the dog inside or muzzle Joe so when the law was called out to the house Both parties should have went to jail instead of having a one side story.Domestic Violence should require both people instead of just one.As the sheriff he should have let the John put Joe up instead of forcing into the house first.If this was done,then the dog would not be dead especially when the dog was in his on house.I do think our law enforcement should handle things better than they do.Pit bulls are beautiful,loving,and nice dogs if they're raised propertly.

read the whole story

The deputy did not put his fingers into the dog pen, the story states "the dog appeared" meaning the dog was loose and attacked. The statements made in this story and your comment is just another attack on law enforcement. It is not the sheriff's office fault that the couple had a domestic violence problem and had to come to their residence that lead to a pit bull attack and the dog dead. It is completely the owners fault....

It is unfortunate that you

It is unfortunate that you do not have all of the correct information. Your statement is one sided and not even true to the accounts that have truly occurred.

not all pitt bulls are bad

We have a pit bull that my daughter and husband rescued and she is the most loving and gentle of our 4 dogs ,we have a english springer, a carolina yellow dog and a husky lab mix ,she lets baby kittens sleep on her and has even given a 4 year old boy a ride on her back like she was a horse.It is not the breed of the dog it is the owners training of the dog that makes them bad,whether it be a Pit,Lab or poodle.We have witnessed a pitt kill a domestic animal in our neighborhood and also witnessed a german shepard and a mixed breed dog come into our yard and kill our cat again I can say as a Pitt owner that it is not the breed it is the owners training and treatment of the dogs that make them aggresive.Please do not judge all pits based on the actions of some.

pit bulls are not bad

My oppion,bits are protectif over their owners.Im a proud owner of 6 pits which are good with my kids and if someone tries to hurt my kids or me then they become agrrsive.a domation will turn on you quicker than a pit.if people would read books about dogs then they would no that.all my dogs live in my houseand there like my kids to.people shouldnt down a pit cause any dog can be protectif.ankel biters will bit any thing bigger than them.


What did you just say? I could not read all of your garbled typing. True, Pits are protective, but so are all other dogs. You have to know the limits on what your dog is capable of doing. I dont blame the Deputy one bit, If any dog comes at me and bites me, I will do anything necessary to protect myself, and that includes killing it.

Thank you, Deputy

Thanks Deputy, for rightfully, without hesitation, putting this dog down. The idea of dog court is ridiculous. If the savage pit bulls or any dog are attacking people, they should be shot on the spot. For the price of a bullet we can avoid wasting tax payer dollars on "dog court". The county should pass a law that any pits or any other dogs that attack, maim, kill, be shot on the spot, no questions asked. The dogs are bred for terror and need to be squashed out before another tragedy.


Dogs are only how you raise them and treat them. Any dog can be a biter or an attacker. I knew someone with two pits and they were great to be around. I guess if you raise them agressive, they will be agressive.


Pit Bulls are one of the most dangerous dogs... period. Treated bad or not, they are bred and mixed. You must always keep them leashed in my opinion. I would never keep a pit bull as a pet, but I know many people who do, and they even have small kids. No, I don't dislike them, but it's like, if you are gonna play with fire, you will get burned eventually.

One count of pointing a gun?

Perhaps if the deputies had done their duty, the poor dog would still be alive and the TRUE problem would have been eliminated. This case epitomizes that it's not pit bulls that are the problem! It's the owners! Like firearms, there are some people who just shouldn't own then.

Pit Bulls

You know that a dog protects its owners and thats what this dog was doing. We need to be EDUCATED about animals. No one treats these pit bulls with any respect. If you beat them, starve them, tease them, what in the world do you expect them to do??? GET EDUCATED

We have a problem with a

We have a problem with a neighbor with 2 very big rotweillers. Their dogs "got out" of the house and chased a boy into a neighbors house. Then they "got out" again and attacked a woman while holding her dog in her arms. The woman got bit and her dog suffered terrible wounds. Both are recovering now. The people that own the dogs were told they now have to muzzle them and keep them penned up. Their response when told this was "thats expensive". When a dog is neglected and then penned up it is only going to get more vicious. What happens when they "get out" again? When is the law going to protect us? We are in fear of these animals. I know if they come near me what's going to happen. 357 anyone!

Dangerous dogs

After a very unnerving incident involving two Rottweillers and a large Chow a few years ago, I now carry a small 9 mm when I am running or riding my bike. I sincerely hope that I never have to kill a dog (as I value dogs far more than most people), but if I do, the dog's blood will be on the hands of the idiotic owner who does not keep his or her animal under control. Rottweillers, like pit bulls, can be sweet, loving, big babies when raised correctly. They are, however, equipped to do an incredible amount of damage when they are NOT raised correctly, or are provoked and pressed. Virginia Beach PD, for example, experimented with using Rottweillers as K-9 dogs and abandoned the experiment. They weren't simply taking a suspect down - they were removing calf muscles!


I can agree with the opinion that this is the owner's fault. John Williams- YOU are the reason your dog is dead... not the deputy. he was correct to shoot a dog that was attacking him. But if anyone who owns a dog does not act to keep others safe they are essentially playing Russian Rouluette , with other's saftey. ANY dog can become a biter if not taught not to do so. Spaying or neutering dogs is aslo extremly helpful to reduce aggression in dogs of both sexes. It is worth it to take time and money to avoid a tragedy like this one.

The man sounds as dangerous

The man sounds as dangerous as the dog. Maybe the dead dog picked up his violent behaviors from his "trainer".

pit bull attack

obviously this guy isn't aware of the pit bull who just attacked and killed a three year old in jacksonville, nc!

"Deputies had done their

"Deputies had done their duty" This comment is a horrible one to make. Their duties, they responded to a domestic violence call. Have you ever responded to one or read the statics? So the deputy should have knocked on the door & said please put the dog up? Then giving the gentlemen(lets say for example) time to grab a knife, gun, hit his wife one more time, or try to make a run for it. It is a shame that you give an animal more value than a human. Yes I know that animals become part of your family, but this deputy had to make a choice. He had to decide to shoot the dog that attacked him & hindered his safety not only from the dog but the assailant too. The officer had to make a split second decision & he did what he felt necessary to protect himself & others. It is a shame an animal had to die but I am glad the deputy is still here.