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Dog Court in Wilmington

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The potentially dangerous dogs were asked to stay at home Wednesday evening. For the dogs, it was their day in court with their owners doing the talking. The committee members volunteer their time. They act as the judicial system while two members of animal control enforce the judgments rendered. Dog owners were able to state their case. Witnesses were allowed to speak on the dogs' behalf. And just like a regular court of law, there were plaintiffs or victims. Marci Raneri felt threatened by a four-year-old pit bull on Woodlawn Avenue. This case took more than 30 minutes, and when it was all said and done, a verdict in the doggie courtroom was reached for "Heat" the pit bull. "The dog is to be supervised at all times," Joyce Bradley, the Dog Appeals Chair said, "with a muzzle or a gentle leader and a leash and he is to be neutered within 30 days." The dog's owner's immediate reaction was "How am I going to pay for that?" Even so Sarah Neal told News Channel 3 she will abide by the decision. "I think it's ridiculous in my opinion," she said. "The dog is nothing but a big baby, and you know, I gotta do what I gotta do." In case No. 2 Jeremy Eaton filed a complaint against the owner of a six-year-old pit bull named "Joe." John Williams is the dog's owner. Eaton was bitten by the pit bull, and he missed time at work at the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office. Photos probably made a difference in the mind of the panel as Willams wound up a dejected loser in the doggie court. "They want to put him on some type of restriction with a muzzle and neutered and some sort of stuff, and I'm just going to get rid of him myself," Williams said. "I don't want to have a dog that's defined, and he wasn't guilty to begin with."

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bad rep and misunderstood breed

I am the proud owner of a 9 month old blue nose pit bull terrier and have done a lot of research before buying the breed. The pit bull terrier is one of the most misunderstood breeds in the world and falsly accused. Pit bulls have proved to be the best breed for several jobs , a pit bull is responsible for one of the biggest drug bust in us history. punish the deed not the breed, the owner should be held responsible not the dog. Take a look at the AKC temperment test results, pit bulls hold one of the highest scores for obedience on record. with proper training and owner supervision pit bulls make wonderful companions. The pit bull was at one time in past history an american icon, people need to do there research before pointing their finger saying pits are viciouse killers .......petie from little rascals an american pit bull terrier, and stubby an honored war vetran during world war two was an american pit bull terrier just to mention some great pits in american history


Your story and unreferenced statements prove nothing. At 9 months, you haven't yet seen the terror that puppy will turn into. What will you say when it's responsible for ripping a kid's face off? Please keep that killing machine caged and muzzled at all times.


The dog that bit the deputy just bit another deputy today and this deputy killed the dog. He's taken his last bite!

pit bull attacks anther deputy

i hear deputy had to go to hospital!!

Pit Bulls

I don't see what the big deal is. I love ice cream.

How many times have you

How many times have you heard of a Collie mauling someone? Or even a German Shepard? Of if you want to get deeper into it... a Chow or Doberman Pincher? Come to think of it, by far the majority of mauling/killings by dog are from Pit Bulls. Those of you that defend these dogs are just the lucky ones. Your pits have not YET attacked someone. Its like smoking... not everyone that smokes will get lung cancer, but most with lung cancer have smoked.

dog court

a little kid was just killed in camp lejeune today from a pit bull attack.i love the comment where they should be muzzled except when they're eating!! that was great. i think people who own pit bulls should be required to have them spayed or neutered, and at least 25,000.00 dollars worth of insurance on them to pay for other peoples' burials. in about 10 years they would be extinct, and the world would be a safer place.

sweet pit bull

If these dogs are so sweet then why do you hear of so many Pit Bulls attaching people? I think the state should come up with a law that requires all Pit Bulls to be muzzled anytime they are not eating.. I also believe they should be kept in a pen and not be allowed out side. I saw a girl about 13 year old walking two in the area I live in and they were dragging her around (maybe I shouldn't use walking above). If these dogs decided to go after something this little girl would not have been able to control them or stop them..

The evidence speaks for itself......

I've been an animal lover all of my life and have always had dogs as pets. Some small breeds can be aggressive, such as Chihuahuas and some terriers. The difference is that you never hear about these dogs ripping a childs face off and killing it...because they don't. Pitbulls, Rotts, Chows, Shephards and Pincers have been bred to maim and kill humans, some for centuries. While these breeds can display benign, calm and even tempered behavior, they have the innate instinct to kill at times. They can do this sometimes without provocation. There is an inbred voracity in these breeds that can be totally unpredictable. All it takes is one incident and one snap of their powerful jaws to rip the face right off of a childs skull, maiming the child forever or maybe a kill. There are simply too many reports of adult, child and animal maulings by these breeds that results in disfigurement and death.


Pit Bulls are the most dangerous dogs I can think of. All of you sit there and say how darned sweet they are, and yet you turn around and say " my dogs are secured and away from people". Well my dog is not secured and kept away from people. She is not a pit bull either. She is sweet. And you also say that it's all in the way a dog was raised, and if you train it and treat it right , it will be good. Well that is 100% wrong.And the sooner you realize that, the sooner a pit bull will be extinct, and i can't wait until that day!!Every single solitary day that goes by, you will read about a pit bull who killed one of their own family memebers , and this dog had never raised concern before or shown aggresssion before.It's almost like a psychotic episode. Suddenly that dog freaks out and kills for no apparent reason. Do you want this to happen to your child?

Pitt Bull in Court Comment

When you become a dog owner you take on the responsibilities of that animal, making a comment like below is just sad, wrong and unacceptable. I hope that the law takes the comment serious about the owner stating they will just get rid of him there selves. What is wrong with people today? "they want to put him on some type of restriction with a muzzle and neutered and some sort of stuff, and I'm just going to get rid of him myself. I don't want to have a dog that's defined and he wasn't guilty to begin with."


This is yet another example of why these dogs are good for only a couple of things...fighting, mauling, and killing. Pit Bulls need to be outlawed and exterminated.

Outlawed and exterminated?

Yeah...prohibition works so well, right? The Volstead Act, The War on Drugs, Gun Control....all smashing successes, right? You should be more concerned with exterminating two-legged dogs that walk upright and want to kill.

you have no idea what you

you have no idea what you are talking about... pit bulls are fine animals! its the owner just like with any other animal that influences the dogs. we dont say kids that get in fights or bully around others should be "outlawed and exteminated" do we? get a clue


Any dog could be viscious and if you do your research a Pitt Bull's temperment it is better than a Golden Retreiver or Beagle and a number of other sociably considered dogs. Every breed has a bad dog in it and owners should take responsibility for their dogs no matter what the breed. Also not all bulldogs are pitt bulls. Every time somebody gets attacked by a dog, the immediate reaction is that a pitt bull was the culprit. A true pitt bull is very obedient and loving. Bad dogs are made by irresponsible owners. I have four pitt bulls and they are all secured and kept away from people. Although my dogs are very sociable there are bad people who egg on a dog's aggresive side and take advantage of their animal instincts. Dogs no matter what breed are still animals and don't have judgement abilites, therefore it is the owner's responisbility to protect their dog and others. Dog court is a very good idea though, it allows for both sides of a story to be heard and a just decision to be made.


Many owner's judgement is worse than the dog's.

Pit Bulls are Wonderful

I have to respectfully disagree with your statement. Pit Bulls are wonderful additons to a family. They are loving and protective animals. A majority of my family members have owned pits for many years. I had reservations about my children being around the dogs when they were young but I soon came to see that they would protect of my children completely. They played with the children and never became agressive in anyway. This is because my family members took the time to train them from the time they got them. They were quick to correct any behavior that was unacceptable. This is the same thing that would be done with any dog. However, the media is quick to paint a picture to the public that these animals are nothing more than dangerous. The reports that we have all heard in the news are heart breaking. Any animal that is not trained properly will react in the same way. Like any breed of dog, Pit bulls have to be properly trained and not everyone is up for the task. Their aggressive behavior has to be controlled. Ever watched the Dog Whisperer? If so, you have seen Daddy on there. Daddy is a pit and as extremely well behaved. Granted Cesar is highly trained in working with dogs. However, anyone that is truly committed to having a pit bull will put the work into training them. No animal should be "exterminated" has you say solely due to how they have been handled. I am sure you are one of those people that would never own a pit bull but think for a minute about how you would feel if your breed of dog was singled out in this way.

Pit Bulls

I have a maltese who is much more agressive than the pit I owned or any I have met personally. The problem is that these animals are large and so when they do attack they do more damage than a small dog. Often the reason they attack is to protect themselves or their owners. There is also the problem of abuse TO these dogs making them mean. To say that these dogs are "good for ONLY...fighting, mauling, and killing" and that they "need to be outlawed and exterminated" is wrong. Society is full of people today that are mean because of abuse, oftentimes these people end up in jail because of their actions. But it doesn't mean we should exterminate the entire race. Hitler felt this way about the Jews. It's a good thing God doesn't feel this way about you.