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Pit bull makes her second appearance in dog court

READ MORE: Pit bull makes her second appearance in dog court

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Things got heated in Wednesday night's dangerous dog appeals court. A man vows his dog wouldn't hurt a fly, but this is the pooch's second appearance in dog court.

Kalob Cromartie's dog was accused of running loose, attacking his neighbor's dog and terrorizing the neighbor on June 24.

"Out of nowhere I hear this growling and running. I could hear her running," neighbor Laurel Wendt said.

Wendt says Sadie, who is a pit bull, came running up and attacked her dog. Despite the attack, Wendt's dog never saw a vet for injuries.

The initial dog court panel found Sadie guilty, but Cromartie appealed the decision. This time around they found Sadie guilty of approaching a person in a vicious and terrorizing manner on someone else's property. The consequences include getting Sadie spayed.

"It's one of the things we require. It is for your benefit and for hers," dog court panelist Joyce Bradley said. Bradley then asked Cromartie if he was planning on breeding his dog.

"That's the reason I haven't spayed her. She's a beautiful dog," Cromartie said.

Cromartie refuted the panel's decision claiming he's being judged based on the breed of his dog, which is a pit bull.

"There's no photographs. and there's no witnesses, but my dog being the larger breed is being put under the knife because you decided. I have no problem with your decision, but I need to understand this before I sign this paper," Cromartie said.

Cromartie disagreed with the finding and plans to file paperwork in Superior Court to appeal the panel's second decision. Cromartie says when it all comes down to it his dog is not vicious.

"There's no proof," he said.

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pit bull

I have raised pit bulls for show and companions. Looking at that owner on tv shows why they get bad raps. First the smerk on his face said it all. Second he does not want to spay her...I say take the dog away and give her a GOOD home!


D**n WWAY 3, y'all even put dogs buisness on blast.

I say give Ms. Wendt a

I say give Ms. Wendt a firearm and tell her to use the same principles of deadly force as the police when they are in a dangerous situation. Then we could see how much "proof" Mr. Cromartie would be trying to find.

Don't contribute to the already overwhelming problem!

Mr. Cromartie, I understand you love your dog and why. I have three pit bulls myself. They are beautiful, and they are SPAYED AND NEUTERED. You are doing this breed no favors. Have you looked in the shelters lately? Pit bulls are over-running them. Your dog may be beautiful, but she is JUST like the thousands that are the product of breeding that wind up unwanted in the shelters. Please don't contribute to the problem.

If you are a true breed advocate, be responsible and spay your dog. it is better for her, reduces the likelihood of health issues including cancer, and you will not be contributing to the backyard breeder epidemic that is killing this breed.

Please, think twice and comply with the ruling and get her spayed. And for God's sake, keep her in your yard. Pit bull owners need to be twice as vigilant and are held to a higher standard because of the media's focus on them. Don't be the problem. Be the ambassador.


I could not agree with you more! One of our dogs is a rescued pit bull. I too was one of those folks who had an unfounded fear about the breed and was full of misconceptions about Pit Bulls in general. Before fostering this dog we educated ourselves, met with a professional trainer/behaviorist who taught us a great deal about the breed. They are also very athletic dogs which require a great deal of exercise and consistent descipline every day. We socialize him every day with people and other dogs. They are certainly not for everyone if someone is not committed to doing what it takes to have a balanced and stable dog. To me, the most dangerous thing about Pit Bulls is often the person on the other end of the leash.

You nailed it!

"To me, the most dangerous thing about Pit Bulls is often the person on the other end of the leash."

Yes! This!

Thank you! My dogs are extremely friendly, but I have a six foot stockade fence around my yard. I love my dogs, and I am more than happy to educate people on them if they want to learn, and they are more than welcome to interact with my dogs, but I do not push my breed of choice on people who are not comfortable with them. I take precautions to ensure that they will not be in a situation where someone who is afraid misconstrues their energy or desire to meet them. Pitty smiles make me smile, but others run the other way.

That being said, my dogs have changed the perceptions of more people than I can count. The normal comment is, "Wow, I can't believe *this* is a pit bull. He/She is so sweet!" :)

If Kalob Cromartie wants to breed his dog - and I have a male that looks just like her - then he is doing it for money. I love my dog, but he does not have any specific physical characteristics that would even remotely make me consider breeding him. Sadie looks much like every other average "red nose" out there, and I hate that term that backyard breeders use, like it makes the dog some kind of rare form of pit bull. They are a dime a dozen, and lord knows right now we don't need any more unwanted puppies in the world. There are too many in need in the shelters as it is. Sadie is pretty, but again, there are probably 100 dogs in town that look just like her, and hundreds more waiting in the shelters across the state. Those dogs will most likely die unloved and unwanted because nobody wants "them vicious pitbulls", despite our best efforts to find them rescues or homes.

Think about that Mr. Cromartie.

Pit Bulls

There are those of you who will protect and defend a pit bull until the day you die. What you need to understand is that no matter how you raise a pit bull, a pit bull can, and often does randomly turn against you for no apparent reason. These are the key words here to staying alive and safe: CAN, WILL, FOR NO REASON, RANDOMLY, ATTACK YOU OR YOUR LOVED ONES. 90% of pit bull attacks are HUGE SHOCKERS to the owners. You hear comments such as, "Oh my, he's never done anything aggressive before." or " I cant' believe she did that, she's always with our 2 and 3 year olds." These are surprise attacks. Pit bulls will "freak out" with no warning signs.This does not happen with every pit bull, but do you want to sit by and wait for it to happen to you?

There are more attacks on

There are more attacks on humans by Golden retrievers than by pitbulls. Do research before you make stupid comments.

You do realize that in

You do realize that in almost all dog attacks the owners claim they had no idea their dog was capable of attacking. The breed doesn't matter. These people aren't going to admit they knew their dog had issues. Just saw a story today, a Lab and a Golden attacked and killed another dog. Guess what the owner said. He's never done anything like this.

Your statements are baseless

Your statements are baseless and founded on popular wisdon instead of facts. Do dogs sometimes turn...particularly viscious are toy poodles and chiwawas, sure they do which is the reason that responsible owners have their animals trained to the good canine citizen standard as well as obedience training. In addition good owners food train their dogs to allow food to be taken away from them. But, of course, you are an idiot and want to spout unfounded rants.

Letting an unspayed female

Letting an unspayed female run at large? Sounds like the owner needs a hefty fine. Also, maybe a "Pet Responsibility Course" could be set up for those who neglect their pets, something like going to traffic school when you get a ticket, with the pet owner paying for the course, as well.

Hefty fine...

I concur 100% !!! Sometimes the only thing that gets people's attention is hitting them in the pocketbook/wallet. When a member of this man's family is brutally attacked, he may also get the message. I adore dogs, but there is only a level to which a wild animal is domesticated. That goes for ANY canine. Just because I love my dog, doesn't mean I'm not acutely aware of his capabilities as a wild animal. This man is extremely selfish and, well, just plain stupid.