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Plane crashes near Ashley High School


NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- A small plane crashed Sunday morning in the parking lot of Veteran's Park near Ashley High School in New Hanover County. The pilot, 72-year-old Ted G. Stone, suffered a broken leg and several lacerations and was rushed to the hospital from the scene.

New Hanover County Sheriff's Deputies believe the flight originated from the small runway in the Pilot's Ridge neighborhood next to Veteran's Park. Deputies also say Stone is a resident of this community.

Residents say the parking lot where the crash occurred is frequently full of cars for the many community sporting events there. They were relieved it occurred on a Sunday morning.

The FAA and NTSB will conduct an investigation on the crash beginning Monday.

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Dontcha just love the NIMBY's?

NIMBY's (Not In My Back Yard)....whiners, complainers and always on a soapbox over nothing, if that nothing is in their back yard. Kind of funny how people come here, buy in a subdivision full of small scale 100K dollar homes and they think they own the darned county.

Now they believe they can command the NTSB and the FAA over a small, private airstrip that has been operating very successfully for years. Absolutely amazing.....

So screw the kids because they were there 1st?

So the elected officials made a poor choice.. how does that make it ok to endanger kids? Seems a little childish- "I was here first, so I win." Some rule enforcements seem like a much smarter option.

You're not looking at the

You're not looking at the big picture. Try looking at it from a pilots perspective. Nobody is endangering children. And certainly not on purpose. This airport has been around for years and people only started to complain when one isolated incident happened. People knew the risks when they moved in, and now they're trying to complain when, again, they KNEW the risks. It's like going to a theme park and knowing you could get injured on a roller coaster. Lets say you somehow do, then complain about it. See where I'm going?

So what sort of "rule enforcements" would you try to make? General aviation has enough stringent rules placed by politicians who know NOTHING about the aviation community. Only small (and mostly single engine props) planes takeoff and land at the Pilots Ridge community. There isn't much the FAA can do. When planes land there, they have to come in over houses at altitudes of just under 300 feet sometimes. The runway isn't very long, so pilots are forced to come in as low as safely possible so they can use as much runway as they can.

Check out sometime and take a look at just how important general aviation is to America.

Yeah right....nobody ever

Yeah right....nobody ever thinks about these things until it happens. Any plane flying over anything can fall or something fall off of it. Better keep your kids inside the house and always wear crash helmets and safety glasses.

Restrictions needed for safety of others.

So.. an elderly man was flying his homemade(according to Star News) plane and crashed it into the parking lot of a park, which is also extremely close to a school. People other than the pilot could have been killed. I think they need to tighten their restrictions for this neighborhood runway to protect our kids.


That neighborhood has been there a long time. The New Hanover County School board and the county decided to build there even though this runway was there. So don't start complaining about regulating such neighborhood runways. It was your elected officials who choose the location of the park and schools.

Guest11949 hit the nail on

Guest11949 hit the nail on the head. As a pilot myself, I see many cases where the airport was there first, then houses and schools were built up around it. Then people start to complain and eventually the airport gets closed or there are restrictions on aircraft coming in and out of the airport. Happens all too often and is hurting GA (general aviation) across America. Don't complain if the airport was there first. People chose to move in and around the area long after Pilots Ridge was built.

Airports...rifle ranges...farms....racetracks

It's amazing that you can have been in business for a hundred years, but people move into the surrounding area and suddenly you have no rights - it's all about them.

Same thing downtown

The same thing is going on in downtown Wilmington. People are moving into a business district and then complaining about the noise.