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Plane makes emergency landing in Burgaw back yard

READ MORE: Plane makes emergency landing in Burgaw back yard
Just after 1:00 p.m. Thursday, a single engine plane went down in a family’s backyard off John Humphrey Road near Stag Air Park in Burgaw. Witnesses say it looked like the small plane was trying to land at the air park, when it went down in a nearby backyard. Charles Tice said he was eating lunch when he saw, and heard, something unexpected. “He came over our hedge and it sounded like he hit some of the taller trees with his tail and next thing we heard was a big bang,” Tice said. Witnesses said they heard the plane circling overhead, before they heard the engine stall. Glenn Moore of Burgaw was at the controls. Moore is a mechanical engineer who builds his own planes. He is listed with the FAA as the manufacturer of this plane. Paramedics arrived at the scene within minutes to find Moore going in and out of consciousness. "We came out and we saw him, saw where the plane was and we just couldn't believe it. It's just one of those things that you just don't think about,” Tice added. The Federal Aviation Administration is now looking into what caused the crash. One of Moore's pilot friends, Andy Mayes, was at the scene. He said by the looks of the plane on the ground, Moore did the right thing in an emergency. “We are trained to control the aircraft to the very last second, and it looks like that's exactly what he did." Mayes said Moore was an experienced pilot, who lives near Stag Air Park.

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"The Federal Aviation

"The Federal Aviation Administration is now looking into what caused the crash." That's easy, the answer is gravity! What did the pilot say that happened??????? Unconcerned reporter? Why all the secrets?

The pilot died, that is why

The pilot died, that is why he can't tell anyone what happened.

plane crash

It's just that sort of knee-jerk, stereotypical unthinking reaction that causes needless turmoil. Why didn't the pilot answer questions? He was mortally injured. What's the need to jump the gun in asking loaded questions and reacting like that when you KNOW you only have the smallest bit of information and that a little bit of time will clear things up?

Did you ever stop to think

Did you ever stop to think that the pilot may have refused to talk to reporters? People do have that right. All plane crashes are investigated by the FAA. Do you really think there is a cover up going on? You may want to speak to a doctor about your paranoia. I think they have a name for it. It's called "Schizophrenia". You're are actually in luck, with the right treatment/medication you could be back to normal soon. Good Luck!


I believe the pilot died shortly after the accident.