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Plans for biodiesel plant on hold

Plans to build a biodiesel production plant at the Port of Wilmington are on hold. Kreido Biofuels announced last week that the company does not have enough money to go through with the project. A port spokesperson says this will not have any major impact on the port, but the news is still disappointing. Ports Authority spokesperson Karen P. Fox said, "There had been no money invested by the port's authority so the impact is loss of potential business, which we really regret." Kreido proposed the facility last year. Construction was scheduled to start in the fall.

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Biodiesal plant

Cumberland County denied this plant to construct in their county due to environmental issues-it's been proven that these types of plants produce an incredible odor-worse than Rieglewood-plus other polluting byproducts. We are much closer to the water-why would NHC permit this plant knowing that it can be destructive to the environment? Answer being-Money talks-environment walks. Oh well, I guess they are going to have to come up with something that's more environmental friendly and sustainable.

Are there not grants

Are there not grants available for projects like these?

GOOD, go away

30% of our corn crop is going to make 3% of our fuel( Bio). Corn, wheat, soy prices have increased 240% since 2006. FEED prices for cattle and chickens went right along with that. MEAT and poultry prices are rising and expect to see them doubled soon. It costs more in energy to make a gallon of bio and it adds more CO2 to the earth during processing than regular fuel. Thanks to the bio-fuel debacle we are all paying for it whether we use it or not.

Don't confuse biodiesel with ethanol

Ethanol is a joke, and almost all you are describing is attributable to it. Biodiesel is far more practical, far less energy intensive to manufacture, and actually could serve a sizeable portion of our diesel needs. Plus, biodiesel can be made from non-food plants, such as jatropha. You can get a hint by watching the big oil companies - they all ignore ethanol and view it as nothing more than an anti-knock additive to replace MTBE. They KNOW it's a money loser... ...but they are all investing hundreds of millions in developing comercially viable production means for large quantities of biodiesel.


maybe Caster and his cronies can "throw" a few million their way. Beats the heck out of Titan.