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Plug pulled on controversial Riverfest rally

Sea-Comm Media has pulled the plug on a controversial rally scheduled to take place at Riverfest. Sea-Comm President and General Manager Paul Knight said the company will no longer sponsor the "I Love America" rally at next month's festival. The rally was going to be hosted by conservative radio show host Curtis Wright, which sparked some protest from community members. Knight said he did not want Riverfest directors to endure what he called "ridiculous action by a small group of unhappy people."

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I don't live in Wilmington

I don't live in Wilmington and I'm not familiar with Curtis Wright but it saddens me to see so much controversy stemming from allowing something entitled "I Love America" to be banned from your festival. Is this coming from those same people who are afaid to let the content of the "Ten Commandments" influence their children?

Hey Paul, don't under-estimate the public disdain for Wright!

Good decision not to allow Curtis Wright to ruin a normally nice festival event with his whinny rants.

I think the organizers of

I think the organizers of this event did the right thing to keep things civil & peaceful. Wish that all the whiners would do the same.


If you think that conservatives ARE such a small group[ then why do you fear us?

Although conservatives are

Although conservatives are still a powerful political force, you are now in the minority. You've lost the last 2 major elections quite badly. It's clear that a majority of Americans do not agree with your political philosophy. These days, moderates (like me) and liberals do not fear you, but rather are just amused or annoyed by your antics. It's kind of sad to see once what once was a driving political party reduced to rumor and fear mongering in their effort to remain relevant. I wonder if the party will be able to regroup, rebound, and become a mainstream party capable of winning a major election again. Right now, they just seem like a bunch of individual, directionless, leaderless politicians screaming about every change the dems are trying to make. Their most noticeable presence is in the likes of entertainer Rush Limbaugh, who seems to mainstream Americans to be as looney as the left wing groups like PETA. I wonder if the Republicans realize that they need to take more moderate (not liberal) stances to have a good chance of regaining power? Most Americans do not seem to identify with the more conservative values that the Republicans have historically stood for. They lost the last 2 elections, and with the direction America's demographics are headed, are likely to be an ever smaller minority in the future.

Remarks about PETA

I thought I would let you know that those "looneys" in PETA that you refer to are the same "looneys" that bravely go undercover to document the horrific treatment of animals so that folks like you and I can stay informed about things like chickens beaks being cut off while they are alive to make slaughter easier,cows being tortured and cruelly maimed before slaughter,dogs being skinned alive.I could go on but those are just some of the highlights. Without those brave people we as a nation would continue to be ignorant of the cruelty that aabounds.

I'm afraid not pal. You see,

I'm afraid not pal. You see, the democrats are ruining any chance of reelection with this focus they seem to have on nationalizing healthcare. The majority of Americans DO NOT WANT THIS. That has nothing to do with what party you are affiliated with, but protecting your health and the health of your loved ones. What the politicians should be concentrating on is how to fix this economy instead of lying to the public about it. We are not stupid. With unemployment the highest its ever been, you expect us to believe the economy is coming back? Please. And that was a democrat that said that.

You confuse Republican and Conservative

The REPUBLICANS lost the '06 and '08 races, not conservative philosophy. Poll after poll indicates that a majority of Americans still hold conservative core values. You're seeing that right now in the widespread MAJORITY opposition to Obamacare. Many people who voted for the Democrats were pushed into it by eight years of a militarily incompetent president who was just as much a fan of big government as Obama is (e.g., No Child Left Behind), and a Republican controlled Congress that spent money with a frivolity to equal the Democrats. Both parties have miserably failed this nation. The Republicans look like the gang that can't shoot straight while the Democrats seem to be going out of their way to incite violent revolution in their push for Socialism. The bottom line? Don't think that the conservatives are in the minority....and with the actions of this president and Congress, don't be surprised as their numbers grow. Above all, be most concerned with intelligent, capable people who have read the Constitution and are tired of Republicans and Democrats ignoring it. What was it Pelosi said..."...a bunch of Timothy McVeigh wannabes?" Let her and the Socialists keep on their current path and see what happens when a few hundred thousand Timothy McVeigh wannabes organize their efforts.

You almost had me

Hey write very well.....I actually read your entire post.....I actually agreed with some of it (very unusual for me), but then you can't just stop typing. From now on, do us all a favor and delete the last sentence or two from your would greatly help you get your point across.


"I wonder if the Republicans realize that they need to take more moderate (not liberal) stances to have a good chance of regaining power?" First of all, the current president ran on a moderate platform, but has not exhibited that behavior at all. As far as repubs are concerned, did you take a look at the last nominee the republicans put up? McCain (and even Bush were hardly conservatives !!! The repubs DID run on a moderate/middle ground and got killed in the election. Your comment that the majority of Americans don't agree with the conservative philosophy doesn't hold much water. They weren't given the opportunity to vote for a conservative. And given the government takeover of the financial sector, most of the automotive sector, and now the healthcare and environmental sectors, as well as the corupt companionship of the liberal left (ACORN), many many many people are looking toward conservative philosophies as they are scared to death of what is happening currently. The primary reason for the dems success in the last few elections is over the disdain for Bush over the war. Simple. I don't believe any candidate with an "R" after their name had a real chance in the last election. I'm not bitter over that, but it is a reality. The dems didn't win the election, the repubs lost it. Repubs did a TERRIBLE job of p.r., and continue to do so, which is why you are seeing such a groundswell from the grass roots level. If you look at the polling, the independents (who make the differences in the elections) are not happy at all with the dems, and are looking for alternatives. If the repubs can put up a TRUE conservative, one who will stick to principles, but not jump to the fringe right, I believe the independents will give him/her a strong look over the current administration/congress. You stated "They lost the last 2 elections, and with the direction America's demographics are headed, are likely to be an ever smaller minority in the future." I believe that with the direction America's demographics are headed, more and more Americans will begin to steer away from the liberal mindset and move toward the conservative/right-of-center. If the liberal left continue to believe that the outcome of the last presidential and last 2 congressional elections are a trend toward 2010, I believe, absent of any major shift in trends, they will be sadly shocked. My 2 cents.

That was also a problem with

That was also a problem with the Repubs. They actively sought out endorsements from the fringe right. They were proudly displaying the endorsements from right wing Christian Conservatives. They were equating religion with Conservatism. I think an example of this type of religious connection to the elections was Elizabeth Dole's campaign ad saying Kay Hagen was Godless - many commentators believe this cost her the election. They also courted groups that basically said that you weren't patriotic if you were a Democrat, that if you don't support Bush, you were against our troops. I think Americans were tired of having morality and patriotism shoved down their throats by the Republicans.

The last 2 election

The last 2 election republicans lost because they where too moderate or liberal. Take George bush for example he was not fiscally conservative.


Personally, I don't care if the rally happens or not. Anyone, regardless of political affiliation, should be able to book time here if they want. As long as they can pay the fees to Riverfest to book the stage, what they say is their business. The crowd can listen or ignore them at their choosing. But I think Curtis Wright, who was hosting the rally, was being decaptive when he was saying this was not a political rally. Wright is a conservative talk show host. His speakers included someone from the John Locke foundation and, both conservative groups, and Betty Fennell and Thom Goolsby, both republican candidates for office. If this was truly a non-political event, wouldn't they have been a little more diverse in their choice of speakers? Or are only republicans patriotic?


All along this was a political rally masquerading as patriotic celebration. We all saw through that!

AND.. your point is?????

AND.. your point is?????


sooo...a political rally ISN'T PATRIOTIC...hmmn...interesting...I would call that participating in the very thing our founding fathers WANTED us to participate in to keep control of our government... Crawl back in your hole silly American...and DO WHAT WE TELL YOU TO DO!

No Doubt Though

Obamamaniacs will have all the latitude they seek should they wish to sponsor some focus on the takeover of the American Health Care system or further redistribution of private wealth or free cell phones for those on Section 8 or Food Stamps. Funny how that always seems to work out.

Tea baggers to use Overhead Riverfest Pics?

My question about this is whether or not the Republican Tea Baggers were going to use an overhead shot of Riverfest and tell news outlets that the whole festival was a "protest of the Obama administration- look at the large crowd" like they did with an old picture of Washington D.C. to enhance the perception of their 9/12 rally. I can hear Jim DeMint now, " This is a complete government takeover of the government!"


You just don't get it! I've heard this over and over again: teabaggers are Republicans'! While some may be Republicans, a Teabaggers can be anyone who wants to return to Constitutional Rule of Law, Conservative (not biblical) ideals, Individual Rights, and State Sovereignty. Liberals of today, as a whole, want to destroy all of the above and change our Republic into a Democracy. For those of you who don't know the difference, here's a simplicitic explanation; a Democracy rules by the omnipotent majority, and a Republic strictly controls the majority to protect the rights of the individual. DO YOU GET IT, YET?


we don't use plays from the Liberal Wacko playbook dude...what you fail to realize is that the Tea Party...consists of Democrats and Republicans alike...and the numbers are growing as this country FINALLY starts to wake up and take back control from the elected help.

Paul Knight...what???

Who is the "small group of unhappy people?" he talks about? Evidently the group was big enough for him to think about his misguided attempt to alienate the majority of the electorate by kowtowing to these "conservatives." By the way, thank you StarNews for saying it right out loud.

Paul Knight...please

Yeah, such a small group...he wishes...oh, if he was not in on this with Curtis, why is he outside Saltworks right now while his boy is on the air stopping everyone coming in the restaurant politicking and using his radio station to feature his candidacy. NO MR KNIGHT..if you want a political rally for yourself, do like everyone for it, organize it legally, and do it the way that EVERY CANDIATE is asked to do it. You cannot HIJACK the city's events and festivals for your own purposes...

Oh, yeah, you mean like the

Oh, yeah, you mean like the democrats do things. Legal, hummm that word seems to escape the minds of the democratic party these days. Legal and organized.. Yeah, like ACORN!!!!! Wow what an honest and decent group.. Yeap, nothing like em.... And oh yes, they have everything to do with the democratic party. So you and your liberal cronies PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH!!!!

secular world

The U.S has become a secular nation which does not embrace traditional family values. Yes conservatives and independents like myself are in the minority , but I am proud to be among this minority. Even though I agree with Curtis Wright on most issues, it was a good idea to pull out of this event. It is unequivocally true that the Democratic party has handily won the last two elections, but the American mindset has evolved to a more liberal state. Many things that our children are exposed to now would have been frowned upon during my childhood. The degradation of our home environments ,no respect for GOD (ACLU fights against America and GOD ) , undisciplined children and adults and acceptance of mediocrity in all facets of our lives are prime examples of our nation's shortcomings.The Democratic party dominates th dissemination of information through most media outlets.We have very few options to hear the conservative viewpoint( talk radio ,FOX news and WSJ).

I disagree...

America is, by and large, a nation of people belonging to a variety of religious faiths. I'm not sure what "traditional family values" are any more than I'm sure what liberal, conservative, or whatever "values" are. But most Americans are raising their children to respect their elders, do well in school, take responsibility for their own actions and behaviors, and so on. Unfortunately, these folks aren't the newsmakers. And, the "family values" touted by some of the high profile religious showmen and elected officials are nothing but rhetoric aimed at their mindless followers. I live in a modestly priced small (60+ homes) neighborhood in Wilmington. Everybody pitches in $25 a year and we have a July 4th parade and easter egg hunt for the kids...and on Halloween the kids go door to door without fear of getting a nasty surprise in their treats. We have a neighborhood pig-pickin and so on. And, we're a typical mix of political and religious and/or non-religious beliefs. The widely reported degradation of our society is partially true. It's true where there is poverty, poor schools, parents who either can't or won't get involved in their children's lives and so on. Most Americans are willing to give others a hand up, but tire of giving hand-outs. There are root causes why hand-ups and hand-outs aren't working...and it's generally because the gap between the haves and have-nots in this nation is so wide that many people just can't bridge it. We have to have fair wages and more accessible health care and schools that focus on teaching skills and rewarding achievement in meaningful activities (science fairs, spelling bees, good grades,leadership, etc,) rather than giving all the accolades to some numb-skull whose ONLY skill is being able to dribble a basketball or run fast. Your comment about the ACLU is typical of the half-truths often told told by folks like Wright. If the ACLU files suit it's to protect people's right to religious freedom...and that includes freedom from being oppressed by religious bigots like the now deceased Jerry Falwell and others of his ilk...including politicians who would legislate that everyone has to believe what they believe if we let them. Lastly, neither party dominates the media airways. You have the right to listen to whomever you choose. IF TV doesn't suit you I suggest reading some good newspapers that still actually have some integrity. It appears your ideologies don't leave much room for facts or reason. THAT is the problem with too many people.