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Police break up Lumbee tribal protest in Pembroke


PEMBROKE, NC (AP) -- Police broke up a protest outside the Lumbee tribal office in Pembroke but no one was arrested. The Fayetteville Observer reported more than a dozen tribal members marched and carried signs Wednesday complaining of what they said were cronyism and unfair treatment by tribal leaders.

Pembroke Police 1st Sgt. Charles Maynor says the protesters failed to obtain a permit. Police instructed the protesters how to obtain a permit.

The protesters say tribal leaders are acting unfairly in their administration of the Lumbee federal housing assistance program and other services.

Tribal spokesman Alex Baker says he thinks the protest was spurred by one family upset with the amount of service they received from the tribe. Baker says tribal leaders are always ready to discuss problems with members.

Information from: The Fayetteville Observer,

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The Lumbee federal housing assistance program????

Hey, here's an idea! How about you folks forming up the Lumbee "get off your fat, lazy, drunk butts and get a job" program?

To common

Why don't you get off your cynical butt and tell them face to face and see how long your pale face would be there ! All, Yes, ALL of our problems can be traced back to the white man. Prove me wrong on that one squaw ! Just some more of my AI $.02 worth.

Your Problems

I think all of your problems can be traced back to fire water cupcake. Prove me wrong on that one chief.

Ah yes, blame whitey

Common would do fine in Robeson County because most only carry knives while common is armed and proficient with a firearm. I'm sure it is whitey that is forcing you to drink too much, not work much and whine too much. I guess it is easier to blame problems than to own and face problems.

Sure, blame the White man....

He took your land (how many years ago?) and you decided to get your revenge by sucking his welfare system dry.

To whites

You still haven't proven me wrong. No, not just knives, we have weapons also that the whites gave us as when we years ago put arrows in you and took them. Now we buy them and most of us are proficient with them. Concerning the drunkenness, you people back in the old days got us to drink "fire water" so you could easily kill us. We smoked peyote and used it for medicinal purposes. We were a Proud people and our roots run deep today still. We were a peaceful Nation until we were attacked, not much unlike your Confederate states were attacked by the Union. A lot of you even believe the main reason for the un-civil Civil War was to free the black man. It was because the South was sending a lot of produce to other countries and getting, for want of a better word, rich. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. lol !

So you purchase weapons....

....but need federal, taxpayer funded housing assistance? How is that any different than any other scamming welfare cheat?

You see, there's no need to "prove you wrong." You do quite a good job yourself by claiming that the fact your great-great grandfather was given fire water, now gives you a legitimate excuse to be a drunken believing that you simply can't overcome what happened over one-hundred years ago.

You can sit around and cry in your own, self-created misery or you can get off your butts and make something of yourselves. If you're oh-so "pround," the course of action is obvious.

BTW, a short history lesson, no charge - Lincoln was in a total quandry regarding secession, having no idea what to do, until the idiots in Charleston fired upon Fort Sumter. Thus Southern forces attacking a sanctioned union fort gave him justification to commence open warfare.

So much for the North attacking the Confederacy. Your words about the Confederacy and Civil War, however, make we wonder if what other tribes say about the Lumbee is true: You are not a true tribe, but decended from banished and disgraced Cherokees, runaway slaves, and deserters from both sides of the Civil War. Did great-great warrior chieftain grandaddy wear a gray uniform?


I never said I was a Lumbee Indian and I have made something of my life. I am educated and retired. Also a AI Brother of mine helped get UNC at Pembroke started. I, like you, served in the military when I was young. I admit, alcoholism is rampant amongst Native Americans but it also flourishes in all peoples. We don't have the market cornered with that one either. I have read your posts about homeless people and how they are either, drunks, druggies or wackos. I have met some homeless families where none of the above applied, so please don't kick a good person when they are down. You in you pompous, closed mind, think that it could never happen to you. Your god as I read you is the "almighty dollar". As you put it in another post, "people will fail you" so will the money you so love. It was said that the love of money is the root of all evil. To me and others that is how you come across. Evil. I hope in time you will seek the "Great Spirit in the sky", God. I know you and others will "bash" me for that but I can take it. He said He was mistreated (understatement), do we expect to be treated any better by the world ? Take care and beware how you treat people for there truly are people that entertain His Angels unaware.

Good Lord Almighty!

You go from wanting to scalp me to discussing religion?

First, regarding chronic homeless being drunks, druggies, or whackos, you may not LIKE that fact, but it IS a statistical fact. Seventy percent have subtance abuse and/or mental health problems. I didn't make up that statistic. It comes from organizations that deal with these people. You know how I feel about drunks and druggies - no sympathy, they did it to themselves. Mental cases are the responsibility of their families, not the taxpayers.

As for the other thirty percent, I stand by my comment about rotten planning. If you have kids but no money to house, clothe, and feed them, your priorities are backward.

As for my love of money, I'll match line 16 of my Schedule A to most people's salaries in this area. I give away a LOT of money, but most of my contributions go to help kids and animals. They can't help themselves. I give nothing (beyond forced taxation) to people who should help themselves, but are too lazy or incompetent to do it.

You see, I don't "love" money. I respect it for what it enables me to do and the fact that life is a lot better with money than without it. I grew up without it, made a fortune and lost it, then made another - but I never forgot what poverty is like.

So listen - since I'm obviously too cynical, jaded, and EVIL to go help with drunken Native Americans or homeless bums, so why not turn that sudden missionary zeal of yours toward helping them?