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Police arrest two in drive-by shooting

WILMINGTON -- There are new developments in a Wilmington murder investigation. Thursday night police arrested two men in the drive-by shooting death of Eugene Williams. Twenty-three-year-old Kevin Robinson and 19-year-old Quentin Kennedy are both charged with first-degree murder. Police say they shot and killed Williams near the corner of 12th and Chestnut October 2, a shooting that forced a lockdown at New Hanover High School.

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My Beloved

Just to set the records straight, Ali was indeed a great guy with a kind, and loving heart. Ali was surrounded by nothing but love, from his deidicated, but loving girlfriend, family, and friends....Ali didn't deserve to be set up this way, he was a human being with a heart of fun, excitement, full of energy and joy...Ali could set a boring crowd, into a crowd of laughter and fulfillment...However, those lousy "CRABS" gruesomely murdered him... for what??? My heart goes out to those individuals who murdered my beloved,and those who are intentionally keeping their mouths closed.....God sees everything, and knows exactly what happened to Ali...I feel sorry for those individuals involved..b/c life has a way of repeating itself...even through your child/children...identify youself before it's too late for YOU!!!!!! May God have mercy on your life, for taking my beloved life..Rest in Peace my baby....We Miss You!!!


just wanted to say that we miss you alot and wish you could be here with us today Ali. Curt does love you and misses you you will stay in our prayers love you

Concerned Citizen vs NAACP

Concerned Citizen: This is terrible 3 young black lives have been ruined. How can we stop this senseless violence? NAACP: Thats a shame but our main agenda today is talking about what happened 109 years ago in the Race Riots so we can "Right The Wrong" for todays youth. Shouldn't the NAACP be the NAAAAP since nobody uses the term 'colored" anymore. Just a thought



Drive by

Hey BOOBOO.....Seems you know so much why didn't you come forward with the truth? Oh, thats right you all do not help the police, you only berate them when they are trying to clean up YOUR streets. Stay in school and pay attention in English class. So your not confused.... ~berate:to scold or condemn vehemently and at length. ~vehemently: marked by forceful energy.


"So your not confused...." While we're on English, it's 'you're', not 'your'. Tighten up Zippy.


"Oh, thats right you all do not help the police, you only berate them when they are trying to clean up YOUR streets. Stay in school and pay attention in English class." Zippy, I see your racism has no end. You post something like this and in previous posts you claim that Africa is a country?!?!?! Telling someone to pay attention in English class whilst you were daydreaming in geography class. Shame. I know you remember me, your racism can't run buddy!

some people did come forward

some people did come forward and do you think wpd give a f*** about a what we say or how we try to help the only reason the these guys where picked up is because his funeral was the same day and the know once the funeral was over people where goning to want answers


If it wasnt a driveby, what was it? They didn't stick around!


What does it matter if it was or wasn't a drive-by shooting? Thankfully, they are both in a cell where they belong.

Drive by...

Is there any way WWAY can put a spell check or idiot check button on these forums? Why do you even have access to a computer? Is it to "keep it real"? Seriously...

a idiot button for you

the same reason you have access to a computer my money paid for it the same way yours did. If you can't say anything nice keep it to your self im pretty sure you make mistakes yourself.Now whos the idiot???????

Idiot. You. Idiot.

Man you got me there! BURNNNNN! Actually your post had more mistakes that time than the others...but that's not what's important. What's important is that I have now made you realize that being educated is just a TINY bit important, and you will proofread before you repost. At least the rest of us hope so. Go get 'em tiger!

With spelling and grammar

With spelling and grammar like that, how could we not believe you?



but it does

I would be willing to bet the majority of thugs caught can't form a proper sentence or spell 'cat' to save their lives. So what does spelling and good grammar have to do with this, you ask? Education equals job, responsibility and self control. So scroll past all the previous stories about people being shot and tell me what they all have in common... The shooters are all young, black and can't speak with one grain of intelligence.

guest 1234..

Why are you so upset over being told you spelled a word wrong? The fact that you are mad is that you got called out on it. So, you still didn't answer the real question. How do you know it wasn't a drive by shooting? Are you somehow involved in this incident? I could care less about your mispelling. It could happen to anyone your right, I am more interested in how you know what you know. I am a parent of a child who has to walk from school that way and around all that mess there. So, for a childs sake if you know more you should open your mouth and get involved or stay off of here until you are ready to become a adult.

It took this long

It took wpd this long to find two people whom where not running from aauthories.They know who did it the first day just didnt feel like doing paper work as they always tell us. But let someone go over the speed limit you get a search warrant, police dogs, and the whole task force. Because???????????

Yeah, god your smart.....

.....You should be a detective. You know so much about what goes on down there and all. Truth be told they didn't know, for 100% sure, that these two were involved so they built a case. I know you get your experience from watching Miami Vice reruns but in NC you have to have probable cause to draw a warrant for arrest. It's a minor little technicality but it ensures that your cousin dose'nt go away for life for a crime his nephew commited. But then again you knew that just like you knew that the WPD knew who did it but were just to lazy to do the paperwork. Why couldn't it have been you standing on that corner. And why do you get a search warrant and K-9 for speeding again?Because????Why???? Ignorance is bliss and you seem to be very much at peace with yourself.

Scared Children?

Police and communities have to work together. Residents of Wilmington need to stop running from the police like scared children. The police are not your scolding parents and they can do nothing to help you if people don't come forward to try to make their communities better.

Over simplification

Two things I've been seeing here: over simplification and over reaction. It is important to know the gang slang because it affects all of our children. It affects our businesses and daily lives. Some of you quick to jump on people who can't spell, admittedly it is hard to read, but most of you are ignorant of the real problems our city is facing. Others are blaming WPD when they fail to remember the amount of disdain that abounds towards law enforcement in various communities, not just predominantly black, in the area. When people intentionally mislead law enforcement it makes it hard to know who is telling the truth and who isn't. The path to find out the truth isn't always a quick one. To the gentleman in law enforcement who remarked earlier, thank you sir.