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Police charge three in attacks on North Carolina football players

CHAPEL HILL (AP) -- Authorities have charged two women and a man with a weekend attack on three North Carolina football players. Police say robbery was probably the motive, although two of the players were sexually assaulted. Police say the players were attacked early Sunday at their off-campus apartment in Chapel Hill. All three were bound with tape before they were assaulted and one suspect threatened the players with a knife. None of the players required medical attention. Twenty-eight-year-old Monique Jenice Taylor of Greenville, 29-year-old Tnika Monta Washington and 32-year-old Michael Troy Lewis, both of Durham, have been arrested. They are charged with kidnapping, conspiracy and resisting arrest. Taylor and Washington also are charged with first-degree sexual offense. (Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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Not uncommon to happen, only uncommon to charge

We know that, in general, the reporting of sexual assault doesn't always occur. Fear of reprisal, shame, fear of disbelief, and other reasons plague female victims. But male victims have the additional stigma of being stereotyped as not being victimized. Moreoever, it tends to become a comedy sketch, either by authority figures, TV commentators, or on-the-street courts of public opinion. Society has simply made it acceptable for males to be victims of all sorts of abuse. Evidence? When referring to female victims, when does consentual become force? When the victim says "no" or "stop". Doesn't matter at what point. And so-called victim's Rights Groups would be pushing that in the media. Where are they now? Defense attorney's are claiming it was wholly consentual. They aren't, however, denying that the victims said "no" or "stop", which the victims are saying they did. Anyone want to bet that, despite evidence that the victims were tied up and a weapon was brandished, the so-called defense attorney's will claim that gender, size, weight, etc is sufficient evidence that they couldn't have been abuse against their will? More evidence? Look at the various national news stories. When talking about the names of the victims, the usual "so-n-so doesn't report the names of sexual abuse victims" isn't there. It's a comment that the college isn't releasing the names of the victims. Tell me, where's the Victim's Rights Groups now? Where are these Victim's Rights? Yes, the alleged are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. But tell me, why was the bail for the ACCUSED sexual assaulters dropped? Considering past general cases of sexual assault and other sexual crimes, one probably should be concerned about the apparent bigotry and discrimination being perpetrated in the NC legal system. When the legal system treats the ACT and not the gender, race, and dozens of other groupings, you'll find a more consistant, honorable, ethical legal system. Right now, that's not happening. Andrew

Durham's a rough place I'm

Durham's a rough place I'm glad they caught those scoundrels. Two women charged with first-degree sexual offense that's uncommon.