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Police chase on busy Wilmington streets

WILMINGTON -- A police chase through Wilmington Wednesday night left several people injured. Police say it started around 8:40 p.m. when 31 year-old Shawn Stone rear-ended another car in the 1100 block of South College Road. "An officer had observed it, witnessed it, tried to stop the suspect vehicle, then left the scene and we had a chase ensure," said Lt. Kathy Cochran of the Wilmington Police Department. Police chased Stone down South College Road, where Stone hit at least two vehicles and then made his way onto Market Street. The chase ended when Stone hit several boats out front of Boats Unlimited at 7014 Market Sreet. He eventaully hit one boat head-on and then fled the scene on foot. Police believe alcohol was a factor. Before crashing into the boat, Stone hit a car in which Ashley Anne Bell was a passenger. "We're driving home from work in the right lane and this guy comes off the road and totally side-swiped us," she said. Bell and the driver of the car were not injured. Bell said it appeared Stone was driving about 50 miles per hour when he hit the boat. She said, "I thought he was going to die, for real, because there's no telling if those motors could have blew up or what, he's lucky." Police caught Stone soon after he fled the scene. He was treated for injuries at New Hanover Regional Medical Center. Stone was held in the New Hanover County jail and was released under a $30,000 bond Thursday afternoon. He faces 14 charges, including five felony hit and run counts, DWI, failure to reduce speed, wreckless driving, open container, felony to elude arrest, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and two counts of possession of a schedule two substance.

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Police Chase

If he evaded police on a hit and run, why allow a bond? Surely, he plans to show up in court to face all these charges.

RUN RUN RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You don't run like that unless you have something to hide like his drugs and the fact he was drunk or you are trying for MORON OF THE YEAR. WPD did their jobs and earned their money. They stopped a fool with minimal damage or injury and no loss of life. As for the sadly uninformed person who said WPD officers only have a high school diploma and BLET you are sadly mistaken. Most have college or military service or both, and are required to continue their education and training while on the job. Good job WPD.

High traffic time? You gotta be kidding me

Wilm, I was there at this time and actually SAW the chase. They passed me going north on Market as I was around Green Meadows drive. There were maybe 15-20 cars in the entire stretch of road between MLK and Gordon Road. If you call this a high traffic time, you really need to do some homework on Wilmington traffic conditions. And by the way, NCSHP was there my friend. What if this guy ran because he had a kilo of coke in his car he was getting ready to transfer to street dealers, or 10 pounds of weed, or even worse a bunch of stolen weapons or god knows what? Anybody who runs from a simple traffic accident has got something major to hide, Law Enforcement did the absolute RIGHT thing in chasing this guy.

If WPD did not pursue a

If WPD did not pursue a chase when someone breaks the law, then Wilmington would have the highest crime rate in the world because people would know that all they have to do is drive fast and not stop for the police to get away with doing whatever they want.

People are quick to judge

People are quick to judge the police. What if the simple hit and run suspect went on to a more serious crime like murder. If the police had not put forth the effort to stop him there would be critics saying they did not do their duty. As soon as a suspect decides to disregard orders of law enforcement, police should pursue and apprehend.

One rear-end collision, but what next

Having been involved in EMS for over 30 years, I have seen what has happened after a subject has "just simply rear ended someone". Many times they are then involved in head on collisions that cause serious injury or death, and that is without a chase. Remember that we pay these officers to enforce the LAW. We drive as a privilege, not a right, and the privilege has requirements that we must follow. Not having been there, I cannot speak factually, but I would be willing to say that, based on the experiences I've had, Alcohol or Drugs were involved. Add to this is the recent episodes across the country of unlicensed and even sometimes illegal aliens driving on our highways. As for the two previous writers, I say chill out. I am sure that WPD has rules as for when to chase a subject. At least in this case there were no deaths or serious injuries. Maybe this was because of the actions of WPD.


If the NC highway patrol was involved I think that this would have ended early. By getting a tag number then later taken out papers on the driver. Instead of doing it during HIGH traffic times!!! Grey and Black/they do it better and better trained with chases. W.P.D. are only trained in B.L.E.T.with a high school diploma. Then out on the streets///DANGER. Risking people's lives on the streets of WILM>

Ya NCSHP is better trained

Ya NCSHP is better trained in chases because thats all they do is chase bumpers all day. How many domestic's, B&E's, and all other calls and high risk 911 calls do they answer?...Oh wait NONE. At least WPD doesnt let their prisoners walk weapons into the county jail like NCSHP. Good job WPD!

You don't have a clue what

You don't have a clue what you are talking about. Don't worry we will still take care of you problem when you call, but only if it is in our education range. By the way you don't need a degree to work for NCSHP.

I agree with the highway Patrol comment

You can can that the EMS guy with 15 years of "" has NO clue about Law-Enforcement. They should have not chased this vehicle during busy rush hour traffic. I agree with the NC highway patrol comment about getting a tag # then getting papers on the driver. Instead of dangering kids in mini-vans on S.College. Kid's and family first before endangering people's LIVE'S !!!!!

9 PM is "busy rush hour traffic?"

Where? In Tokyo? For all you experts that have never worked in law enforcement a day in your life, here are two things to consider: First, getting a tag number and "getting papers" rarely works. How do you PROVE the registered owner was the one driving? What do you do when the guy ditches the car, you show up at his house the next day and hear the old, "My car? It's right here in the drive.....MY GOD! SOMEONE HAS STOLEN MY CAR" routine? How many hours will it take before the guy's BAC drops below .08? Second, in those municipalities where high speed pursuits have been restricted or even prohibited, we have seen an increase in criminals simply slamming the accelerator to the floor, because they know the police can't follow them. I'm not only talking about only felonies, but simple traffic misdemeanors. I know of at least two major East Coast cities where, if you run a red light and an officer attempts to stop you, all you have to do is zoom away to avoid the ticket....and it happens....constantly! A LOT of pursuit accidents occur because of unconscious drivers who never check their mirrors and are oblivious to what is going on around them. They don't pull over until they are suddenly in the middle of the chase, panic, and pull over at the wrong time. I recall the first time I had to answer an emergency call in traffic. I expected the traffic to part like the Red Sea for Moses when I hit the lights. Yeah....that never happened. I've had cars blocking my forward progress with my lights flashing, siren wailing, and me leaning on the horn. If people would check their mirrors every few seconds (as they were taught to) and pull over IMMEDIATELY when they see flashing blue or red lights, the high-speed pursuit or emergency vehicle will simply pass you by and you'll be in no danger. Does that guarantee that you won't be broadsided by a fleeing suspect at an intersection? Of course not! High speed pursuits are inherently dangerous to everyone, and if anyone thinks law enforcement officers enjoy them, they're totally out of their mind. Trust me, the "thrill of the hunt" vanishes instantly the first time you fishtail and almost lose it when making a sharp turn. Crabbing at forty-five degrees and forty miles-per-hour at a crowded intersection is no one's idea of fun. Believe me, however, that you do NOT want to live in a society where law enforcement officers must stand by impotently and watch suspects race away laughing. Every success simply makes a criminal bolder. Crime endangers everyone, and every time we restrict law enforcement officers from using every tool at their disposal to arrest criminals, we are weakening society as a whole. Want to do some good? Write to your state representatives and demand that attempted evasion via motor vehicle be made a felony with a mandatory prison sentence and ten-year suspension of driver's license. That will do far more good than second-guessing the police.

Very good. Straight to the

Very good. Straight to the point. I like your article. I argee with you 100%.

It was 8:40 pm. This is a

It was 8:40 pm. This is a good 2 hours after rush hour.

then what?

And then when they find out that the car was stolen where do they send the papers? Unless you can do a better job, shut your mouth. WPD did what they are paid to do, catch criminals.

police chase in Wilmington

WPD chase was insane. Over a rear end hit and run, they drove wreckless to catch the guy. My wife was on the road and said it was a sight. WPD should consider if endangering innocent lives is worth catching a fellow that initially caused minor damage to the rear of a vehicle and left the scene. This chase almost ruined the holidays for many innocent drivers who were apart of this chase.

your right, they should have

your right, they should have let him go so next time he decides to do the same thing maybe he can kill someone you love, instead of having someone you love see him run from the police. they didn't know whether he was running because of the accident, or because he just brutally raped someone, the point is someone willing to run from the police is obviously running for a reason. It's very likely that their reason for running is also a good reason for them to spend some years in prison. if you think the way to prevent crime is to not try and stop it at all then you need to head back to the mental ward i'm sure there are lots of people looking for you.


You are so right, we should just let the criminals have free run of the city. The police should only catch those that turn themselves in. Quit your bitching and be glad the police caught him before he did something worse.

Lot of people are Lucky

One rear end hit and run collision, and we wind up with 2 more cars and a bunch of boats, hit. Lucky some innocet person was not hurt or killed,Police love a car chase, heck U can see them on TV, Hard to say what the answer is, but needs to be a better way of doing this,

No sense at all!

The Police do not "like" the car chases! It does get their adrenalin level raised, but it is not a matter of liking it. It is much better when they allow the job to be done carefully. Nearly 95% of major Police Departments are trained in pursuit driving and ar required to drive with due regard. Sounds like the boys in Wilmington are doing a good job! As far as the comment up the page about the State Patrol being "better trained" than the local patrol, that is wrong. All wear badges and all are trained the same.


Several years ago I witnessed a WPD policeman one foot behind a criminal who had been breaking in to cars. The criminal was on a bike.The policeman was in a squad car. The criminal got away.

Shoot them

If you do not a car chase through Wilmington allow the cops to shoot them. A lot quicker and nobody gets hurt, unless he misses. You know it worked in the old west.