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Police chase ends with two in custody

WILMINGTON -- An illegal drug investigation sparked a police chase through Wilmington Thursday afternoon. When New Hanover County vice officers attempted to pull over a pickup truck; the driver, 26-year-old Decarlos George, wouldn't pull over. The passenger was 29-year-old Tremayne Ford. George was wanted for probation violation. The chase began on South College Road and ended in the Candlewyck apartment complex, after causing multiple accidents along the way. George hit a man riding a bicycle at the intersection of South College Road and Hoggard Drive. The cyclist was treated and released from New Hanover Regional Medical center. George faces the following charges: Felony cocaine possession, marijuana possession, drug paraphernalia possession, felony hit-and-run and additional traffic violations. Ford is charged with felony cocaine possession, marijuana possession and drug paraphernalia possession.

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Wow! Not Illegals for once

Usually when they run from the police that hard it turns out to be illegals that are here fearing deportation. Since most that are caught are being sent back they will run from the police at the drop of a hat. Last several chases have been like that and they just don't make the news.

chase suspects

The bring shame to a race that has too many black eyes already. No pun intended.

LEO did a great job

The article says there were several accidents. From what I've read there were only two, the bicycle and the deputy. As far as this guy only being wanted for a probation violation, the article says he was a suspect in an illegal drug investigation. According to TSN, the suspect threw drugs out the window. LEO will never win in a situation like this. The public will always blame LEO for any chases and then when the drugs this guy is selling kills someone, the public wants to know why the police haven't done anything.

Police Chase

All they knew is that this guy was wanted on a probation violation. There were a lot of lives put in danger. Someone needs to look into this.


The guy was a drug dealer aka a THUG! I am glad they chased him and caught him. If it were me he hit in the chase I would only be more pissed at the druggy on the run. Do what you will with trash like this...........Let God Sort them out!!!!!

quit your whining and

quit your whining and appreciate your police!

Yeah even the ones who are

Yeah even the ones who are corrupt and don't do their job - WHATEVER

Nobody is talking about the

Nobody is talking about the corrupt police...they are talking about the ones that bust their arses every day to keep you safe. The ones that do their job and do it well, and never get a thanks from someone like you

and i bet he'll get off with

and i bet he'll get off with a slap on the wrist....