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Police close to making arrest in shooting death of Daryon Walker

READ MORE: Police close to making arrest in shooting death of Daryon Walker
Police are close to making an arrest in the shooting of Daryon Walker. He was the young man who's body was found outside Snipes Academy earlier this month. WWAYTV3 spoke with residents today who said Walker was shot to death by a woman named Jaqualah Shonsa Banks. But until people come forward, the police can't charge her with the crime. Erica Suell lost her 17 year old son Antonio Brown last year; he was shot dead in Creekwood. Suell said, "I'm just never going to see him again, he never had a chance to have kids, or a wife, he didn't live that long. They just took his life, seven times, and walked away." Today, Suell rests a little easier knowing who shot and killed her son. And it all started with the community. Suell said, "People in the community started talking, getting on the phone, telling it, that's how they found out." Michael Overton of the Wilmington Police Department commented about the case of Daryon Walker, who died of a single gun shot wound outside Snipes Academy, "We always hear talk, and we have been hearing talk that people in the community might know who committed this crime." People in the neighborhood say they know who did it, Jaqualah Shonsa Banks. She's already in jail, being held on $2 million bond for allegedly holding up a Hardees on Carolina Beach Road, and a shooting incident at Houston Moore Community. Overton said, "If somebody knows something, and knows the least little bit of information, they need to give us a call, so we can make an arrest, and bring this case to justice." The thing is, no one wants to go to the police. They say where they live, "snitching" can get you in trouble. Lachone Harrison of Wilmington said, “Well me personally, I would be afraid to tell the police, because they don't know if the person is going to come out and shoot them, if you go snitching, so what's the point of telling, if you are going to be dead." But for mom, Erica Suell, it was "snitching" that helped find those responsible for her son's death. "I miss him, I feel bad for any mother who lost a child, I don't care what they did. You don't go around killing people." Police encourage anyone with information on this case to call Wilmington Police Department at 343-3600. You can also text message an anonymous tip. Send a message to CRIMES (274637), text TIP708, then your message.

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Daryon Walker

Word does get around and the person will get arrested I am sure. I heard it was a gang thing and was shocked. That is hard to believe but an initiation or something. People need to get a life. Yes life is a struggle but better to have struggles going down the right road. We all have choices. Doing the right thing brings joy in your life but you have to work for it. Doing bad stuff eventually brings on destruction in every kind of way. Think long and hard of your choices kids.

Be More Specific

...You mean "gang thing" for the shooter(?). You have the victim's name but reference gang in your comment without being specific as to who you "heard" was involved in a gang. From all acounts the victim was a law abiding citizen making an honest living. I ask that you are more specific in your comment out of respect for those who are grieving and for the victim.

"gang thing"

Yes was absolutley referring to the person who did this criminal act and was involved in a gang thing. I have heard all good things about the young man Daryon who was killed. He lost his life at a young age for no reason. PEACE to Mr. Daryon Walker, his family and friends. I hope this awfull, dangerous stupid girl who took his life is behind bars soon.

criminal behavior

The world would be a much better place without people like this, who think that the law applies to everyone except themselves! I certainly hope that this woman is caught, and that she receives the maximum prison time to keep her off the streets for the rest of her life.


Not One; Not One Person who could help the Victim's Family have some closure and sense of Peace has the BackBone to step forward and be counted. Not Amazing; Disgraceful!! A Young Man's life is ended by someone; and not one person has the conviction of spirit to step forward and say who did it. What's it take Money?? Some Bling Bling?? If you know who did it; look in the mirror and Say SHAME, SHAME, SHAME. Step forward and perhaps some peace can start to return to the streets.

What Happens When it's Someone in Your Family?

People seem to be forgetting this could happen to anyone at anytime. What if it were your family member? Daryon did not live in fear and anyone who truely loved him, wouldn't either. He worked two jobs and made a honest living. He did not deserve what happened to him and his family did not deserve to be robbed of his presence. I do not understand how "so called friends" are even sleeping at night knowing what happened and saying nothing! Where is your loyalty?! The entire neighborhood who spoke with the media [but not police] should be charged with hindering this investigation! Absolutely Disgraceful!!

No Snitch Cult

People say things but wont go on the record. They dont want to have to testify in court. The cops have been told who shot him. They know. But without a witness no one will prosecute the killer. They can say, "I saw a person standing in front of him, pushing him, the person pulled out a gun and I ducked. I heard a shot, saw nothing." The question on the stand would be, "did you see the defendant shoot the victim?" and the truthful answer would have to be, "No" Reasonable doubt. The defendant walks, can't be tried twice for the same crime. Chances are the killer will either be killed in a case of street justice or will end up in prison for another crime. The cops know who did it. Everyone does.