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Police emphasize driving violations

READ MORE: Police emphasize driving violations
Waiting in stop and go traffic; we’ve all been there. It seems like it's always the worst when we're a few minutes late for work. Lieutenant Obbie Blanton said it's a regular occurrence for morning commuters on Masonboro Loop Road. “I got out here at 7:30 this morning so anywhere between 7 and 7:30 it starts, and then it gets worse between 7:30 to 8:30.” Lieutenant Blanton said the traffic on Masonboro Loop Road backs up every day right around the morning rush, leaving some drivers looking to save a few minutes by taking a shortcut down Jasper Road, which is in part a private road. This week the city of Wilmington put up a sign informing drivers it's illegal to use the road as a cut through, but that hasn't stopped drivers from using the road to avoid a busy intersection. Wednesday, Lieutenant Blanton and the Wilmington Police Department set up an information check point. “What we're trying to do right now is educate the public that this is a violation of law to use private property for the purpose of avoiding a traffic controlled intersection.” This time those using the short cut were warned, but in the future saving a couple seconds could cost drivers almost 2-hundred dollars in fines. The DOT is working to solve the problem. Lieutenant Blanton said the DOT is considering putting a traffic light at the intersection.

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Actually you can be cited

Actually you can be cited because in actuallity those who are "cutting" through are aviding a traffic signal. So it is technically illegal. It would be like pulling in to the Roses/Harris Teeter on Market in Ogden to get to Military Cutoff and thus avoiding the traffic signal. But it is not an infraction that is typically made a big deal of.

Who cares what the law is,

Who cares what the law is, cutting through is BS all it does is causes grid lock for the cars that are from the stop sign to Jasper Road .

In regards to the

In regards to the tresspassing issue...its not that simple. In or to arrest, or even charge someone with tresspassing, the owner of the property has to either go before a magistrate and have papers served on the "tresspasser" or, while in the presence of a law enforcement officer, verbally tell the "tresspasser" that they are in fact tresspassing and not allowed on the property. Just some helpful info.


You are right -- sounds like the owners of the private roadway contacted WPD and the would-be tresspassers are being informed via the sign. Wonder if that qualifies?

If I have a sign posted on

If I have a sign posted on my property that states No Trespassing and you are caught on my property, LEO can issue a citation for second degree tresespass. The only time it has to be documented that the person has received verbal notice about trespassing is if there is no visible signs


How about a roundabout instead of another traffic light. When they built that new development at the corner they should have made them update the intersection. Poor Planning once again. I am pretty sure that is illegal for police to legally issue a ticket on a private road. I'd fight it if I got one. The downside to the roundabout is that for some reason people in NC have a problem using them. It is not hard people, slow down and use your turn signals. Yes, your turn signals. It didn't help that they installed the worlds first ever 2- way roundabout in Mayfair. I have driven on both roundabouts off of Carolina Beach Road near Echo Farms Blvd. and have almost been hit everytime. Can someone tell me why true Southerns have problems using roundabouts and turn signals?


ARE correct with the citation thing...they cannot issue you a citation on a private road...but they can arrest you or charge you with trespassing...its like speeding around the loop at the Mall or running one of those stop signs...not a DARN thing they can do about it.

there is a charge

You can run the stop signs at the mall and you are correct you will not be charged with running the stop sign. Instead you will get a reckless driving ticket. From the North Carolina General Statutes chapter 20 (motor vehicle laws) § 20‑140. Reckless driving. (a) Any person who drives any vehicle upon a highway or any public vehicular area carelessly and heedlessly in willful or wanton disregard of the rights or safety of others shall be guilty of reckless driving. The mall is considered a PVA.


WRONG...all private property...and NO you won't get a ticket...don't ask me how I know...but I DO...and trust me...YOU MIGHT GET STOPPED...but they won't issue a ticket...PERIOD.

You can also be charged with

You can also be charged with unsafe movement or exceeding a safe speed. Exceeding a Safe Speed: At a speed great than was reasonable and prudent under the then existing conditions of: GS 20-151(a) Unsafe Movement GS 20-154(a)

What is meant by this is in

What is meant by this is in part a private road? Most roads are either private or public, and if this road is maintained with any sort of tax revenues, then it is a public road. I'm not familiar with the area. If it is a private road, then the owners of the road have the responsibility to maintain it and block its use and prosecute anyone trespassing. It is not the responsibility of the taxpayers to provide a police officer to guard it.

"It is not the

"It is not the responsibility of the taxpayers to provide a police officer to guard it." Actually, that is exactly what we do. People have a complaint and LEO go out and assist. What's the difference between this and members on a certain road calling the police about speeders in the area and LEO adding extra patrol to that area? Same with complaints about criminal drug activity going on in a certain area and LEO spending more time there.

My family has a private

My family has a private road. There is no city, county, or state mainentance, and no enforcement of any issues on it. Since two miles of the road is a desolate and wooded area, it has become very attractive to partying teens and also what I suspect are drug dealers. When the authorities responded to our calls, we were told that as a private road, it is private property and while they could tell anyone to leave that they found there when responding to a call, any prosecutions would be for trespassing and would have to be undertaken by us through warrants from the magistrates. As a privately owned road, we were responsible for posting it as such. If there are speeders on a certain road that is a public road, then it is city, county, or state maintained then it is the responsibility of the authorities to patrol it. The same rules do not apply if it is a private road. My question is how is this both a public and a private road. If you think there is no distinction, have an auto accident in a private parking lot and see how many hours the state trooper and responding city cop argue before one will agree to write the accident report.

Needing some proof...

As a former North Carolina Law Enforcement officer, specializing in traffic violation enforcements, I know of no current statute that covers this so called "violation." I am aware of this intersection, as I live less than a mile from it, and I am not aware of any signage marking Jasper as a "Private Drive." As for the violation of law that Lt. Blanton spoke of, the only violation of law would occur if someone would fail to stop at a duly erected stop sign/light while entering a public roadway. I guess all I am saying is that I need hard proof that traveling on an established roadway is illegal.

The law he is refering to is

The law he is refering to is a local Wilmington is not a State Law

If Jasper is private, why

If Jasper is private, why does the property owner not put up a gate or otherwise keep traffic out? Why are paid LEOs expected to look after his property? As long as the owner takes no steps to keep out traffic, why issue tickets? How about an officer to direct traffic during rush hour?

So, should I put up a gate

So, should I put up a gate on my driveway? That's essentially what a private road is. And instead of writing tickets and setting up an information checkpoint you would rather the taxpayers waste their money by having a police officer directing traffic because people don't want to wait? The way I see, the owner of this road called and complained and LEO are doing their job by responding to this complaint

When I said an officer to

When I said an officer to direct traffic, I meant at the intersection at the stop sign, not Jasper. This would help keep traffic moving. As far as the difference in a private dead end driveway and a private road that connects one city street to another, I gave everybody credit for having enough sense to figure that out.

That is exactly what you

That is exactly what you should do. Put up a gate if you don't want folks in your driveway. Instead of checkpoints and citations, these officers could be in residential areas conducting focused patrols for break-ins, larcenys, and even traffic violations on public roadways.