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Police, firefighters make most of working holiday

READ MORE: Police, firefighters make most of working holiday
WILMINGTON -- Most people enjoyed Thanksgiving Day off and spent time with friends and family. But those who had to work still made the most out of celebrating the holiday. Officers working on Thanksgiving at the Wilmington Police Department are thankful for more than just their new kitchen that allowed them to cook plenty of food for those on duty. WPD Sgt. Curt Stansbury "I'm very thankful that we have this great community, the city we have here and the people here that we serve." While their families are celebrating Thanksgiving at home, these officers were enjoying each other's company. Sgt. Stansbury said, "We all here on the job are a family and we have to take care of each other, make sure we're all fed and happy during the holidays, as well." It was a similar scene at the Wilmington Fire Department's headquarters. Engineer Greg Fix was busy preparing the noontime meal for at least ten firefighters on the clock. Fix said, "Ham, turkey, green bean casserole, collared greens, turnips -- all the fixings today." For the firefighters working the 24-hour shift at this downtown Wilmington station they say especially on days like today, they are each other's family. Fix said, "This is family time for us. We're away from our families so we spend it with each other. We might sit down for a meal, we'll probably run a couple calls during the meal, otherwise we'll get to share Thanksgiving together at least." While they did get called out once while they were eating, the firefighters did finally get the chance to sit down and enjoy a Thanksgiving meal together. At last check the Wilmington Police and Fire Departments had a fairly quiet day Thursday.

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sex offenders on holidays

I seen where one county had sex offenders spend the night I think at the jail house so they could be watched on halloween. I wonder why this is not inforced everywhere? I sadly enough had a sex offender move into my neighborhood and he was at that front door handing out candy on halloween...I think that law should be everywhere since we can't control where they go.

Thank you

Thank you to each City employee, and especially police and fire/rescue, that is trying to do a good job.

Being here

Too bad you could not have voted out that guy Mayor Saffo that is going to hold you down and make your job that much worse as you try and do what you do for the job you signed up for. Maybe one day you will get smart. Saffo is going to screw you before you know it. Turning your back has hurt yourself, maybe you will get past that point. Get smart and informed.

Your welcome......

Not that you said thank you. No problem with Saffo here. Thank God Peterson and his cronie crowd didn't even come close. That would have made for a bad Thanksgiving. I would imagine you don't know what your talking about because most City employees know Saffo is not the problem. Again, you welcome for letting me serve you. Peterson Kool-Aid drinker quote of the day "Maybe one day you will get smart. Saffo is going to screw you before you know it. Turning your back has hurt yourself, maybe you will get past that point. Get smart and informed." Im very smart and very "informed", that's why I voted for Saffo (and I would have voted for Ricky over Peterson).

God Bless these hardworking people

I just want to say, "Thank You and God Bless You" for all that you do for our city, county, state and country. Not only to those officers that had to work in Wilmington but to those that had to work and be away from their families. Thank you again!