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Police investigate break-in, vandalism at Soles's home

READ MORE: Police investigate break-in, vandalism at Soles's home

TABOR CITY, NC (WWAY) -- Tabor City police are investigating vandalism at the home of Sen. R.C. Soles.

Tabor City Police Chief Donald Dowless says his department received a call at 9:06 p.m. Wednesday from Soles reporting trespassers on his property. Dowless said Soles reported a dark van pulled up with two people. When police arrived, there was no van, but they did find a woman named Angela Hill, who Soles wanted off the property. Hill told police she did not have a ride. After checking to make sure she had no outstanding warrants, Dowless said police took her somewhere where she said she could get a ride.

At 9:45 p.m., Tabor City Police received a call about gunshots fired somewhere around the lake near Soles's home. Dowless said the call did not come from Soles.

At 9:48 p.m., police did received another call from Soles. This time he said he heard glass break in his home. Dowless said when officers arrived, they found rear window broken, a glass table broken and paint on a wall. Dowless said investigators asked Soles if he heard any gunshots, but Soles said, "All I heard was glass breaking."

This is not the first time police have been called to Soles's home or office. The longest-serving member in the history of the state legislature has often called police about being harassed by young men looking for money. In August 2009, Soles shot Kyle Blackburn, who the senator said was trying to break into his home. Soles eventually pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon. A judge ordered him to pay a $1,000 fine plus court costs.

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Only one thing has changed....

..., he isn't going to be a Senator any longer. BUT! He still has money, power, likes boys and will continue to practice law. The activities that surround this man will not change simply because he is out of the Senate.

So, loyal readers...Chapter seven of Book III will surely be published here on WWAY NewsChannel 3 for your enjoyment in due time.

This is actually a story line pilot for a new Soap Opera combining the attributes of the shows, "Andy Griffith Show", "JackAss" and "As the World Turns".

Security cameras

What's up with this? He doesn't have ADT or any kind of alarm or security system in place? Sounds like he likes the drama.

CORRECTION: Now I can see the other comments and it seems he does have security cameras. So these people can be prosecuted for trespassing and vandalism then, right?

K. Muster

What changed?

Other than Senator Soles choosing not to seek re-election, what changed?

You still have a weasel segment of the populace who are apparently seeking funds from the Senator.

And now, the Senator will not be making those treks to Raleigh for Senate duties.

Perhaps he could open a small business in the community.

How about an amusement park and water slide at Lake Tabor with some jet skis?

All of these unemployed miscreants could work for the Senator's new venture and become self supporting, tax paying members of society. Senator Soles could spend some of his free time at the facility providing management for his investment.

Could be a win -- win for all involved.


Why doesn't he move? Far away?

SBI and FBI invetigation

What ever happenned to the investigations into Mr. Soles? Is the whole government so corrupt that this has been completely swept uder the rug? Where is the outrage over this?

Good question!

That's right. Wasn't the reason he didn't run for re-election the pending investigation? Hmmmmm....
Something stinks in Tabor City.


These Tabor City hooligans need to be locked up. They never stop harrasing poor old Soles.

Soles has the money for a high-security system, and it appears that he needs one right now.

I suggest cameras all around his property to record the perpetrators. Video surveillance cameras are readily available and not that expensive . . . as if price would matter to RC.

Surveillance cameras is the answer. Are you listening, Mr. Soles?

read the article

I wish people would read the articles before the make comments. Yes, he does has cameras. How do you think their were pictures of him shooting the guy in the back and no picture of that same guy trying to break in like Soles stated... Cameras work both ways.. don't they LOL

Camera system reply

Um folks.....he does have cameras and suveillance systems.


Soles does have a security system--the TCPD...all he has to do is call the chief's home number or the dept's cell # to get immediate response...and he lives outside the city limits...if I need help, I have to call the sheriff's dept and wait 30 mins to an hour for a response...btw, I live closer to the city limits than Soles...

and Soles does have a video system in caught the shooting last summer on video...guess that's why he was convicted on lesser charges in that case...maybe he wised up and removed the system, because the camera records everything, not just the "bad" guys...

RC Soles- watching Dancin with the stars

Maybe RC shot his TV?

Jerry Springer lifestyle never ends

The R.C Soles' soap opera never ends !