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Police investigating several downtown break-ins

READ MORE: Police investigating several downtown break-ins
WILMINGTON -- Police are investigating a string of break-ins in downtown Wilmington that happened in broad daylight. Detectives say the same person is likely responsible for all of them. Nine houses broken into in six days, all within blocks of each other. In each case the burglar breaks in through a window or front door, stealing electronics, DVD players and PlayStations. Investigators say the suspect targets laptops. Residents who live in the area where the break-ins are happening are on edge. Downtown Wilmington resident Sue Kraus said, "Because he's so brazen, because he marches in, breaks the window, goes on in and takes what he wants." Kraus says she's started locking her door just to take her dog for a quick walk, but says she has comfort knowing her neighbors are watching out for each other. "We're all kind of reminding each other to lock our doors, even when we go out to walk our dogs and use our security systems more and watch out for one another," she said. Kraus along with many other downtown residents first heard about the rash of break-ins after getting an email from the Wilmington Police Department asking residents to keep an eye out for anyone suspicious. "Below are two e-mails from Sgt. Donna Smith that talked about the spree of robberies and make sure you lock your doors," Downtown Wilmington resident Bob Kraus said. "We were really grateful to get the information and it was very specific and it told exactly where he was hitting homes, what time of day he was doing it." Investigators describe the suspect as a white male between 20 and 30 years old with short hair.They say often times, he leaves the crime scene on a bicycle. Burglary victim Jaime Nguyen said, "I came home from class and someone had cut the lock and one bike was left and the other lock was gone." Nguyen lives in the middle of where all of the break-ins are happening. His bike was stolen Tuesday, but Nguyen didn't file a police report. "We don't want to raise our premium every year on our insurance so we can't really report anything less than $1,000." Officer Pridgen with the Wilmington Police Department says it's likely there are other unknown victims like Nguyen out there. Officer Pridgen said, "We come across people time to time who didn't report anything because they didn't think their loss or damage was that important or that valuable, but every case is important to us." Officers plan to patrol the streets of downtown Wilmington until the suspect is caught. If you have any information you can call the WPD at 343-3600.

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Not much will be done

They'll arrest the guy and he'll be right back on the streets to do it again. It's probably the same guy or "homeless team" that was hitting other areas around Greenfield Lake/Sunset Park. If your area hasn't been hit yet, it probably will. They do it during the day while people are away instead of at night when most people think burglars hit. I think everytime these people get caught, since we know they'll just end up back on the streets...they should cut off a finger. Then after 10 times they wont have anything to hold onto if they did steal something.

cutting off fingers

Why cut their fingers off, then us tax payers will have to pay for his medical, why send him to prison, then us tax payers will have to support him.. If he gets caught in the act.. KILL him and toss his body into Greenfield lake and feed the Aligators.. save the tax payers money and get rid of the scum..

I agree, cut off one or more

I agree, cut off one or more fingers. People who steal from others are lowlife scum who deserve no better.

With wanting cruel and

With wanting cruel and unusual punishment like that you should move some fascist state where they actually cut off fingers for robbery, this is America.

I figured my comment would

I figured my comment would elicit responses from all you yahoos. Look I hate criminals as much as the next guy, and I think our judicial system needs a major overhaul. Cutting off fingers is not the answer though. Statistically speaking tougher sentences do not deter crime. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, meaning we need to change the way many of our youth are raised. Stop criminals early on instead of trying to rehabilitate them in an overworked system, that's bound to fail. Also alot of these bloggers own way too many guns, I guess ya'll never saw "Bowling for Columbine" huh?

I'm alive today because I had a gun

I sincerely hope that you never awaken to the sound of your guest room window being slid open at 1130 PM, as I did. Then again, since you're anti-gun and anti-long prison sentence, it would be ironic if not richly deserved.

When did I say I was

When did I say I was anti-gun or anti-long prison sentence? You wouldn't know the truth if it smacked you in the face. "it would be ironic if not richly deserved" with a comment like that it shows me what a sad person you must be. Am I the only blogger on here that is actually happy with his or her life, sure there is always room for improvement, but a positive outlook on life makes all the difference in the world. :)

wrong again sw

Sorry sw, you are wrong yet again. I'm very happy with my life, the people in my life and with the choices I have made and will make in the future.

we know we know guesty you

we know we know guesty you own a house on a slab that you bought when you were 24 and blah blah blah

small person sw

You must be a very small, petty person SW. Too bad you make your living off my taxes. Keep on giving in to criminals but don't come bitching when you have nothing.

tired of criminals

But don't you get tired of coddling the criminals, S.W.? Doesn't it infuriate you to see some smug looking thug walk out with a slap on the wrist? What if it were you or your family that had been the victim of crime, wouldn't you want your offender to pay? Bring back chain gangs, actually go through with death penalties and let these mutts know we are tired of their crap.

Yes, this is America....

....where the guy who I caught burglarizing my home was allowed to plead guilty to breaking and entering for a second time in his life, instead of being tried for burglary, and where he was released after sixty-three days of a six-month sentence. Now which do you think is worse, and which poses more risk to society - cutting off his fingers or doing absolutely nothing to deter his criminal activity? Next time he screws up and picks a house where someone is home, it may be a mother and child or a senior, rather than a Marine with a .45 automatic pointed at him. How long do we coddle him before he kills someone? Few people truly advocate cruel or barbaric punishment. I'm sure that the original poster is just one of the many who are absolutely frustrated by a criminal justice system that has totally collapsed and is now incapable of protecting the population is was designed to protect. My sincerest hope is that the guy breaking into downtown residences also picks a house that's occupied, occupied by someone with a shotgun who feels that his or her life is in danger. After all, if the court system will not administer justice, it will be up to the citizens to accomplish that task.

Don't steal my America

I still stand by what I said about cutting their fingers off. I don't think it was that bad of a thing to say. Maybe then they'll learn a lesson. SW...wait till your house is broken into and you realize the police department isn't going to do much for you. They'll tell you what they wish they could do, but because of paperwork and how the system works...the thief is just going to end up back on the street. In my case if they would have put the guy in jail, 4 people in my neighborhood would have been safe. Heck, if they cut his fingers off...he wouldn't have been able to carry some of the stuff from the neighbors that were broken into. He steals our stuff...we steal his fingers! :) Then when they walk/ride their bikes/drive around scoping out our neighborhoods we'll be able to know they're a thief by how many fingers they have.

I completely agree with you.

I completely agree with you. Our justice system has been failing us for years. As barbaic has it may be, we need to get more tough on criminals. If that means cutting fingers off to get a messeage understood, then so be it. I also have a .45 in my house and a .40 that I carry on me when I go out. I will protect myself, my family and my property. Unfortunately, there is nobody else that can do it. And unfortunately someone will get hurt.