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Police looking for suspect after woman's wallet stolen at store


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Wilmington Police are looking for a woman they say took another woman's cell phone, keys and wallet from the Walmart on Sigmon road last month. Police say after a woman forgot the items on a display table, surveillance cameras caught a woman looking at the items. Investigators say she checked her surroundings before picking up something and leaving the store.

The items were found at another store, except for cash that was supposed to be in the wallet. If you know who the woman in these pictures is, call CrimeStoppers at (800) 531-9845

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Good looking woman. Too bad she is considered a thief now.

Leland Woman

I'm scared to see what you think "bad looking" is.....because this woman is not "good looking"; whatever her looks, takes a pretty trashy person to steal from someone. She looks like a Leland woman I know. Are there any other pictures of her that you can post?

Leland lady

I don't know what you mean when you say she looks like she is from leland,what do you mean.I am from Wilmington but I live in leland and very proud of it.It is not the city or county you live in that makes you it is your own self worth,self respect,moral values,there is good and bad everywhere unless your in heaven but you cant be goin there cause you are here judging someone by where they live.


OH yes she looks Leland to me look at the way she is dress . has not been that long that they got cars over there. most still ride horses . and we all no they steal anything that not lock up

Not all people from leland

Not all people from leland are like that it is the same no matter where you go. I have been here for 36 years and i have never stolen anythng so that goes to tell you there are some good people in leland.we have always had cars and nice ones and we live in 200000 dollar home so life in leland isnt that bad

Leland Woman

Did you guys not READ what that lady posted? She said she looked like a Leland woman she KNEW. She didn't say the woman looked like she had to be from leland because she was stealing. READ before you respond defensively. It only makes you look ignorant.

Thank you!

if nothing else the people in Leland can't read. lol...just joking guys ;) i used to live over there too and i loved it!! great place to live.