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Police find new photos of suspect in death of UNC student leader

CHAPEL HILL (AP) -- Police in Chapel Hill say they have found additional surveillance photos of the suspect (view the photos here) in the slaying of University of North Carolina student body president Eve Carson. Chapel Hill Police Chief Brian Curran said Monday that detectives now have a photo of the suspect attempting to use Carson's ATM card at a convenience store. Curran said the subject of that photo appears to be the same young man seen in two ATM surveillance photos released on Saturday. In those photos, the suspect is seen in a baseball cap and hooded sweat shirt driving a sport utility vehicle that may be Carson's Toyota Highlander. The 22-year-old Carson was found last week lying on a street about a mile from campus. She had been shot several times, including once in the right temple. Police have previously said they believe she was the victim of a random act.

Report: Police think second person may have been in vehicle in photo

second man
Police in Chapel Hill now think there may have been a second person in the vehicle driven by a man they say was trying to use Eve Carson's ATM card. That's according to a report on the Web site of The News & Observer of Raleigh. Carson was the University of North Carolina student body president who was shot to death last week. Black and white photographs distributed Saturday show what looks to be a large, shadowed figure behind the driver's side head rest. What looks like someone's shoulder can be seen between the driver's seat and head rest. Chapel Hill Police Chief Brian Curran said authorities believe there may have been a second person in that automobile. Police have said the SUV in the surveillance photo could be Carson's blue 2005 Toyota Highlander. If there was a second person in the back seat, it could explain how the killer or killers got away and the SUV was found parked around the corner from Carson's home. (Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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vigilante justice!

if this was my child i would personally have to take justice in my own becoming judge, jury, and of course executioner. eve was no relationship to me, but would sure love to have a one on one session with the thug in the photo....ufc style. can't stand the way the lowlife is dressed and would love to help persuade him to dress different. rest assured after the one on one session he probably wouldn't need but one more set of clothes anyway! vigilante justice....southern style!

rowp not that this thug

rowp not that this thug doesnt deserve to be dealt with but what does his style of dress have to do with anything? UFC style? I put money on this young punk over you in the Octagon anyday. I'm assuming by vigilante justice southern style you are referring to lynching him right? That is not a path I think we need to go down again.

That is such a clear

That is such a clear picture. I can't believe someone hasn't identified him yet.

They know who he is, its

They know who he is, its just our screwed up judicial system at work or should I say NOT at work, unless its one of their own, then you see how fast they move.

Get real

That is what is wrong with the system now. We put the wrongs ones in jail for 10 or 15 years then DNA is discovered and they aren't the person. Then trash like this walks free and around. I am tried of giving them free education, air time on CNN, books, a place to sleep 3 meals a day. When we have kids can't even see a doc because no insurance but, this trash gets free health care, Don't have to pay for gas, or food, light bills etc.. and their home isn't forclosed on... It is a line of Junk, If you don't want to send to death. then get out working make them pay back.. and as far as we shouldn't judge. The death penalty is more human than what they did to the people they killed .

Looks like woman in back is holding Eve

I studied the latest photos and the person in the store looks like a woman, stands like a woman, foot out, hip slightly cocked. She's a thin woman with a big black coat draped on her with small slumped shoulders, her arms held like she's cold. Head held high like a woman, fine facial bone structure. The person in the back seat at the bank (I think it's the woman) looks like she is holding the black coat over something. I'm afraid it is Eve Carson under there with a gun to her head being forced to tell the kidnapper her pin number. The kidnappers do not look like black people from around NC. They look like light-skinned French/ Haitians. Maybe brother and sister.

Eve Carson

The death penalty? Doesn't that put us in the same category we put him in?

Eve Carson


Eva Carson

This is not about NY,or NC. We should not give attention to the thug. Unless it is about him getting handcuffed and booked. A beautiful young person has lost their life. The family and friends grieve and miss her. I hope that young women lock their doors as soon as they get in the car before even putting on their seat belt. I am a middle-aged woman, and did not start until recently. We have to not be fearful but aware of our surroundings. Don't go out alone at night, carry mace be self-caring and always listen to your gut feelings.

Hey, I'm not a victim...

Hell no it does not put me in the same catagory. If you are the judge, jury member or executioner/prison gaurd, the DA or Police Officer who put's him on Death Row, or the witness in the %$^# do you blame them for being equally as guilty. What a moron. Last time I checked none of the above ever held a gun to some innocent college girls head, pulled the trigger, killed her, stole her car and ATM card, tried to gain something financially from this crime etc....what a thug. Please lady(you got to be a lady) you really need to wake up and stop playing the "we are all victims" game. Not all of us, and I feel no compassion, sympathy or regret for the punishment he will receive, here on earth or where ever he winds up.


Gun people like you just tear me up. NO, instead we should just put him in prison for life, give him free time, Cable TV, things to do without having to pay a dime back and just take care of him at our expense. I AM SICK AND TIRED of having to pay for people that cannot live in society and follow the rules. WE the people have to pay for these IDIOTS because they simply just don't want to play nice. I'M SICK OF IT and the best way to deal with murderers, rapists, child molesters and drug dealers is DEATH...goodbye..they CANNOT be rehabilitated as has been shown TIME AND TIME AGAIN. Do whats best for society as a whole...ZIP ZAP problem over. People like YOU and your train of thought are what has diminished our justice system to nothing more than a JOKE. These MURDERERS have more rights than I DO as a victim if the time came. THAT IS SICK! HE DESERVES NOBODY feeling sorry for what he gets. IF it was me and that was my daughter...he had BETTER hope the police got to him before I did!

Eva carson

"The death penalty? Doesn't that put us in the same category we put him in?" YES... But only if we carjack him (assuming that he did) ,steal his ATM card, blow him away and leave him in the street to die. Otherwise it's justified and deserved and I would gladly pull the switch or plunge the needle.

Eve Carson

"...I would gladly pull the switch or plunge the needle." Then you would be just as guilty of murder as he is! Don't you get it? Let God take care of him ("Vengence is mine says the Lord."


So what would you have us do Eve Carson? Not categorize this man as an alleged murderer? Not prosecute or punish murder? You, and people like you, are a big part of what's wrong with America. It is a profound disappointment to know that someone like you lives in this Country. You truly "don't get it." Shame on you.


The lifestyle this hoodlum has will probably take his pathetic life in short order anyway. But, god will do nothing to him for there is no god lining up losers and killing them, the punk will do it to himself eventually. This is the USA and the law was broken horribly therefore this loser must die by our laws. You think I would be guilty of murder if I assisted an execution. Thing is I wouldn't be under our laws and being an atheist and not believing in your gods laws I would not be guilty on that side either. Many religions believe in the death penalty and have horrible punishments for crimes in the name of their gods. Kinda odd ain't it?

Guest854, if there were a

Guest854, if there were a God, he permitted capital punishment since the days of Cain according to the fables contained in your bible, or didn't you know that?

You obviously have a problem, Barney

You cannot differentiate between murder and the state removing a dangerous threat to society, permanently. Putting him in prison for life doesn't accomplish the latter. Murderers can commit murder again in prison. Murderers can escape from prison. I am also sure that many of Ms. Carson's friends would greatly resent paying the food and lodging bill for this cockroach for the rest of his life. So don't view it as a case of vengeance, view it as fulfilling the Lord's wishes: "Anyone who strikes a man and kills him shall surely be put to death." (Exodus 21:12)




THIS GUY WILL NOT get the death penalty. It just wont happen. It is proof that this country is going to HECK in a hand basket. The CRIMINALS have more rights than their victims. We just let it happen and accept it. This guy deserves, NO TRIAL, NO JURY, NO SYMPATHY...just a single bullet to his temple. Any number of people would be willing to pull the trigger for justice. WHERE is the OUTCRY and marching for this crime...

"Unfortuneately" are right... but don't be so quick to judge. Follow me on this... This guy in the hat is hanging out with a "friend" (or fellow gang member). No of course the guy in the hat doesn't sell drugs, but his friend sells crack. A crackhead drives up in an SUV with an ATM Card and pin number. The drug dealer trades the crackhead some crack and maybe a little weed for the vehicle and ATM card. The friend then drives the drug dealer to get cash and whatever else they needed to buy. Now... you want to put a bullet in the head of a guy who knows a drug dealer but may not know anything about the murder. Let me ask you this; do you or have you ever known anyone that sells drugs? Yes marijuana is a drug... have you called the cops on them? why not? do you deserve a bullet in the head because you know a drug dealer? Are you going to put a bullet in your own temple? Our legal system is flawed and chances are very good that the guy in the hat is either the one who committed the murder or can lead the police to the one who did it... but without our legal system, you would have shot yourself... Otherwise I agree with you! Find the guy who did it and shoot him a few times to let him know what it felt like for her before she died... to heck with "No cruel and/or unusual punishment"... To the other poster that asked if by giving the killer the death penalty we put ourselves on the same level, the answer is clearly no. The death row inmate is convicted of a crime that he/she committed... so they killed someone in order to be there in the first place. (Eve didn't kill anyone) They have years to make peace with whatever god they believe in and know the exact date and time they will die... humanely, little to no pain... just death. The killer wasn't humane to her... he shot her several times before he killed her... that sounds cruel... and inhumane... no?


Picture of Eve in the backseat You can see the half a face of someone sitting in the backseat and it looks light skinned.


Depends on the 'time stamp' on the surveillance video. What time was the body located versus the time stamp on the video?

He deserves the electric

He deserves the electric chair for this. I think they should show it on TV also. This was such a horrible un-excusable crime. People have become so mean and they will do anything to get drugs and whatever else they want. People don't have any morals anymore. They don't know what it's like to actually work for something.


for all who read this story, please send this picture to everyone you know...someone must know this $@#&, lets use the power of the internet to find him...

Why is this guy not caught

He's probably in New York. Is'nt that where most of these pieces of s**t go when they kill someone? Find this guy already.

Why is this guy not caught...

Gone to NY Oh please. The murder rate here is out of control. All I hear on the local news is another person shot etc. I never heard that on my local news when I lived in NY.


i am scared that he may have fled to NY as well. however, this guy is such an idiot that he has used her ATM card twice and had his picture taken, so let's hope he is not in NY. Unfortunately, it looks like he is getting smarter if he went to an ATM in a gas station to use the ATM card because those do not have cameras like the ones at banks (at least to my knowledge, anyone know this for sure?). i feel confident that someone has seen this picture and identified the thug, but i also feel confident that the $25,000 reward is not enough for that person to turn them in because they would then fear for their life. there needs to be a full police raid of durham in search of this man, enough is enough and 6 days later in finding him is 6 days too long. i think its time to warm up that electric chair at central prison in raleigh.

Why the NY bashing. Did you

Why the NY bashing. Did you know that the population in NC is 8,856,505 and there has been 534 murders. In NY the population is 19,306,180 and there was 921 murders. So overall the percetage of murders in NC per the population far exceeds NY.

You forget NY,

Probably 50% of NC's population is FROM NEW YORK! I know it is in Wilmington!

not NY bashing

no one is bashing NY. no one said they had bad crime, it is just a little fact that when people commit crimes they often flee to new york, usually harlem, where they blend in the crowd of millions and cops have no time to track down old cases. NY greatly reduces the risk of them getting caught