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Police find new photos of suspect in death of UNC student leader

CHAPEL HILL (AP) -- Police in Chapel Hill say they have found additional surveillance photos of the suspect (view the photos here) in the slaying of University of North Carolina student body president Eve Carson. Chapel Hill Police Chief Brian Curran said Monday that detectives now have a photo of the suspect attempting to use Carson's ATM card at a convenience store. Curran said the subject of that photo appears to be the same young man seen in two ATM surveillance photos released on Saturday. In those photos, the suspect is seen in a baseball cap and hooded sweat shirt driving a sport utility vehicle that may be Carson's Toyota Highlander. The 22-year-old Carson was found last week lying on a street about a mile from campus. She had been shot several times, including once in the right temple. Police have previously said they believe she was the victim of a random act.

Report: Police think second person may have been in vehicle in photo

second man
Police in Chapel Hill now think there may have been a second person in the vehicle driven by a man they say was trying to use Eve Carson's ATM card. That's according to a report on the Web site of The News & Observer of Raleigh. Carson was the University of North Carolina student body president who was shot to death last week. Black and white photographs distributed Saturday show what looks to be a large, shadowed figure behind the driver's side head rest. What looks like someone's shoulder can be seen between the driver's seat and head rest. Chapel Hill Police Chief Brian Curran said authorities believe there may have been a second person in that automobile. Police have said the SUV in the surveillance photo could be Carson's blue 2005 Toyota Highlander. If there was a second person in the back seat, it could explain how the killer or killers got away and the SUV was found parked around the corner from Carson's home. (Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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That is so not true, they

That is so not true, they have so many police in NY it's not even funny, and not every part of Harlem is dangerous, there are some nice neighborhoods there just like Wilmington, some bad places and some good. You have probably never even been to Harmel or NYC. God even landfall is not safe!!!

That's what I'm talking about

They picked up the kid who killed the store owner last year in NY after he was shown on camera. Do you remember? It was'nt that long ago. Murder in NY is back page news there. Maybe your trying to hide something or someone???

ny murder rate

The reason you here it here is because it is an odity, in NY city they would have to put someone on TV to say murder, murder, murder over and over without stopping, get real he is probably a thug and moves around so much that no one can identify him.

well, well

Its Homey the Clown !! The victim seemed like a wonderful successful girl. What a waste of a useful human life taken by this piece of rotting garbage. When they catch him i hope he gets the death penalty. Sad, sad story.

Sick Freak

When he is caught he deserves nothing. No life extension. No sympathy in court. He should get the death penalty. The poor girl had no chance, I am sure he forced her to give him her pin number. Like you said I am sure his mom is going to say oh no can't be my son he's so good. Well momma looks like you don't know your son. (If there parents are even in the picture). It is just a matter of time until this low life thug is caught. Take everything away from him, his life, & his family jewels. He wont need them!!!!

So did she give him her pin

So did she give him her pin #? It says he was using the ATM card but how....?

I hope they catch him and

I hope they catch him and fray his butt...we need the death penalty and we need to use it

wanna bet?

Once caught he will have an arm's length excuse as to why he shot her. It won't be his fault, he can't read, his teachers didn't reach out to him, his daddy left at an early age or some other B.S. to try to get away with murder.

re: wanna bet?

...and his mother will say that it couldn't be her son because he's such a good kid. For what he did, he should get the same thing he did to his victim. Fair is Fair!!