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Authorities seize 27 pounds of marijuana

WILMINGTON -- Twenty-seven pounds of marijuana were taken off Wilmington streets today. A six-month undercover investigation led police to the stash at 616 N. Tenth Street. Officers say the marijuana has a street value of $60,000. Along with the drugs, officers found $3,000 in cash. Three people in the home are now under arrest: Hazel Franklin Jacobs, Sarah Louise Davis and her son Eric Davis. All are charged with numerous drug trafficking charges. They will make their first court appearance Friday morning.

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A lil Bible

And GOD said... "Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed , which is upon the face of the Earth; to you it shall be for meat." And GOD saw everything he had made, and behold, it was VERY GOOD. That's from the KJV. the government does not have the auhority to regulate what GOD has given us. Go get the 20 million illegal invaders and all the violent criminals before you waste ANY more time on pot or traffic violations.

Excellent letter! There are

Excellent letter! There are a boatload of other issues Wilmington and America for that matter have that are way more crucial than 27 pounds of pot. Lets straighen out the immigration situation, the fuel problems, the ecomomy sucks for anyone not a millionaire and the medical industry that keeps people sick, unhealthy and bankrupt because they can't afford the astronomical prices for health insurance. My Mother, God rest her soul, would have had $80,000.00 dollars in medical bills had my Father not had good insurance from his job or had died before her. There are millions that don't have affordable health care. If I relocated here from Italy, I could go back and have dental work done for FREE because I am a citizen but in America - this doesn't happen. And we are the richest country in the nation and we are so quick to help everyone else and do nothing for our own. Sad Sad Sad. That 's all I can say. Hey, Angelina, Brad, and Mr Clooney - although I feel for the people in poor countrys, how about spending some of your millions on helping the Americans who made you rich in the first place? Wouldn't that be nice?


You are so very right! What about all the poor people in this Country!

Traffic violations?

So you're all in favor of people passing stopped school buses, driving ninety down College Road, and passing on blind curves....and you believe that police shouldn't be stopping people from such activity? much of "God's herb" did YOU smoke today?


I'll give you the stopped school buses. For the most part though, questionable driving is not similar to the problems in America that violent crime and illegal foreign invaders represent.

I agree with you regarding drugs.... long as we hold people responsible for their conduct while on drugs. I mean truly hold them responsible - no excuses because they're addicted, no coddling with taxpayer funded rehab. As far as traffic violations go, you have to keep in mind that if you are killed by someone speeding, running a red light, passing illegally, or whatever, you are just as dead as if you were shot by an armed robber who jumped the fence at Tijuana last night. Traffic enforcement is a valid and NECESSARY use of law enforcement assets. The War on Drugs is a total failure, but even that pales in comparison to our BIG waste of law enforcement assets, our inability to truly punish convicted felons who so richly deserve severe, long term prison sentences. We could have every single officer in the country arresting criminals, but if legislatures are going to structure light sentences, and judges go even lighter, the situation is hopeless.

I swear, some of you people

I swear, some of you people aren't happy with the police regardless what they do. All you want to do is look down on them for doing a good job. Oh they only got 27lbs wow that's not a lot. Please, you try the job, you put in the hours they do and see if you can do it any better. You have a problem with it, go to the city council meetings and raise your voice on the matter or better yet, apply to be an officer and really test the waters. Congratulations to WPD for a job well done and getting those drugs off the street. Some people may not appreciate you, but I sure do.

and some of you people...

...have blinders on. I appreciate the job that law enforcement officers (on the street) do at taking orders and keeping our streets and neighborhoods somewhat safe, but let's get real here. 27lbs of pot doesn't even put a dent in the local marijuana trade. The truly big dealers are probably laughing because it took six months to catch a few of their small time dummies. I'll bet these guys have already been replaced with more dummies eager to take the chance. While some of you are applauding this small time marijuana bust, you're being ripped a new one by drug manufacturers, insurance companies and for-profit doctors and hospitals that are in bed with law makers and former law makers turned lobbyist. The Alcohol, tobacco and prescription drug industries are continuing to get filthy rich by supplying this addicted society with deadly but legal products just because we tax and try to "regulate" them. Of course, our illustrious Governor Mike Easley obviously doesn't think that some laws should be enforced like illegal immigration, conflicts of interest, open records...get my drift?

it was the Sheriffs dept that made the arrest

LINK It was the New Hanover County Sheriffs Dept that made the arrest. Either way, great job!

Like a grain of sand...

...on a mountain. While it took six months to get 27 pounds of pot off the street and tens of thousands of dollars to do it, hundreds or thousands of pounds more (and only God knows what else) are walking into the U.S. from Mexico and Canada every day. It's like fighting a fire with a spray bottle. War on Drugs, War on Poverty, War on Terrorism...are just feel good programs and a smoke screen created by bureaucrats to give the people a feeling that something is being done, when in reality, the problems are only getting worse. Taxes, fees, gasoline, food prices and everything else have skyrocketed while wages are stagnant and unemployment is on the rise. The very people that got us to where we are today are seeking your votes so the status quo can continue. Fascism and Socialism come to mind. The wool has been pulled over your eyes people and the rope is coming soon if you don't wake up, stand up and take a stand. If you are relying on the Democrat and Republican politicians to represent you, you've already lost.


Just legalize marijuana and there wont be any problems! We legalize alcohol which causes death, accidents, broken marriages etc. Pot will chill people out and keep them home!

What about the guy running away from the police

What about the guy running away from the police with three pounds of pot and getting caught. The police beat him down so bad that he was in the hospital last night recovering. Also what about the guy that went into a diabetic coma in McDonalds drive thru and the Wilmington cops beat the pure crap out of him for not cooperating with them. Now they are willing to drop all charges as long as he doesn't sue them. Someone needs to look into these cases.

drug seizure

As citizens who pay for the salaries and the protection of law enforcement to protect the community from drugs, we would like to be SURE that the drugs seized are thoroughly DESTROYED, AND DONE AWAY WITH SO THAT NO EMPLOYEE OR BAD COP CAN GET AT THE STUFF AND GET IT BACK OUT ON THE STREETS. WAKE UP.

Did the Police collect any

Did the Police collect any germinated seeds too?

Why does it take 6 months

Why would it take 6 months? Just have an undercover or someone buy drugs from them, and bust them!! 6 months seems a long time. How many officers are watching? Just doesn't make sense. But, thats my opinion.

6 months for 50 pounds

I was told they actually got 50 lbs.

Undercover busts always

Undercover busts always takes time. Sure they probably could have busted one of the people invovled and maybe got a couple dime bags of marijuana, but it takes time to get the big busts. I congratulate WPD on a job well done.

drug bust

It wasn't the WPD; It was the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office. All the article said was police. Typical.


It wasn't W.P.D. that made the bust it was the Sheriff's Dept.

I applaud big busts

When big busts happen it makes the world a better place. I applaud big busts.


i bet you are a drunk that goes to the bar every day. then you get in your car and drive you probly never smoked one joint in your life so you dont know the effects. weed dont get you but so high. in fact you could smoke a quarter pound. keep you wits abought you not a car streight. but mabe might even mess your turn. but never wreck. unless you are just stupid. walk a streight line.ect. weed should be legal. I quit smokeing pot. not because i wanted to but bgecause i did not want to go to jail for something that should be legal.i think unless youve trieds it you should shut your mouth. every one that has tried it knows that it might make you a couch potato. rarely will you ever get in a fight. because it calms your nerves might eat like a pig. it just makes me sick when people say its the gate way drug. bull crap...tobaco and booze.. are the gate way drugs.pot is the lesser evil out there. tobaco, booze ,& pills are way worse then pot.i know what im talking abought ive tried them all. i know their effects. you people are just liveing in the ice age. wake up. stop makeing comits on something you know nothen abought....

Re: weed

Was it pot that caused you to be such an awful speller?

"I applaud big

"I applaud big busts"..... Me the beaches and night clubs :-)


Which "Big Busts" do you really like? :)

Good riddance

This city is an absolute cesspool of drug activity, good riddance to these poison peddlers and all others like them.