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Police seize two of at least five guns involved in shooting of high school student

There is some new information on the shooting death of a West Bladen High School student earlier this week. Jackee Sledge was killed late Monday in the parking lot of a McDonald’s in Elizabethtown. Police said at least five weapons were involved in the shooting; so far, two of them have been seized by police. A fellow West Bladen High School student, 17-year-old Unique Lesesne, has been arrested in connection with the crime. Investigators said he was at McDonald's when the shooting happened, and that he had a gun on him when police got there. Police are asking anyone with information on this case to call them at 910-862-3125.

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at least

FIVE that's 5 weapons were involved. One of the alleged pistol holders is 17. How in the world does a 17 year old get his hands on a weapon? How can his or her parents not be aware of the weapon? Sounds like some ATF or other Federal investigators need to get in the town and start rounding up all of these weapons. Have they considered metal detectors around every entrance way at the school?

Yeah, they have. When I

Yeah, they have. When I attended Laney up to 2002, there was talk of metal detectors, but they came to the conclusion it would be too time consuming to rifle all the students through the pun intended. 2008 and guns are still getting into school. I feel this aspect of the story is more of a tragedy to all the responsible gun owners in the world because it will hinder our rights even further. Soon only LEO will be allowed to carry guns, and they are the most incompetent when it comes to the carrying and use of guns.

Parents?! You kn ow as well

Parents?! You kn ow as well as everybody else that his grandparents raised that child due to the fact that his parents are probably too self centered to want a real relationship with him. Pop took off probably when he was 4 days old and mom probably lives with he mom and dad but is always out looking for another man to complete he life when her son is actually the missing piece in her life. So if America wants their children to grow up to be fine upstanding citizens they need to good parents and take an active part in the lives of their children. Gun are everywhere and are easy to get. No matter the ethnicity, race or religion, good parenting will be the key to getting our children to stop worshiping the wrong influences of gangsters and hate affiliated people. Done.

A community problem...

Back in the days when other parents saw other children "misbehavin" they were able to correct the child or go report to the parents what they observed. Today, many parents are either in denial or already know and are supporting the bad behaviors. Although good parenting is a vital key, there are those parents that were left unguided by their parents and so the cycle of deviance(going against the norm) begins. Gun control is not only a "parent" problem. It's a community problem. We as parents should take a stronger interest in our community and not be intimidated to let our voices be heard. In doing so, we as a community can play a major role in the development of our young citizens and "push" out the deviant individuals.

His father being there for

His father being there for him or not don't have anything to do with what happened on that night. He stays with his mother and she do a good job trying to handle him. Kids don't tell thier parents everything and parents are not going to know everything. I know because I'm his cousin and i'm also a student at West Bladen High School. Yes they did make us go through metal detectors but why when it was 2 days after the shhoting happened and either way it didn't happen at school so what more precautions can they take?

Why do you get on here and make yourself look bad?

Lets start by saying we were not there. You really don't know what happen. Kids can be raised in a good home and still do bad things. Thats not abnormal. We are so hard on the raising of these kids. Why do you all always blame the parents? You must not have kids of your own. These kids are being thrown out there by people that feel like they are doomed. All of a sutton it's the parents . I say it's the law. If these kids can't be spank what will stop them the billy club. On one hand they tell the kids that spankings are abuse but then go out there and billy club them to death. If they would allow the parents to do they jobs you will see things become different. The parents are scared to beat the kids in fear that the DSS will be in they business all because johnny did not listen to the rules of the house. It's like DSS second guess the parents and undermind them also. Like what the parents say need to be question. When they see they have made a mistake then it will be to late. Sure you can jump on a 17 year old but who will go to jail the parents.What have they created?Now that they said spanking is abuse.Why talk about it now it was you all law.It will get worst before it get better because some of these kids don't have respect for the law,parents or themselves.

For The First Time

For the first time i have finally and honestly heard someone speak about child abuse in a language that made so much sense. How can society tell us it is against the law to discipline our children when every day in the Black community our children are abused and even killed by policemen all across this country of ours. I agree whole heartyly that if we go back to honoring the bible where it tells it to spare the rod is to spoil the child i believe things will begin to change for the better.

Correct Me

if I am wrong. But does the Bible not also say to "Honor Thy Mother and Father"? Does it not also say "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"? What does Black have to do with this? Again, when unable to defend position, throw out the race card.