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Police standoff ends with man shot dead

READ MORE: Police standoff ends with man shot dead

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Three Wilmington Police officers are on administrative leave after a standoff overnight ended with a man's death. The family dispute turned shoot-out happened at the Echo Farms Golf Community in Wilmington.

Police say around 8 p.m. Monday Richard Sachariat, Jr., 40, had an argument with his parents, who he lived with. A short time later officers arrived to the home on Dorchester Place. Sachariat barricaded himself inside the home and refused to talk to negotiators. Several hours later, around 2 a.m., Sachariat fired several shots at officers, who then fired back.

Police say Sachariat suffered from a mental illness, which they say played a role in the shooting.

The State Bureau of Investigation has been called in to investigate. The agency usually investigates shootings involving law enforcement officers. Wilmington Police are conducting a internal investigation. The New Hanover County District Attorney's Office is also looking into what happened.

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mental illness

It might help to know what mental illness he had. A 40 year old man living with his parents makes me think schizophrenia. I have known a few families whos adult children had this disorder and never left home. Very sad situation for all involved.

Whatever this man suffered from I have one question, WHY did he have access to guns ??

man killed in the standoff at ECHO FARMS

hello.the man that the wilmington nc police swat team killed Tuesday was a family member of mind.he was my first cousin that they killed.i think that they should be a shame of themselves for taking my cousin's life alway from him.he was 40 years family and i have to deal with his is very hard for all of us right now in this time of grieving for him and also a time of sorrow.i know how my cousin was a sweet and kind all the time.also he was very very nice to me and he love me because i was his cousin.also my family and i are really going to miss him very much.because the wilmington nc police swat team took him alway from us and shot him dead.the wilmington nc police swat team makes me sick.

You Might Have Fooled The Others...

But you didn't fool the troll-o-meter. Though un-original and seen often on this board, your post did stir some emotion. You scored a healthy 6 my friend. Come up with some original stuff next time.

Yeah, sweet and kind....

sweet and kind until he started shooting at the police?

You'd prefer that your cousin kill a few police officers? The police were simply suppose to serve as targets?

I don't care WHAT his mental problems were, when he picked up a gun and started shooting at the police, the police had every right to defend their lives and eliminate the threat.

Try to engage your intellect along with the emotions.

You are blaming the wrong one

I am sorry for your families lost. But your cousin made a decision that resulted in his death. If you take shots at police expect to get shots returned. Fotunately for the police their aim was right on target.

You are right

Yes, the police shouldn't have shot him. They should have given him a hug. What planet do you live on? If you shoot at the police expect to be shot! It really is that simple. Please check on some adult English classes.

police shooting

While it it a tragedy this had to happen it has been a long time coming and the police have been called to the house several times. That is what meds are for, however, this time his anxity overcame his meds. Fortunately for us he was not in a public place with others present such as a grocery store which could have gotten a lot of people hurt. We all must be aware of those around us and take nothing for granted.

This could have been...

This could have been your son, friend, brother, etc. Mental Illness is a very serious disease. Please pray for this family as they are very good people and have just lost their loved one to a sickness he battled most of his life. Thank God no innocent officers were hurt or injured during this escapade. I'm comforted knowing that Ricky is finally at PEACE, no more struggles.

the police do not have time

the police do not have time to say "heyyyy dont shoot me, do you have a mental illness." They were doing their job. You can blame the swat team or the police department...but its not going to solve anything or bring back the man who died.


result of a troubled mind. a tragedy. we are all so close

We are all so close to what?

What's trhat supposed to mean? We're all close to going crazy? We're all so close to having a shootout with the police?


love and hate. happiness and sadness. optimism and delusion. sane and insane. all thins lines separating. i could go on

Yes, you could go on....

...but the rhetorical nonsense police are banging on your door, right?


i.e. I just read an article that 1 in 5 Californians feel they need mental care. Mental breakdowns and illnesses are real. Why do you think a sane person snaps and kills people, or a paranoid schizophrenic forgets to take his/her medicine and goes a rampage. The prisons are full of these people. Is that rhetoric, chief?


The nutjobs are easily identified. No one just trips offline with no warning. The signs are always there.

BTW, having to be on loon medication is one of those warning signs.


You never really had a point, did you?

Sure I did

My point is that normal people neither trip off line without warning nor write all that equine droppings about "love and hate, happiness and sadness, etc.

Are YOU a mental patient?

No shock there

Welcome to California, the land of fruits and nuts.

Hot town, summer in the city

Hot town, summer in the city

What was the guy's name? You

What was the guy's name? You printed the name of the person killed on Rankin Street. Why not this person? I'm sure you know the name. Is this a double standard?

you couldn't even wait...

until you read the article before you played your card. Did you ever hear about the boy who kept crying wolf? Yeah....I thouht so.

Double Standard

Did you even read the article? It says "Police say around 8 p.m. Monday Richard Sachariat, Jr., 40"......


guys guys, it's not HIS fault he can't read.....its YOUR fault. You guys should be ASHAMED...keepin a man down like that!


He was probably busy shuffling his race cards!