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Police surround mobile home after woman shoots Burke County sheriff's deputy

MORGANTON, N.C. (AP) -- A Burke County sheriff's deputy is in critical condition after being shot in the neck while authorities tried to serve commitment papers on a 60-year-old woman. After a 12-hour standoff, police arrested the woman Wednesday morning at her mobile home near Morganton. Her name hasn't been released. Authorities said the woman shot 31-year-old Deputy Martin Lawing on Tuesday night shortly after the standoff began. The woman refused to cooperate when deputies arrived at her house and threatened to shoot anyone who approached the door. She continued shooting at officers until they fired more than 20 canisters of tear gas into her trailer. Lawing was airlifted to Carolinas Medical Center and remains in critical condition. (Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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Another way to save money

Burke County had HOW many deputies on the clock for HOW LONG, trying to talk out a suspect who had already tried to kill a deputy? Mouse-hole the trailer wall and take her out with two shots to the head. A dangerous, armed suspect is neutralized, the cost of a trial is averted, and a huge savings in wages is achieved for the sheriff's office.

What part of mentally ill didn't you get!

This woman was mentally ill. That's not her fault! It's our State's fault for continually cutting back on care of those who are mentally ill, for pushing them out of mental hospitals or letting lawyers "spring" them out, when they need care. Many of these patients end up committing suicide after being rushed out, or allowed to check out before they have a handle on their illness. The woman was being served commitment papers, and had maybe been committed before--who knows how many times! The degree of civilization that we have is not wagered by the technology we have but by the compassion that we show to the least of those among us...including the mentally ill, those on life-support and the unborn...these are the least among us. Evidently, Jerry the snitch who wrote "Mouse-hole the trailer wall and take her out with two shots to the head" is not very civilized at all! Perhaps Jerry the Snitch is one of the least among us, and if people like him took that same stance, Jerry himself might wish for a more merciful outlook!

What part of "She shot a deputy" do YOU not get?

A mentally ill person who tries to kill a deputy is still a threat. You do what you need to do to eliminate the threat. You can come up with all sorts of nonense claiming that "it's not her fault," but fault isn't the issue here. Eliminating the threat IS. There is no reason to exhaust tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars waiting out someone who has proven that she is a potential killer. Offer her one chance to surrender, then take appropriate action. I find it really sad that you starry-eyed dreamers talk of being "civilized." Just last week, one politician in New Jersey claimed that by outlawing the death penalty, the state would be "more civilized." Meanwhile, killers are executing five (?) teens in a Newark schoolyard. Trying to be act civilized toward a cobra just gets you killed. You treat people according to what they have proven they deserve.

woman shooting officer in standoff

Listen up everyone a couple of months ago a woman shot an officer in the neck while in a standoff.ok so the woman is my grandmother and is a very sweet woman who has been mentally ill and homeless for years and is scared of anybody and everybody even me and that is because when she went to broughton hospital they hit her and treated her like an animal it is not her fault she is mentally ill and i would greatly appreciate it if you did not talk about my grandmother this way please thank you

Too bad your grandmother....

...didn't teach you about run-on sentences and punctuation. God save us all from "sweet" women and "really good" guys shooting at us. BTW, if she's your grandmother, why is she homeless? Why isn't the family helping her? Why aren't YOU helping her?