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FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Teen who wrecked car had many brushes with the law

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3 UPDATE: Teen who wrecked car had many brushes with the law

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) -- Wrightsville Beach Police say Randi Petrolino was driving east across the causeway bridge early Tuesday morning doing 70 miles an hour and huffing from a can of dust cleaner when she passed out. She had two other people in the car: Eric Fuller and Cori Silverberg.

Just past the bridge police say she hit a flower bed, which launched her car 65 feet, a bit longer than a trailer on an 18-wheeler, then hit a tree at at about 45 miles an hour. Police say at some point she came to, ran off, then came back to the car.

According to the arrest report, Petrolino blew a .04 blood alcohol level and admitted she had had three drinks on top of huffing the dust cleaner. She's facing a DWI charge along with seven other charges. Fuller and Silverberg could also face charges.

Now here's a look at Petrolino's rap sheet, which when we printed it, was 10 pages long. She's already gotten one DWI back in February 2009, when she reportedly blew a .10. Her license was revoked then for 30 days.

Before that, in November 2008, she got a speeding ticket. It was reduced to having a broken speedometer. A month later she was caught shoplifting and convicted of misdemeanor larceny. A month after that, in January 2009, she got an underage drinking citation that was eventually dropped. Then a month after that, the first DWI. Then in May, while the DWI charge was pending, she was caught doing 95 in a 70 in Sampson County. Again, it was reduced to having a broken speedometer. This past February she was convicted of the first DWI, and her license was revoked again

So why is Petrolino still behind the wheel? We went to District Attorney Ben David's office today and were told he couldn't talk about the case, because it's still pending. We also tried to talk with the local Mothers Against Drunk Driving representative. She told us she wasn't comfortable talking about this story.

A post on our website claiming to be from Petrolino's sister says, "she was injured very badly - a fractured back in 2 places and ruptured spleen." However we found pictures of Petrolino in her hospital room with her friends in bed with her and crayons stuck up their noses. She's also posted pictures on her Facebook page obviously partying in a bar with alcohol.

According to a Facebook posting she posted last year, less than two weeks before she got the first DWI, Petrolino said, "The goal I would like to achieve this year: to stay out of trouble."

We called Petrolino's hospital room a number of times Wednesday and Thursday to get her side of the story. She hung up on us every time, except for today. She told WWAY's Nadine Maeser that we were bring too dramatic with our report, that we "threw her under the bus" and that she would really appreciate it if we took it off the air.

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Randi's free!!

To all those who supported Randi with kind words and prayers...thank you!! To all the idiots that wanted her locked lose...Randi's free as a jail...ha haaa!!! and she's doing good!! Free as a

that entire social circle is

that entire social circle is unproductive. It's sad. they're all intertwined and caught up in stupidity and seeing who can get the most trashed.


cori was in another accident last night. shes now in a coma. WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE PEOPLE!?!?

it doesn't end until someone dies

Cori Silverberg, who was involved in this incident, was involved in another car incident yesterday and is in the hospital in critical condition.
This isn't the game that some think it is.

Let's get a few facts straight

First, in all fairness to Ms. Petrolino, she was not a party in this incident. It was a single vehicle accident; and she was neither the driver or a passenger.

Two, toxicology reports have not been released to determine BAC factors if any.

Three, the driver was killed at the scene.

Four, an excessive rate of speed and loss of vehicle control have initially been ruled as the cause. The accident occurred at 10:30 PM on Saturday.

Five, the other passenger is in good condition.

I'm the first to admit, I have been leading the charge against alcohol related incidents. I have been focused on Ms. Petrolino's driving habits. But fairness mandates I point out, she was not a factor in this incident.


free randi!!!! girl i cant wait for this to be over so we can pAArty and not worry about peeping tom stalking your article....DRINKS ON ME!!

Let me guess.......

Son, you're most likely between the ages of 15 and 18, right? Which means you have little to no maturity or responsability. SurfcityTom makes very good points that you should listen to. It's easy to see from your post that your only concern in life right now is where your next buzz is coming from. Hey, we were all young once and many of us can relate. However, as you grow up young man, you will find that the joking around and the "Hey, look at me!" mentality dosen't work for adults. Are there older people out there driving under the influence.....yes, there is. Would people like myself or SurfcityTom (and many others) take issue with those of legal drinking age who take to the road while under the influence of drugs or drink.....yes, we would. I have been impacted by losing friends to driving under the influence in my life and I do not wish it on you, young man. If you want to support Randi, do it through help and support in positive ways to get her over her chemical dependance. The comments you've made here, young man, are should I say it....High School. If you take the time to listen and grow as a man, you may make something of your life. You will surely go farther than Randi. Good luck little fella

I guess that

means you're contributing to the delinquency of an under age alcoholic. I know the Judge and DA will love seeing posts like this.

Not only do weasels like you keep Poor Randi in the center of the target, you place yourself there too.

Keep up the great work weasel.

have you ever seen what constitues a hot dog?

just wondering; since you clearly are a weasel who is not intent on helping Poor Randi straighten out her life; and you've offered to buy the drinks, will you also be taking care of the body bags when someone does not survive her next session of drinking & huffing?

For that matter, will you be loaning her your car to drive?

Folks like you continue to validate that thought that some people should not reproduce. If you're the best your folks could crank out, they should have put their time to better use.

ha haa!!

Ha haaa!!! All those comments...months of em.....Randi's not in jail...not a day.....all the emotions...penned... writing stupid city twink...She's working, doing great!! Jail wouldn't have been good for her...the judge all that mouth...gotta ya nowhere....I hope you get in the way of some drunk driver one be a fit ending, for a big mouth....!! Lol!!

Maybe you should get a life

Maybe you should get a life and put your time to better use. Your holier-than-thou attitude and blabbering post are boring.


you should work to get a double digit IQ.

How is it holier than thou to focus on getting repeat drinker/huffer drivers off the road?

I'll ask you the same questions. You going to be dumb enough to buy an under age drinker some alcohol? You going to be even dumber and allow her to drive your car?

You going to provide the body bags when she has one too many & hits someone or something? You going to be the one to notify the next of kin?

Keep up the good work. Every time one of you weasels makes a stupid post, you take poor, sweet Randi from Facebook and put her right on the Judge's target.

When she's in the slammer doing hard time, you weasel posters will be the ones she should turn to with thanks.

Ok Superman, gonna save the

Ok Superman, gonna save the world. Since you can't fly, why don't you get off your a$$ and become a law enforcement officier. Go out and arrest all the drunk drivers your self-pleasuring hand can write tickets for.

Comments on a persons' I.Q. only serve to demonstrate yours, or lack thereof.

No Sport

I never claimed to be Superman. And you clearly never passed the test to prove you have a double digit IQ.

On the other hand, I have had the distasteful experience of meeting with the survivors of DWI victims and watched them collapse physically and mentally when facing their loss. I have had the experience of taking their statements as they lost all will to go on with the death of their loved ones. I have had the experience of taking statements from the survivor DWI drivers who faced the reality of what they had caused.

& then I had the experience of dealing with the blood sucking attorneys who try to put a value on a life lost which can not be replaced.

When some feeble brained moron like you can not get the picture and apparently is more focused on deepening your close and personal relationship with Poor Randi, you just reinforce the need for stricter DWI laws. It's unfortunate the law can not reach out and touch you with some civil charges.

But then I doubt you would get the message.

Sadly, for poor Randi, posts like yours increase the liklihood she will do even more hard time than she probably deserved.

Way to go Weasel.

I could ask you the same question...

Of course, if you were a cop, you'd probably be giving free passes to all your buddies for DUIs, one of whom would ultimately end up facing a similar fate as Randi's, or worse...maybe you should be helping your favorite party girl stay out of trouble, rather than attacking those who dare to call her reckless behavior for what it is.

Oh, and did anyone see the mugshot photo of Sweet Randi on's article about her initial arrest? I think you can guess how she got that sore on her upper lip...

It might help

There are too many stupid people out there they will continue to drink and drive. Until the punishment is raised to a painful level, we will always have a 'Randi' on the road.


You must be a friend of hers, you will end up exactly where she is with your attitude and it's probably for the better, anyone that dumb needs to be locked up!!

July 6th

It's right around the corner! Randi's first court date! I believe this date is for probation violations. Anyone besides me gonna be attending? Should be a heck of an event!

You have a long wait ahead!

You will endure no less that 8 months of continuances before you hear of any type of trial result. That's just the way the game is played. Nothing will be decided on the 6th of July.

July 6 and July 19

I believe you are correct. the first date is for parole violation. The second date is fir the second DWI and other related charges.

Sadly, the best thing to happen to this misguided soul will be an extended stay in a state facility, with mandatory abuse counseling, followed by intense probation on her release.

I think if she has to work in the morgue for a couple of weeks on DWI related fatalities, it might do her a world of good.

Let's hope her warm and fuzzy buddies stay off the site with their feel good posts and allow her the opportunity to face reality.

Unfortunately, her existing record precludes a couple of years in the Green Machine which would do a lot to instill a sense of responsibility.

Whether the lessons sink in for her or not, let's hope others learn from her misguided activities.

Your a weirdo Tom


Tom, it's obvious that you are a weird freak. One or two messages stating your point of view is understandable...but I think you have a sick, interest in this girl following her day after day...leave her alone, get a job, a life, a lady, or in your case, probably a man, to snuggle with, who is your own age.. You think you are a witty intellect, But I will be there in the court room..the big guy..craning my neck looking for your sick little face..and if I find out who you are... punk...I'm gonna twist your neck better beleive it. You better go bug somebody else. Randi made a big mistake, and she will face judgement, but you jerks out there better know, it's pretty obvious Randi has loads of friends..we will protect her from you pieces of crap hounding her...don't get mashed..I'm warning you.

Get some reality Bob

Hey Bob, sounds like you don't think this girl did anything wrong. Quit your whining. This girl is going to kill herself and other people too. All your doing is enabling her. What she needs is a long jail term.
I think it's good that lots of people follow her case, and write lots letters to the Prosecuter, and the newspapers. I think more people ought to post more comments about this case.
Now, do your silly threats scare me? Naw.

Hey, are you one of those Internet Warriors?

I've heard about you guys. You're really SCARRRREEEEY. I'll bet that Tom is so afraid that he had to change his skivvies.

Oh, wait...that was from laughing so hard he pee'd.

Face it Bob - your "friend" is trash with drinking and drug problems. She also has no respect for the rule of law.

I have an idea why so many MEN are jumping to her defense too....but that's just a theory...

I'm getting a no there bob

You wrote "Randi made a big mistake," Sorry chuckles, she didn't make a mistake. She made a choice and it ended up being a very bad one. Don't make excuses for criminal behavior. She is trash and nothing more.

Very well said, Guesty

Like I've told these Randi "I can't get another DUI" Petrolino apologists before, forgetting to feed your pet is a mistake...drunk driving and endagering the lives of innocent people is a crime. But given how they don't even know the difference between a newspaper and a TV station (both Bob and Lisa have mistakently ID'd this board as belonging to a "paper"), I wouldn't expect anything less.

Wow, threats on the

Wow, threats on the internet...does that make you feel like a real man? And maybe you can explain to me how Tom taking a vested interest in getting a drunk driver off the street makes him a "weirdo", since I don't see it...but I guess when you can't make any more excuses for your alcoholic friend, attacking those trying to stop her from harming herself and others is your only defense, right?

And why didn't these "loads of friends" stop Randi from getting behind the wheel, or for that matter, loading up on booze and Dust-Off? Maybe if you'd been there to take away her keys and/or make her see that she was heading down a dangerous slope, she wouldn't be in this position...think about it.

Oh, Woe is Me

Oh Woe is me.

Gee, Mr. Double Naut Spy, you really have me concerned.

Do I have the DA subpoena WWAY's internet records so they can identify you and have charges brought for threatening my safety?

Do I tremble and hide for fear some rabid weasel might take a bite at me?

Or, do I turn to all the training I received before deploying twice to Southeast Asia? Now there's a thought. Do I use 4 fingers to rip your adams apple out when you threaten my well being? Do I put you on the ground with a forearm lock and hold you? If I'm lucky perhaps you'll resist with sufficient force your forearm will break and the Deputies in the courthouse will tase you.

Why is it you weasels spend so much time defending the undefendable? When you have not one positive thing to say about poor Randi; when there's not one redeeming quality you can point to on her behalf, you bluster and beat your chest like a primeval ape.

If for no other reason then to see your pimply face, I will be at the Courthouse. I'll be the grey haired guy about 5'9" wearing the blue sport coat with the "Weasel Hunter" button on the lapel. Hope you have the stones to show up.

Another Weasel

pops his twisted little head out of the earth.

Again, thanks to all of Randi's twisted friends and relatives who keep popping their heads out of the slime.

What is it you do not understand? Weeks go by after I make a post and then wow, one of you termites goes off at 1 or 2 in the Morning. I've not posted a thing; and then Bam, there you go.

I'm trying to figure out your motivation.

Are you her defense attorney trying to create an impression before the Court that Randi can not get a fair trial? Thus making it easier to seek a change in venue and try to justify a higher fee for defending her?

Are you the chowderhead owner of the vehicle she drove and you're now facing legal challenges too?

Are you one of the low life "supporters" who's trying to get close and personal with Sweet Randi at a time when she should be focused on some lifestyle changes?

Whatever your purpose, Thank You. Thank You for increasing the liklihood Randi will get a stern lesson at the Bar of Justice. All a Judge will have to do is view a few of the twisted postings like yours, 007. And he or she will know Randi needs to be away from weak little sisters like you.

When in doubt threaten. Since you can not say anything intelligent or relevant, spout off with threats.

Way to go; you continue to prove planned parenthood has a purpose when some mamby pamby little sobbers like you are allowed to roam the earth.

Why not take a relevant name though? Whale -- like whales, all you seem to do is spout off with hot air.

Thanks again for keeping Randi at the forefront as she approaches 2 court dates next week.

I'm certain her intelligent family members will want to thank you too for dragging this up when it was finally staying off the radar.

One interesting point to close with. None of the other individuals, charged with drinking and driving, in Brunswick or New Hanover County have had the number of comments made and will likely be off the radar by the time their court date appears. Poor Randi, on the other hand, has weasels like you who keep popping up and putting her dead center on the court's bulls eye.

Way to Go. Maybe yours is the throat that should be throttled. When she gets that stiff sentence, she'll have weasels like you to thank.

With "friends" like you she doesn't need enemies?

What's the real problem? They check your ID at some bar and refuse to serve you? Or did they cut you off due to your obvious intoxication?

But again, thanks Weasel.


Tom, do you drink any alcoholic beverages while you post ? You often "get after" people who make errors while posting for example, spelling and other grammatical mistakes. And you will probably find one in mine. lol ! Do you ever use "spell check ?"

Another Weasel

Pops out of the ground.

Guest -- what is the relevance of your post?

Which is a more focused, relevant agenda?

Mine -- to keep the public attention on individuals who drink and drive? And in doing so, perhaps force the judicial system to enforce the laws in an effort to reduce the number of drinking drivers on the road. Mine must be working. They sent some big wig from Raleigh down who is leading the push, at least for this week-end, in trying to address the problem. Maybe you'll be in the BART lab taking a breathalizer test this week-end.

Yours -- try to make my posts seem irrelevant due to a typo or spelling error?

Are you one of sweet Randi's protectors who continue creating warm, cozy sanctuaries into which she can crawl & feel good about herself?

How many people have to die on the roads due to non-thinking drivers who drink & drive before fools like you put aside your foolish little posts and enter the real world? Are you volunteering to handle body bag duty the next time one of these drinking drivers sends someone to the morgue? Or will you volunteer to make that first call to the deceased's family to tell them their loved one will not be coming home thanks to some witless wonder who drinks and drives?

Want to take a shot at this post Guest? Go ahead and further prove it is better to remain silent and appear foolish than to speak and remove all doubt.

Keep up the good work though. July 6 is just around the corner.