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Political messages help burger joint's business


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- He's a local businessman who's not afraid to speak his political mind. At his restaurant on Carolina Beach Road Richard French has several political signs lining his business with the names of conservative candidates he supports.

Besides the campaign signs, French also puts up his own with messages that call out certain politicians, like "MCINTYRE BOLOGNA $2.29 UNTIL NOV. 2." French says his messages have been very helpful to his business so far.

"It's been up for June, July and August and September," French said. "I've been doing this for about three years now and I'm not new to this game."

French admits that some people have approached him who do not agree with his messages, but French says the vast majority of his customers don't mind them.

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Empty Dining Room

Whatever you think about Mr. French's political stance one things holds true. His business is rarely ever busy. How he stays in business is beyond me. I drive by his little hole in the wall several times a week during what should be the busy lunch and dinner rushes. Most days the only car in the parking lot is the cook's. And I have only once or twice seen a single car in the drive thru. Why is that? Is it the location?

Nope. It's the bland greasy food that leaves a lot to be desired. By approaching his politics like Fox News does Mr. French has polarized a base that will be loyal to him. It seems to have worked if he is telling the truth about business being up. Read the comments. People who have never eaten there before are now saying they will take their families there to eat. Look no farther than Olde Salty's in Carolina Beach as proof. A little publicity generated by an overdramatic mother's reaction to the sign in the window of an establishment she was not even attempting to eat in has created a boon for Olde Salty's and turned Brenda Armes into a folk hero of sorts.

The main difference between Ms. Armes and Mr. French is that Olde Salty's sign was designed to allow her customers to dine in greater peace whereas Mr. French's signs were designed to elicit polarization so as to increase his profits. It reminds me of some local roofers with the Jesus fish as their logo. They use profanity while working and take the Lord's name in vain. And they threaten me with violence when I point out their hypocrisy. In the end, you sell whatever you can to make a dollar whether it is partisan politics on your burger or Jesus on a shingle.

Love the messages

I have never actually ate here. I will definitely eat here soon after seeing the messages and how wiling he is to help this country improve. I will begin eating here soon and often to support his views and the views of many. It is so great to see the american people start to take back the country. I usually vote for the candidate I feel is best no matter what political party they are in but it has become obvious that most democrats vote mainly for their party no matter what. I have also recognized that they stick to the same views of those in washington even when it hurts the citizens of southeastern nc. So mcintyre and others will not have my vote this time after the recent decisions that they have made.

A Good Burger & Good Berger

A small business supporting candidates like Pantano and perhaps more importantly, the one principled conservative running for New Hanover County Commissioner, Brian Berger. Causey & Catlin and Butler are tied into the realtor/developer/lawyer crowd and tax incentive companies that have run the show in Southeast NC for too long, corrupted local governments, leading to more taxes, pollution, and rewards for the politicians who reward their companies with OUR tax dollars. Its nice to see a candidate who stands up for small businesses and families that can't throw around campaign cash, like French's Classic Burgers, support the one candidate who has had the courage and conviction to stand up to the good ole boys and girls club, Berger.

Berger is the only candidate in the New Hanover County who will try to change what's broken, and his voice of courage and reason would represent a needed and MAJOR change for the County and taxpayers.

Support Berger by voting him onto the County Board and support French's Classic Burgers for standing up for little guys doing right like Berger, and if you're a conservative, for standing for Pantano and other conservatives too!

Did you just...

express your opinions folks? He's expressing his! It's still a semi-free country remember. People whine about the stupidest stuff anymore.

His business

This man owns a small business and works his but off to pay his taxes, bills and employees. He has the right to form his own opinion about his political leanings. If you're so uptight that you wouldn't eat here because of some political signs, then you're no better than Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, etc. I'm a conservative and 3 of my best friends are liberal. Does that affect the way I think of them? Not in the slightest.

And as far as all of you people who refuse to eat there now, why not do this..........every restaurant you go in, ask the waitress, the cook and the owner what political affiliation they have before you eat. Then you can make a fair assessment on whether or not you want to eat there. Some of you people are wrapped too tight.

Political Messages Help Burger Joint's Business

Hey, don't eat there. He obviously doesn't need your business to succeed. Whether I agree or disagree with French's politics, at least he is not afraid to show where he stands. You liberals don't eat hot dogs anyway. Let's hear it for a veggie burger and some good old Obama style politics.

I always dread election

I always dread election time. Posters littering the landscape, endless BS commercials on TV and radio...ENOUGH! I surely don't want to try and eat a meal surrounded by all this propaganda.

Burgers and Berger

Considering all the realtors/developers/lawyers who have bought up all Wilmington Council & New Hanover Commission candidates along with companies getting tax incentives funneling money back to the politician sources, here's a true small businessman and patriot taking a stand for what's right. The Pantano and Berger signs outside this GREAT Burger joint are a sign: that Pantano and Berger are friends of businesses and jobs in the region and should be elected!

I support Burgers, Brian Berger and Pantano and we all should by voting for these "new blood" conservative leaders and getting a Burger at French's Burgers too!!!

Dinner tonight

Thank you for the story... I know just where to take my family for dinner tonight.

Political Messages

I do mind the messages. I quit eating at French's the day they started putting their political messages on the signs. I don't go to eat to read politics. Whether I agree with their position is not the point, what is the point is that I don't want politics with my food. And for the record, I do not agree with their messages. I used to eat there at least 4 times a month, but now, not at all.

Oh yeah...I forgot to mention..... probably won't fit in very well at Old Salty's at Carolina Beach either, they have a sign up asking that screaming, whining children leave the premises.

Good for you!!!

Now, maybe you'll start dropping that "burger belly" you've been dragging around for so long!
Why is it that because the man happens to have an opinion and a way to get it out to the public, you want to boycott his business for it?
S'cuze me...I know that answer! It's just the way a democrat reacts. Cut off the nose to spite the face. His political messages are outside on his business sign NOT on your burger wrappers or nappykins. So you see? You don't get it with your food......DOH!!!

Your loss Big Mamma! French's sure does have some more GOOOOOOOOD burgers!!!

And yet...

"I used to eat there at least 4 times a month, but now, not at all."

>And yet he's still in business and successful. How's that "Hope and Change" thing working for you?

Lady, I sure hope you don't

Lady, I sure hope you don't eat while the news is on if you don't want politics with your food!


I bet you're a fun person to have a conversation with.

Freedom of Speech

Is this man to be denied the same freedom of speech afforded to the rest of us just because he is a business owner?

The vast majority??

French admits that some people have approached him who do not agree with his messages, but French says the vast majority of his customers don't mind them.

If all of his CUSTOMERS disagree, you can bet that A LOT MORE of his non-customers disagree!


I have supported Bob since he opened. Whether or not I support his views isn't the point. It's his right to express them that I support. It's just like the Salty Dog resturant in Carolina Beach: He has the right to run his business any way he wants. If you don't like it, go somewhere else. As for me, I will continue to support him.