American Flag (Source: Pixaby/MGN)
1 min ago
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ACLU: Lafayette ‘flag desecration’ arrest unconstitutional

The American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana says a man has been unconstitutionally arrested in Lafayette on a charge of desecrating the American flag by setting one afire and tearing up another.
Roy Cooper (Photo: Kirsten Gutierrez/WWAY)
55 mins ago
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Roy Cooper addresses HB2 and Charlotte shooting during Wilmington visit

North Carolina Attorney General, and Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Roy Cooper stopped in Wilmington Saturday.
11 hours ago
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Clinton-Trump race narrows on doorstep of debates

The race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has narrowed to essentially a dead heat nationally in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, raising the stakes dramatically for the first presidential debate Monday night.
2 days ago
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CAA votes to move golf tourney from Brunswick Co. if HB2 not repealed

A college golf tournament could be moved out of Brunswick County if state leaders do not repeal the controversial HB2, but another event will go on as planned in Wilmington.
3 days ago
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Donald Trump blames drugs for violent NC protests

Donald Trump says that drugs are playing a major role in the protests rocking Charlotte following a police shooting.
4 days ago
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Judge dismisses challenge to NC gay-marriage law

A federal judge has dismissed a challenge to a North Carolina law that allows magistrates to refuse to marry same-sex couples by citing religious beliefs.
Ivanka Trump applauds from the floor of the Republican National Convention on July 19, 2016. (Photo: Ida Mae Astute/ABC/CC BY-ND 2.0)
4 days ago
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Ivanka Trump describes ‘chaos’ of her life, initiative to support women

Ivanka Trump said the word “chaos” perfectly describes her life as a businesswoman, mother of three children younger than 5 and the daughter of a presidential nominee.
5 days ago
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Trump skips swing-state cities, opts for rural town instead

Donald Trump is spending a good bit of time in the critical presidential swing state of North Carolina. But he's spending Tuesday's swing through the state far from cities like Charlotte and Raleigh