Mike Pence speaks at a rally. (Photo: CNN / MGN)
15 hours ago
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Pence rally interrupted by protesters, a first for his campaign

While Donald Trump has generally responded to protesters’ interruptions by bellowing to security "get 'em out," his running mate Mike Pence has a different, more subtle approach.
1 day ago
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Appeals court: North Carolina voter ID law is discriminatory

A federal appeals court has found that a North Carolina voter ID law was enacted "with discriminatory intent" and must be blocked.
2 days ago
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Man convicted in Chandra Levy’s death won’t be retried

Prosecutors say they will not retry a man convicted of killing Washington intern Chandra Levy.
2 days ago
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Trump: ‘I was being sarcastic’ about Russia finding Clinton’s emails

Donald Trump said he was being “sarcastic” when he said he hopes Russia will find Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails from her years as U.S. secretary of state.
Former President Bill Clinton
3 days ago
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What will Bill Clinton be called if Hillary Clinton becomes president?

As former President Bill Clinton made history Tuesday night by becoming the first man to endorse his wife for U.S. president at a major party’s convention, Americans across the nation began to wonder: What will he be called if Hillary Clinton wins the White House?
Donald Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0)
3 days ago
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Trump says he hopes Russia finds Clinton’s deleted emails

Donald Trump said he has "never spoken" to Vladimir Putin amid allegations that his campaign colluded with the Russian president to hack Democratic National Committee emails.
Clinton breaks virtual glass ceiling in satellite video after becoming official democratic presidential nominee. (Photo: CNN)
3 days ago
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Clinton sees ‘biggest crack’ in glass ceiling

Hillary Clinton tells Democrats they've "just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling" by nominating her for president.
North Topsail Beach (Photo: Hannah Patrick/ WWAY)
4 days ago
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N. Topsail Beach pursues next step for terminal groin

North Topsail Beach leaders are pursuing a terminal groin after ongoing concerns with beach erosion.